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  1. This is a tough one now for sure. I agree with the posters who say we shouldn''t change a winning team especially after our second clean sheet with Dublin beside Shackell. I also agree with some of the posts regarding Doherty and the free kicks he gives away. The stats still suggest we are fine when we line up with Colin-Doherty-Shackell-Drury though, and that surprised me too! It will be interesting to see what PG does next week!


  2. nutty nigel

    Chris Sutton Scores

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Tom NCFC"]

    We should have brought both! Dubs for defence and Sutton to partner Earnshaw but hay, thats why Worthy''s gone!


    good point!!  shame it was to the detriment of our club. [:(]


    CJF, are you now saying worthy going was to the detriment of the club???


    Dublin1 Sutton1 (all to play for)


  3. nutty nigel

    Hello. My name Borat.

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    "I like to tank you for welcoming to you country!

    I have good Sheet! i Like!"

    I can do a good impression of Borat, much better than this Charlatan!

    jas :)


    course you can jas!


  4. I see where your coming from a1 and you make a lot of sense but consider these facts too :-

    1. In the 11 games we have been able to play Colin-Doherty-Shackell-Drury we have only conceded 11 goals.

    2. We''ve never had a centreforward who can defend his own box since we lost Iwan and Dion provides that in spades.

    3. If we get the extra wing player our attacking threat will be that much more potent with a big centreforward.

    We still so badly need decent cover for leftback above anything!


  5. nutty nigel

    Music to my ears!

    I don''t believe the Board will actively try to sell Earny in January but I expect they have a value of him which they would accept if a club came in and/or Earnie wanted to leave.

    Peter Grants statement suggests to me that he doesn''t want to sell to create funds to spend which means either he is happy with the funds he has or he values Earny more than any players he could then bring in.

    I think regular first team football is the key to keeping Earny happy so I don''t see another Dean Ashton situation unfolding here.


  6. nutty nigel


    [quote user="1st Wizard"]

    But of course he makes all the right noises to keep us dumb, stupid fans happy.

    Hogwash !.


    Like the noises he has been making about Darren Huckerby Wiz?? [:-*] [:^)] [*-)]


  7. nutty nigel

    Hello. My name Borat.

    Ahhhh Norwich City Calypso... How many on here remember that.. or even Stingray on tv...

    Will Rudolph be back for Christmas???


  8. nutty nigel

    Luke Chadwick

    [quote user="Kathy"]Earnie, Chadwick.......We''re certainly getting some lookers.[/quote]

    Another one!! It''s all you girls think about [;)]

    I think this new transfer policy bodes well for Hucks signing his new contract which states that the club won''t sign anyone who could be a rival for the affection of you girls on this board!


  9. nutty nigel

    How Do You

    [quote user="mystic megson"]nutty, Scary Mary would be perfect.  It''s the look of frozen terror on her face, as if she''s just seen something too horrible to describe . . . if I can get the Britannia Stadium into the background that would be even better . . .[/quote]

    You welcome to this scary mary if you want her!! Maybe you could get someone to put her in the Britannia!


  10. nutty nigel

    Where have the Goals gone?

    [quote user="chicken"]

    This is quite amusing. Worthington always thought our teams strengths were on the counter attack. Problem with that is your team need to be able to play well when the opposition have the ball. And you look at the formation we used to play - a 4-5-1 with more of an emphasis on 4-3-3.

    Grant gave that a go - no luck. All of the best teams build from the back forwards. Man U in their height of glory had Schmeical, Stam, G Neville, Erwin to name but a few. Good solid defencive players who new their jobs and were tremendous team players. They have had a wobbly defence untill recently because they struggled to find a consistant partner for Rio who struggled with the pressure as their only consistantly good defender.

    Also when you look at our team on paper we have attacking players by the dozen, a good two or three at least that will get you goals but we have limited resources defencively, this means those that we do have have to be made to work twice as hard to ensure that they are given every oppertunity to do their job. There is little competition and so PG has to put pressure on them himself.


    All good points Chicken and well made.

    I posted on another thread that maybe it''s a priority to get in defenders but I just did a little research on our defence this season and when we have been able to field Colin - Doherty - Shackell - Drury we have only conceded 11 goals in 10 games. When any of those four are missing we have conceded 16 in the other 6 games. The stats suggest that our first choice back four are better than I had thought. Dublin proved an excellent defender against Sunderland and we kept a clean sheet. But when we lost Drury or had to put Fleming into the centre we on avarage conceded 3 goals per game! So decent cover at left back is an essential priority.

    I like the fact that we have good attacking players but we don''t defend well as a team as a result. While we play 433/451 it leaves us short of defensive options when we defend set pieces. Players like Earnie, Hucks, McVeigh and Croft don''t really add anything in this area. I remember Iwan winning as many balls in our box as he did the oppositions. In fact Iwan and Gary Holt were two of our best defenders in those situations. In my opinion a return to 442 with someone like Dublin up front would help us defensively too.


