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    [quote user="lfreresmith"]Having read todays Evening News I was a bit hacked off to read the NCISA statement regarding the Andy Hughes situation. Having started the witch hunt on Nigel Worthington it now seems Roy Blower and co. have something else to moan about. I really wouldn''t be surprised to see a ''Hughes out'' demonstration before the Cardiff match at home, just so Blower can issue another statement and get his name in the paper. Rather than saying the player has no future with the club, how about supporting him rather than abusing him? His confidence has been completely destroyed. Getting slated by opposition fans is one thing but booing your own player is disgraceful.[/quote]

    On the basis of what I know of the incident I totally agree with everything you have posted.

    Maybe NCISA know more than me.


  2. [quote user="stan the man"]I''ll keep this short and sweet! Flemimg you are C**P. The only reason you where in the team is because Worthy was clueless. Like Worthy you''ve not always been C**P but now is the time to do the right thing and leave.[/quote]

    Nice one!!!

    We can have KTF back now! (Keep The Fleming) [;)]


  3. nutty nigel

    Hughes and That incident

    Do any posters actually sit down there near the tunnel and dugouts? Just wondered what sort of abuse the manager has been getting as he stands in the technical area. I should imagine he has had to put up with loads, especially on Sunday and QPR at home last year. Has he ever reacted to it? Whatabout the supporters close to the directors box? Do they give Delia and Co. abuse during the game when things go horribly wrong? If anyone sit''s there I''d genuinely like to know.

    I remember the old Main Stand, blankets and Thermos flasks, cushions for tuppence, no technical areas in those days though! I sat in there a couple of times as a kid and don''t remember the sort of abuse that Hughes got on Sunday. I''m not excusing his reaction though, and no doubt it will be dealt with in the proper way.

    I watched Andy Hughes in the warm ups when he was Captain last year and he looked a really likable player. He would spend loads of time with the Match Mascot of the day making their experience more enjoyable. He would go around all the team talking to them and encouraging them. Whenever I have seen him around the fans he has always found time to chat and always had a smile on his face. Even at Plymouth last week I saw him share a joke with a fan as he was warming up on the touchline.

    I don''t believe he has ever deserved the amount of abuse he has had and I have felt sorry for him and at times ashamed of us fans. It''s true he hasn''t had many good games for us though but maybe it''s just a case of being here at the wrong time and maybe it would be best for all if he was to move on. I would love to see him come good for us and I would wish him well if he moved on.


  4. nutty nigel

    Who I want

    Post of the day for me!

    Good on ya Lonnie Lyn!!


    And why not Henri Michel.. good call!

  5. nutty nigel

    worthy-clown or hero?goodbye or good riddence?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    He will not be remembered as one of the worst Norwich Managers ever simply because he wasn''t one of the worst Norwich Managers ever.


    I woke up in a bad mood today by the looks of my post...  lol [:$]

    very true he did a very good job for a few years - great times. Shame our board couldn''t see the right time tro remove him.  He will be remembered fondly in future and we hopefully will forget the poor times - unless we get relegated...[;)]


    Hey.. you cheered up a bit!

    If we get relegated it won''t be down to Worthy!

    In the same way what Worthy did at Blackpool has no relevence in what he achieved here![8-|]

    I agree we should move on but I don''t like it when posters want to have the last say and move on, which I think is what this thread was all about!



  6. nutty nigel

    Thank You Nigel

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    Love this bit:

    Blackpool stole a goal against gillingham by not giving the ball back after a throw in, much like Kanu and Overmars. but Worthington brazened it out on TV and lost all respect I''d ever had for him as a player. To be sacked by Blackpool in the bottom division and have the Norwich job fall into his lap really galled me too, but as i said, what goes around comes around. he had his niche at carrow road but he''s not exactly going to have a queue of top clubs queueing up for his services. He took a very buoyant club up and failed to keep them there and enough managers have been there without ever setting the world alight later. All the best for the season, anyhow. I always enjoyed my Tuesday nights at Carrow Road in the eighties when I was on my Norfolk patch as a sales rep.

    [/quote]What is that?

    A letter from your Nan maybe???? [:^)] [8-|] [:|]


  7. nutty nigel

    worthy-clown or hero?goodbye or good riddence?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    yes good job for 3 years.



    It cannot be forgotten that he has WRECKED OUR SQUAD.



    Shax came on as sub and looked a far better player than the doc or Fleming.  JARVIS NEVER GOT A CHANCE BUT PETER THORNE AND DION DUBLIN DID.




