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  1. Just woke from my nap and I have a few minutes before Deliveroo bring my KFC Bargain Bucket. Totally agree it's like a book of fiction where folk can believe what they want about past events. Personal choice like ketchup or mayo. Quotes mean nothing. Inferences mean everything. That's the world we live in.
  2. Bob the Grocer knew what happened to the Bellamy money. I posted the relevant stuff to you. As far as I know nobody knows how much the additions and improvements to the Barclay catering cost. Because last I saw Delia refused to divulge that information. I wonder if it's in the accounts. Anyway, another bacon butty is ready so I'm going to get that into my sumptuous gut then go back to bed and sleep it off. Don't fall off your bike Boris
  3. No. How could he? It happens all the time. Now if they'd have published it as a direct quote he could have done. I've posted the quote that the comment comes from. You said I was "just trying to take this off track".
  4. I answered you before. I went to the trouble of finding what Bob The Grocer said, I scanned it, and posted it on here. Not surprisingly you made no further comment. So why would I do it again?
  5. What I did was post Webber's quote. The word financial was never there. I posted the full quote so that you could understand the context. I've asked people to provide the financial disaster quote and it's not forthcoming. I will happily hold my hands up if it does appear. In fact as an added incentive I'll bung a grateful tenner into PUPs. I posted what Bowkett said about his appointment. That is at total odds with Indy's 'insightful' post. It's not the first time this has happened. I posted the relevant note from the accounts in 2009 that set out what was to be done. As far as I can see that was what was done. I asked GMF and he didn't say it was different. While the club clearly had the wherewithall to renegotiate with the banks so they were paid up in full what on earth would they have to gain by us going into administration? The only time I can remember us being close to administration was in 1996.
  6. It's not a deflection. I just cant get my head around the club taking care of it's own affairs can possibly be close to administration. In the note in the accounts about a going concern in 2009 it was forecast that on the basis of continued Leagu One status , in order to operate within existing finance facilities, additional funds of 2.9m will need to be generated to cover the deficit from 31st May 2010 to 31st May 2011. The club was actively pursuing a strategy to raise sufficient funds through increased income, additioinal investment and/or disposal of non core assets and has instructed professional advisors to assist with it's strategy. The directors believed there was a reasonably prospect that adequate funding arrangements could be agreed beyond 31st May 2010 and therefore concluded it was appropriate for the financial statements to be prepared on a going concern basis. Accordingly no provisions, reclassifications or adjustments had been made in the financial statements to reflect the impact of the club not being able to continue in business. That's not a rosy picture but also not close to going into administration. How would you compare that to what went on in 1996? And what actually did happen in the next 12 months to May 2010?
  7. So All those clubs who went into administration at that time we're just unlucky. Whilst we, as usual, were lucky.
  8. This is madness. I made one statement about the only time I remember us being near administration was in 1996. Every reply I have responded to with facts. Is anyone going to show me anything to back up their administration claims?
  9. 12:44 [Comment From GMFGMF: ] In light of your reply to BlyBlyBabes, is Administration on the horizon? 12:49 Alan Bowkett: In reply to GMF - Clearly, apart from 4 or 5 clubs in the whole Football League, finance remains the critical challenge. Fortunately, we have the support of our long-term lenders and we are working with them to ensure administration is as far away from Norwich as we can possibly make it. We have meritorious business plans that are self-funding and can take this Club forward. Naturally, as I have said before, in the medium-term we need to look at all aspects of funding which could include new equity injection, change of ownership and a public offering of new shares or bonds. None of these can be ruled out.
  10. A summer exit had always been on the cards for Maddison − Norwich needing to sell with their parachute payments coming to an end − but a move was thrown into jeopardy when the attacking midfielder injured his knee ligaments in the final game of last season. “Listen, that would have been a disaster. There's no other way of dressing that up,” said Webber. “I remember going down at half-time (during the final game) and speaking to the physios and you get that look of, 'This isn't going to be good news,' before you even start to speak. “Then the next two or three days were nervous until he had his scan and it wasn't as bad as first thought. “That Sunday night was not good. We were being slagged off for getting beat 5-1 at Sheffield Wednesday and we didn't know how long James would be out for. “The transfer hadn't been agreed. We had not even spoken to a club but if he had been out for nine months or whatever then the deal would not have happened. “We would probably have had to sell more players to cover off the gap of him staying here.” But now, next season, there will be a reunion. Maddison is clearly chuffed for his former side and was quick to pass on his congratulations. Meanwhile, Webber reckons the 22-year-old will be at a Champions League before too long. “He was one of the first text messages I got the other day,” said Webber. “That sums him up. He was the same with a lot of the staff here.
  11. You can twist all you like. I am not moving from my statement that the only time we've been near to administration is in 1996.
  12. We would probably have had to sell more players to cover off the gap of him staying here. Which is what Stuart Webber said. Now if I'm allowed a question... How do you get from there to administration?
  13. 1:07 Sports Desk Pete: You publically challenged how Smith & Jones were running the club back in May. Apart from their obvious love of the club, what have you seen to change your opinion? Can u sit down please Tuesday October 27, 2009 1:07 Sports Desk Pete 1:13 Alan Bowkett: Can u sit down please - I must correct you, I publicly challenged how Neil Doncaster was running the Club. As for Delia and the two Michaels, I think their outstanding contribution has been the appointment of David McNally as Chief Executive - a consummate businessman who has a decade of football experience at the highest level. Paul, David and I are now running the Football Club with the complete support of the substantial shareholders. When we have had to take very difficult decisions, all our substantial shareholders have been demanding in their questioning of our proposals, as I would wish any non-executive director to be and then they have been some of the most supportive non-executive directors I have ever worked with and I can assure you I have worked with a lot. Let's not forget, I did not seek this job and it was Delia and Michael that realised some fundamental changes had to occur and they spent considerable time persuading me to undertake the task.
  14. There's no point me trying because you have already decided it means administration. I disagree. We could go over it. I could quote you from the financial reports. But you have decided he meant administration. It's rather like Tom and the coffee. Just because posters want it to be true doesn't mean it is.
  15. Nobody is disputing that Bowkett was appointed to renegotiate with the bank. But surely that's what a well run club would do? If this saved us from administration then I have to ask why all those other clubs didn't find themselves a Bowkett to avoid administration. Rickyyyyy.. I did originally say since the 50s but I obviously don't remember it as I was born in 1956
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