  11. nutty nigel

    How Do You

    [quote user="mystic megson"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    [quote user="mystic megson"]While we''re on the subject, how do you put up an avatar?[/quote]

    Who else can''t wait to see what Mystic chooses [:D]



    nutty, I''ve got a great pic of Gary Megson pointing and bawling on the touchline, but since PG arrived it doesn''t seem quite so original somehow . . . in any case, I need a MUCH more detailed explanation of what I have to do . . . 

    I would''ve used that pic of Hucks on the front of the Canary Preview, but I don''t want to upset City Angel.  She''d be on in no time screeching "He''s mine!" and trying to scratch my virtual eyes out.  I don''t think catfights are allowed on here . . .  Anyway, I''m not sure I can be bothered to unstick it from the bedroom ceiling . . .   



    Mystic,  I thought you wanted to be scary mary last week [:)]

    I''m not sure how it works with pictures and avatars, I guess you may have to resize them. However, I assure you that if I can get an avatar on here then you can!

    What is it with you girls and Darren Huckerby????????????????



  12. Just looked up some of the Actim Index Player Ratings for the Championship. We have 4 players in the top 100. They are Huckerby(10), Croft(30), Etuhu(51) and Shackell(60) No Earnshaw despite all his goals. Cardiff have 10 of the top 100 including 8 of the top 16 players!!!

    These stats don''t just suggest what a good idea it would be to get Huckerby''s contract sorted ASAP but also suggest that strengthening the defence should be the next priority.



  13. nutty nigel

    Raid Southend!

    [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="mystic megson"]

    Spence''s finest hour imo.  Climbed inside Rooney''s shirt and stayed there all night.

    Useless but interesting fact of the day: apparently Freddy Eastwood comes from a traveller family . . .



    Yes and he still lives in a caravan on a travellers site with his family. Guess not all players are materialistic!


    The wheel''s on ya house.................


    Grow up nutty!


  14. nutty nigel

    How Do You

    [quote user="mystic megson"]While we''re on the subject, how do you put up an avatar?[/quote]

    Who else can''t wait to see what Mystic chooses [:D]


  15. [quote user="a1canary"][quote user="beelsie"]Play two right wingers when Hucks plays.!! OTBC[/quote]

    I think that''s probably a good plan! I''ll never forget going to the City Ground, Nottingham a few years back with one M Rivers on the right wing, one of the few people to track back less than hux. That day, hux himself tore us to pieces down the right wing, and gave one of the few decent right backs we''ve had in modern times at the club, one of his worst experiences in a city shirt.  With Nedergaard turning this way and that and falling on his backside for ninety minutes, huckerby inspired a thoroughly embarrassing 4-0 defeat to add to city fan''s large catalogue of away day miseries!

    Now we have him in our own side but face the same problem! How did that happen?! Interestingly, as i recall he was part of a 3 man forward line incorporating marlon harewood and david johnson. I still think that is his best position and that responsibility for protecting the back four should be shared between a combative midfield three and the outside two of the front three.  Hux on the left of a 442, away from home at least, has to be a big no no.
    Unless we play without him which PG seems more than likely to do from what he''s been saying. He could be a useful asset on the bench away from home (remember Portman Rd last year) to bring on up front, having started with Earnie and Dion as the front two.

    A1, in another thread I just suggested a 442 with Hucks on the left but I totally agree with your post here. I remember that Forest game too but we did get to within penalty kicks of the premiership with Rivers on the right in a 442. I guess it all comes down to whether Hucks can tear the opposition to pieces before  they capitalise on his defensive frailties.


  16. nutty nigel

    Should this be so public?

    I still am not sure about Hucks up front in a 442 but I am sure I would like to see a 442 given a try with Hucks in the team. I am hoping that Grant''s comments about tracking back are because he would like to play Hucks on the left in a 442. If everyone was fit I would like to see Croft - Hughes/Robinson - Etuhu - Hucks as the 4 with Dublin and Earnshaw up front. We could have Safri on the bench if we need a plan B, Thorne on the bench for Dublin if need be and McVeigh to replace Hucks or Croft if they can''t last 90 mins. But I would always start with the strongest team.

    It''s difficult to dismiss Mystics conspiracy theory involving Hucks, Grant and the Board. It''s crossed my mind too. But we could all be putting two and two together and making five. I can imagine there would be a problem with our wage structure, if as is rumoured, a local businessman was picking up part of Huck''s wages but doesn''t want to continue. Let''s hope any delay is because all parties are working hard to overcome these obstacles.

    CityAngel... how much money you got??? [;)]



  17. nutty nigel

    Should this be so public?