    I think.. my dear old chicken head, that  you are gonna miss Worthy! I can see it in this message.. caps lock ''n all![;)]

    The last 2 years under Worthy have been grim, nobody has disputed that. And it''s been hugely disappointing after the way he turned the club around. But I go to watch Norwich with my daughter, she was 15 when Worthy took over, a similar age to I was when Ron Saunders took over. I shared Worthy''s good times with her and that made them even more special for me. Maybe even more special than the time when I was 15, those of you with families will probably understand that.  I refuse to deny Worthy''s good times happened.I was there, I saw them and I enjoyed them.

    He will not be remembered as one of the worst Norwich Managers ever simply because he wasn''t one of the worst Norwich Managers ever.


  8. nutty nigel

    worthy-clown or hero?goodbye or good riddence?



    You posted a question which posters have tried to answer..

    They are psting their feelings in response..

    Have the good grace to listen to them.


  9. nutty nigel

    Thank You Nigel



    I said elsewhere that I had respect for you in that you have stuck to your opinion but I have no respect for this post on this thread.


  10. nutty nigel

    worthy-clown or hero?goodbye or good riddence?

    [quote user="theolster"]im not going to lie and pay tribute to a man who will go down as my least popular manager in ncfc history. how people can claim that losing to birmingham in cardiff was greater than beating munich or finishing 3rd in the premier league or the milk cup win is pathetic, i can only guess that they became interested when they thought they could watch a premiership team play, and so many of you thank him yet we are a worse team now than when hamilton was in charge.[/quote]

    I posted a few days ago saying that I finally agreed that the time was up for Worthy but I didn''t understand where all the hate came from. You explained why you did actually hate him and I respect you for having the same opinion now because there has been more than a little hypocracy around here since the weekend!

    However I cannot agree with you, and he would be nowhere near my least popular manager in NCFC history. He turned the club around completely in the six years he was in charge. Maybe our league position now is not so different, as we had  20 points from 20 games when he took over and he leaves us with 11 points from 10 games. That''s as far as some people will look, in fact some will say that''s all we need to judge him on, but consider this: The final home game of Hamiltons tenure was Wimbledon at home on Sat. 25th Nov 2000 and our attendance for this match was 14,059, where as yesterdays attendance on a Sunday lunchtime live on sky match against Burnley was 24,717.

    Posters on here today point to our attendances as proof we are a ''big club''. If this is true then it''s a legacy that Worthy has left us because 10,000 more fans regularly come to Carrow Road since he took charge, so he must have done some things right.

    Yes we lost that Playoff Final in Cardiff, and yes Worthy did make mistakes along the way. But he also achieved plenty and leaves the club in a far better state than it was in when he took over. After 5 games we were close to the top, but after 10 games we are struggling and with the abysmal away record not improving it was always only going to take a poor run of form to end Worthy''s reign. The fans demanded change and the players did nothing to save him. Worthy was stubborn until the end and honoured his contract until it was terminated. I believe him to be an honourable man, and he remains one of only three managers to have won this division for our football club.

    It amazes me how people disregard all the good things that happened over the last six years even denying they happened or devalueing them or just putting them down to Worthy being a lucky manager. There have been some very special times under Worthy, I saw them, I was there and I will remember them. All things come to an end and Worthy''s time is over now. I wish him the very best and I am sure he will do well wherever he ends up.

    Let''s hope that the next manager is another lucky one!


  11. nutty nigel

    Why Outers can never lose

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Sorry to but in but...

    I don''t think Gary Megson has won ANY championships![8-)]

    To think I said you was my fav journo!!! [;)] [8-|]



    Very true nutty nige! 2 promotions from the top 2 positions. A better record than Worthless. Also his record during his time at blackpool is better than Worthingtion''s reign there (He didnt send them spiralling towards relegation).  Worthy has a better reign here than Megson, but didnt have to put up with being Chase''s puppet and having no cash.

    Yes I agree Megson is not a very good manager.  But then again neither is Worthington. Worthington got lucky with his Huckerby purchase, and now even with him in the squad we are useless.

    Judge him on the team he builds we were told.... well at the moment he has FAILED MISERABLY


    [/quote]Sorry to but in again but...

    Megson hasn''t won any championships! By making out he has and making out that promotions are the same value as championships is just twisting the facts to prove your point. I''m sorry if you think I''m nitpicking and I don''t really want to get involved in this thread apart from the fact that championships are hard to win and I don''t like seeing them devalued. Theres enough of that goes on in the premiership and "Champions" league. [8-|]

  12. nutty nigel

    I'm going to protest on Sunday

    Hey Mystic.. Bet you never guessed where this was going when you first posted this!

