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    Top 26

    Well, considering I was told 18 months ago that "under this ownership we wouldn't be able to compete with ipswich" I would say it very much is competing. I would go as far as to say it's competing at a higher level than the majority of richer owners can manage.
  2. nutty nigel

    What is a.....

    I knew that already, that's why I asked
  3. nutty nigel

    Top 26

    But we have been competing?
  4. nutty nigel

    Top 26

    But I was replying to a poster who wanted to challenge for silverware?
  5. nutty nigel

    Top 26

    That wealth table is becoming more important than the league table. If you put your faith in that why bother playing any football at all. Just present prizes and silverware to the richest owners. On silverware we've won a championship and Wembley final in the last five years. That's more silverware than some of the PL also rans. Something else that's often overlooked is that if we have new owners we won't be adding money to what we have now. We will have a completely new identity and there's a less than 50/50 chance we'll even be as successful as we currently are. Would you gamble with your own possessions at those odds?
  6. nutty nigel

    Despite everything

    I don't know why folk who have given up feel they'd be on the "naughty step". Throwing in the towel is lack of bottle. Not naughty or nice
  7. nutty nigel

    Top 26

    There may well be a difference between what's best for our club and what you or I think is best for our club. Afterall this thread shows massive differences between what posters think is best for our club. Why would any of us know better than the owners as to what's best for our club?
  8. He's arrived in Lanzarote. Wonder if he's checked the football results today....
  9. nutty nigel

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    For them to make the playoffs three from Rotherham, Wycombe, Peterborough, Coventry, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Oxford and Doncaster have to miss out. If I was unfortunate enough to be a binner I'd be worried about finishing top half. What say you Jubswick?
  10. With PAOK likely to win later it's looking like a very unlucky 5/6 Mandie. You'll get them all next year though Tough week for BTTS. Boy-anon and Girl-anon shared three between them. We'll be winning again soon.
  11. nutty nigel

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I'm confused, I thought you'd given up Smiffy. In other news FW won today and are off the bottom. Up The Fort!!!
  12. It's been a disappointing day but every cloud....
  13. nutty nigel

    A strong wind

    Out of the top 6 now?
  14. Schalke couldn't do it for us. Unlucky Mandie. BTTS we need a late flood of goals ...
  15. Schalke 1-1 84 mins. Sending PUPpower
  16. Schalke, Coventry and Exeter all lead 1-0
  17. nutty nigel

    Top 26

    We have spent five of the last ten seasons in the premier league. For some reason that is deemed less successful than 5 consecutive seasons in the PL. Even though we've won a championship and a Wembley final in between. Can anyone say with honesty that they would have enjoyed five consecutive seasons more than what we have had?
  18. 2/2 so far for Mandie On to Shalke - 0-0 21 mins
  19. Rangers won 4-1 Oberhausen are back to 1-1 70 mins. Let's send them PUPpower to finish the job. Boy-anon is off the mark Victoria Koln is 1-1
  20. Girl-anon and Boy-anon have sent me there BTTS selections which are... Girl-anon __ Boy-anon Blackburn v Fulham __ Viktoria Koln v Bayern Munich ll Colchester v Plymouth __ Fiorentina v Atalanta Brighton v Watford __ Huddersfield v QPR Luton v Cardiff __ Dumbarton v Airdrie Elgin v Cove __ Edinburgh v Annan £5 BTTS __ £5 BTTS Potential Return: £62.81 __ Potential Return: £49.82 Good luck you two Let battle commence...
  21. Brilliant set Mandie. I love these and think we have a great chance of getting all six. I've placed them with Bill Hill where the potential return was boosted to £62.73. Here are the details .... Rangers 2/11 12:31 Sat Oberhausen 2/11 13:00 Sat Schalke 1/2 14:30 Sat Exeter 4/6 15:00 Sat Coventry 4/9 17:30 Sat PAOK 3/20 16:00 Sun So we have five tomorrow and the last one in Greece on Sunday afternoon. Good luck Mandie and all you PUPs