    My opinion is that the players were protected in public too much by our former manager but those same players constantly let him down on match days. As it became obvious that a change of manager was imminent those same players hid behind their failing manager allowing him to take the blame for their poor decisions and poor performances. Some of our players don''t always put it all in, that''s been obvious for a long time by the way we always capitulate when it really matters. However, I would not include Huckerby in this criticism because he is one of the few players who always stood up to be counted on our "no show days".

    Grant has only had a couple of weeks to really assess the players and as with all managers he will want to bring his own players in to stamp his own mark on the team. In a perfect world we would all love the new manager to magically transform our players into champions or at the very least only replace the players we don''t rate. Huckerby was Worthington’s player and it always seemed to me that they had a good working relationship together. There may now be friction between him and the new manager as Grant tries to get the team playing his way. I hope I''m wrong because if that''s the case there will only be one winner.


  18. nutty nigel


    On the official site it say''s all succesful applicants should receive their tickets by the end of the week. Good luck, I hope you are succesful.

    It also say''s tickets are £26 but they actually are £31 so did sc*m up their prices just for us?


  19. nutty nigel

    lucky win just papers over cracks

    [quote user="cluckaduck"]


    It seems that whatever is innocently stated here has a ''double meaning'' in the eyes of the wordsmiths.......and apparently now I am insulting fellow posters? Nice one.....didn''t see that one coming.......

    Carry on Nutty if it pleases you............[:)]


    I did say it wasn''t a criticism but you choose to take it that way. I made the same point to another poster on another thread a few days ago. I don''t believe it''s fair to use the word spin to dismiss someones opinion because it happens to be different. I didn''t say you had insulted anybody because you haven''t.

    Carry on believing differently if it pleases you........ [:)] [:D] [:P]

  20. nutty nigel

    lucky win just papers over cracks

    Facts : Norwich City 1 Sunderland 0. City gain 3 more points and now have 22 points from 16 games. This leaves them 9 points clear of the relegation places, 4 points behind the play-off places, 10 points away from auto- promotion place and 11 points off top.

    HH44''s hard hitting original post was bound to produce the thread it has and I guess everybody who contributed has made valid points, including LCFWASTC but his name and the manner of his ‘red rag to a bull post’ has brought back ’true fan’ and ‘educated fan’ comments that are just plain ridiculous.

    Norwich City are right in the middle of the table and I guess the fans ’take’ on that will be a reflection of our various personalities because our season could go either way from this point. The positive amongst us can see at least a play-off place whereas the negative can see relegation as a possibility.

    So what is spin Cluckaduck? This is a message board and we all post our opinions. Spin suggests deceit and I don’t believe posters are being deceitful they are just stating their opinions. It’s interesting that you use the words ‘positive spin’ because you are quite a negative poster. This is not a criticism because your posts make for good debate with the more positive posters. However, they in turn could accuse you of being deceitful by putting a ‘negative spin’ on things.

    From my point of view we were lucky to get all 3 points against Sunderland in the same way we were unlucky to lose all 3 points to Leeds back in August. This league is like that. But is that putting a positive spin on a lucky win?

  21. nutty nigel

    West Brom predictions

    I doubt we''ll score five alex....................................


  22. nutty nigel

    My Visit to Colney

    Made me smile for sure [:D]


  23. nutty nigel

    Prudence with zero ambition!

    [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]

    Kid Canary - The point CJF is making (rightly imo) is that you justify the strange decision of playing the Doc as a holding midfielder by saying "he was only playing 10 yards further foward", so taking that logic to its final conclusion you could also move other players "10 yards further forward" and expect them to slot into a new position, so we could have Safri as a centre forward. No way has the Doc got the skills to be a good holding midfield player, he is what he is,  either a centre half or a centre forward.


    I wish the whole bloody team would play 10 yards further forward [:^)] [I] [Y]

  24. nutty nigel

    What is Robinsons Job????

    [quote user="give grant a chance"]

    Are you welsh by any chance Nigel?

    You have picked two players there, giggs who is getting on and Bellamy who cant buy a goal at the moment?

    We try and pack three midfielder in there because the manager knows that we are not good enough to have just two.


    Not welsh by any chance!

    Are you sure they are not good enough?

    Rivers Holt Mulryne Easton

    McVeigh Holt Francis Huckerby

    Croft Hughes Etuhu Huckerby

    Croft Robinson Etuhu Huckerby

    Croft Safri Etuhu Huckerby

    Which do you think are best?


  25. nutty nigel

    What is Robinsons Job????

    The closest we have now to Holt/Francis would be Hughes/Etuhu and it may be worth a try. I guess Robinson is the closaest we have to Mulryne.

    I know I''m about to get an avalanche of Hughes and Etuhu are the worst players ever rants [li] [um]