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  1. See here's the thing. I don't disagree with anyone staring their opinion. Therefore I have absolutely no problem with yours or your definition of a community club. But just to be clear. Ultimately I'd like the club to be owned by the community. I don't know of your ultimate but for some it would seem to be for the club to be owned by the richest man in the world.
  2. So to sum it up your community club definitions are different to mine and different to Indy's. Except I assume you don't see yourself as arrogant or churlish for having your definition.
  3. I meant to go to the top I doubt the pics will still show from an old post.
  4. Lol You only needed to post on here as one of the historical trust guys is an occasional poster.
  5. What on earth was McNally getting involved in that for?!?!?!
  6. I always thought the Historical Trust was a charity. Not sure they have the funds to buy collections. I think the fans that run it are volunteers. They're good people. Who did you speak to?
  7. When he said many should expect to lose loved ones before their time and then did nothing to protect care homes.
  8. I'm with Jimbo. If money is your motivator then why does it matter where it comes from. The binners don't mind where theirs comes from. They happily wave bank notes at us while chanting we'll never play you again. They are quite happy being Marcus Evans Football Club. If you truly think we need to go down that road then you just have to pray we become one of the few who do better rather than one of the many who don't.
  9. That's because your community club and my community club definitions are different. My community club definition is not what the community can get out of the club. It's a mutual two way thing. I also don't care if you think I'm insular. I would say I'm the opposite. Perhaps the way people view the club reflects the way they view the world.
  10. I thought it was only my mother-in-law who could clear a room this fast...
  11. Now I like what we have and hugely like that we are a community club like I've never known before. I would like to keep that whoever the new owner was. But if you follar the dollar does it really matter where it comes from?
  12. And what about those who reckoned we were going to hell in a handcart and would finish below the binners in Sept 2018 but within 3 months reckoned we were one of the best teams they'd seen in a Norwich shirt? Principles? Hypocritical?
  13. Whoa there! If I'd have meant Indy I would have put Indy. The point I was making was that there's plenty who have spent over ten years complaining about our current owners yet still go to every game they can. So to suggest someone who didn't like any new owners would be unprincipled or hypocritical must work both ways. And obviously I would still go and support Norwich City whatever the situation. After 53 seasons and lots of different regimes why would I stop?
  14. Those who are against our current owners are obviously an unprincipled bunch then....
  15. Happens a lot for us. I think most players leave our club having enjoyed it here. Except those Roeder seasons
  16. I don't know who wrote it. It looks to be a report about the quote I posted yesterday. Too late for the tenner. Go large cod & chips has just been delivered. Bon appetit
  17. Any chance of that Webber quote so that I can pay PUPs the tenner that's burning a hole in my pocket? Otherwise I'm scared I'll blow it on a fish&chip supper...
  18. Thanks for your pledges @Vazzza and @Mr Apples They arrived safely. Here are the latest totals with them added...
  19. fek me I can't remember that far back. I've had a bargain bucket since then and we're about to have a roast with chips and beans. Got jam roly poly for pud this evening.
  20. Top stuff Indy Anyway, moving on, or back to what Bilic said... I have a mate down my local who has a mate who has been close to Slaven. For a pint of twos, 5 Woodbine and a packet of scratchings he told me that Bilic often says the opposite of what he means. Consequently he actually meant Norwich tried too hard and WBA wouldn't have the wherewithall to do that. However he'd do his best. I think if you take off the bins and stop looking at what Bilic actually said then the bigger picture does suggest my mate's mate is right.
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