    Nine posts so far : USAF Lakenheath to CND to Barry Skipper to Iraq to Nigel''s Interviews to Graham Norton to World War Two back to Nigel Worthington and finally to Boxing!

    I love this message board!!


  13. nutty nigel

    Why Outers can never lose

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="blahblahblah"]

    I can''t think of a manager who is available currently with a record comparable to his, and who would take the job.




    I would say 20 managers in the championship are doing a better job than him at the moment.  Considering the funds he has had to spend.

    Magilton/Foley Dream Team Please....


    My god - he isnt that good a manager!!!  FACE FACTS 



    Sorry to but in but...

    I don''t think Gary Megson has won ANY championships![8-)]

    To think I said you was my fav journo!!! [;)] [8-|]


  14. nutty nigel

    Nigel should npt be judged completely on this home game.

    What if we win both games 6-0 and then win the next game and the next and even the next! Say we win 5 games on the spin like we did last season what then? Can we expect another statement? Will it say we expect the improvement to carry on over the next 2 games, or the next 5??

    What if we lose both games? Theres nothing in the statement saying Worthy would be sacked if we do! I think it would be difficult for him to carry on though.

    I am not gonna attempt to type out all the other scenarios, lose draw or lose win etc. Or play well and lose or play cr*p and win.

    We could play "what if" all night, but the only people who could know "what if" are The Board and they sure us hell didn''t tell us in that statement!



  15. nutty nigel

    Worthy's three biggest successes

    [quote user="cluckin-nora"]

    May I suggest that those pretentious and anal writers here concentrate on the bigger picture rather than massage their own egos in public?

    A thread generally evolves into a more open discussion. If you care to nit-pick so readily, I''m game to keep going because quite frankly you don''t frighten me. It''s easy to hide anonymously behind a computer keyboard.

    Seems like you have an issue with anyone who doesn''t agree with you wholeheartedly and far from clucking off.....you have met your match.

    Grow up and expand your mind!............................



    I think this was directed at me but I''m not sure what a pretentious and anal writer is and neither do I know how to massage my own ego. I think I''m probably am better off not knowing!

    I don''t think I frighten anybody either from behind this keyboard or in person.

    Where did all this anger come from dora???? [:P][*-)][:D][;)][<:o)][<:o)][<:o)]




  16. nutty nigel

    Why do people hate Worthy?

    OK.. The majority of us want him gone, believing that he has taken the club as far as he can and that we need a change. Current performances on the pitch plus the abysmal away record over the last two and a bit seasons are indisputable reasons for this.

    But where does the hate come from??? There is a poster on here with the username something like "love the club just hate the manager" (nothing personal who ever you are). When I followed the link on here about the red cards I looked on the worthyout message board and there was a guy trying to impress his peers saying that he "hated Worthington with every bit of his being"

    On this board posters belittle or deny his past achievements. They tell us that they never wanted him appointed in the first place and post as if none of the good things ever happened.

    Don''t just label me a worthy apologist or put me into one of your gangs, but please could someone explain where all this hatred comes from?



  17. nutty nigel

    Richard Balls...

    [quote user="LinkNR9"]Archant kept the truly awful and obsequious Waghorn going well past his sell-by date (sorry, Archant, but it''s true!). What makes you think that they''ll make an incisive writer like Balls their premier football journalist? [/quote]

    People enjoy reading articles that reflect their own viewpoint, it adds strength to their arguments if they can quote newspaper articles to back them up. One mans "incisive writer" is another mans "reactionary scribe". Likewise with an obsequious one that''s past his sell-by date.

    I bet we could play a little game on here and try and guess which Posters enjoy reading which Journo''s.

    My favourite is CJF [:O][sn][au][8-|]

  18. nutty nigel

    Worthy's three biggest successes

    [quote user="cluckin-nora"]

    Well.......reading this makes me realise why Worthington has been kept in his job for so long and why Delia has been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the easily satisfied.

    It''s not about winning what is infact the SECOND DIVISION TITLE....(Championship be buggered), as we won this in the 1970s and 1980s as well. We got into Europe and 3rd in the Premiership in the 1990s plus 3 FA Cup semi-finals between 1959 and 1992. We also won the League Cup in ''62 and ''85, plus a couple of losing finalists in the 1970s.

    Are you really happy with such a piddling bit of silverware? How about seeking some sustained progress. One swallow does not make a summer in my book. Small thinking leads to small ambition...............


    Yep Nora, we won it in the 70''s and 80''s as well, that''s why I said one of only three managers to have won it. The other two were Ron Saunders and Ken Brown. I didn''t mention those two specifically or the year we finished 3rd in the Premiership, or the Europeon games, or the F.A.Cup Semi''s, or the League Cup wins, because however much you rate Worthy they can''t possibly be any of his three biggest successes.

    The clue is in the thread title and I suggest you cluck off to a different one....


  19. nutty nigel


    [quote user="Kathy"]Who said anything about the statement?[/quote]

    I''m lost Kathy..

    What did he say about the fans today?

  20. nutty nigel

    Worthy's three biggest successes

    [quote user="Saint Canary"]

    I think it''s sad that views on Worthy have become so blinkered that some people can hardly bear to acknowledge that for 3 years the man did a good job, met and exceeded the fans expectations and brought success to a club that had been starved of it for more than half a decade.  It says a lot that some seem to feel that acknowledging his success somehow compromises their current belief that he needs to leave.


    That''s what I find so sad too Saint. I know I keep saying this and make no apology for repeating it :-

    Nigel Worthington is one of only three managers in our history to have ever won this division.

    Where does all the hatred come from? Is it the fact that he''s still here then if that fills people with hatred? If so they should direct it at the people who are responsible for him being here! But it''s more likely that people are more comfortable shouting ''Worthy Out'' if they are in denial that he ever was successful, and can generate enough hatred towards him first.



  21. nutty nigel

    Worthington's efforts summed up nicely

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Except you never do put it that way yourself [8-|]


    Not got a way with words me i''m afraid... Like a bit of an argy and a bit of wind up too unfortunatly!!  Not much of a Journo really - Rick Waghorn need not worry!! [:$]


    Not too much difference between us then [;)]

    oops.. nearly forgot the [8-|]

  22. nutty nigel

    dohertys words

    [quote user="Mook"]

    What is your actual opinion on the subject, CJF?

    I''m not interested in who said what or why, I''ve said many things myself, and if someone wheeled out those quotes I would be rather embarrassed.

    Who do you think is playing worse, Doherty or Shackell? One of them deserved to be dropped, if only to freshen things up and keep them on their toes.

    Who do you think it should be?

    I would say Shackell every time. The Doc has been rock solid except for falling apart at Plymouth.


    CJF is an impartial journo and as such doesn''t really have an opinion [8-|]

    Shackell is a young player still learning the game. If we were a big club we could send him out on loan to make mistakes for someone else as he learns his trade but we don''t have a big enough squad to do that.

    I wouldn''t have dropped him even though he has made a few mistakes. Everybody has to make mistakes before they can learn from them. Even if the mistakes cost us points I think persevering with Shackell is the way forward.



  23. nutty nigel

    Worthington's efforts summed up nicely

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]


    [Quote User="The Coroner"]Since then the failings have been so familiar and repetitious that looking back,it’s a bit like watching Groundhog Day –

    · Far more bad signings than good ones.

    · Manager ‘falling out’ with key personnel.

    · Less players coming in than going out.

    · Tactics that don’t suit the personnel asked to carry them out.

    · Failing to play to the strengths of key players.

    · No ‘Plan B’ when chosen tactics fail.

    · Squad imbalance.

    · Poor/baffling substitutions.

    · Failure to convert chances into goals.

    · Failure to take advantage of long periods of possession.

    · Substitutions always being made too late to have any impact.

    · We still can’t perform away from home.

    · We still can’t take corners.

    · We still can’t defend corners.

    · We still don’t score from set-pieces.

    It’s Nigel’s team, they’re his players, they play to his tactics and he must now shoulder the blame.

    By The Way……………………………

    It’s only right to also highlight the fact that we also have much to be thankful to Worthy for. Namely –

    1.He ensured that the team that the unbelievably awful Hamilton built did not go down.

    2.The Play-Off season was totally unexpected and an amazing over-acheivement from an ordinary squad of players.

    3.The promotion season was fantastic,probably the best ‘feel-good’ season that I can remember.Players,fans & management came together as one and the City was a fantastic place to be for 7 or 8 months.

    4.The Premiership season was a disappointment in terms of it’s finish but at least we got to see players of the calibre of Henry,Rooney,Shearer and co playing at Carrow Road instead of the usual dross.

    5.Full houses at Carrow Road in the Championship ? Unthinkable before he took over.

    6.Five years ago we would never have thought it possible that established ‘name’ players such as Huckerby & Earnshaw would sign for Norwich.Nigel managed to sell the club to players like that and it will make it easier in the future to attract players of a similar standing.

    So,it’s not all bad but it’s simply run it’s course.At some point we all run out of ideas and excuses.That point came last Saturday for Nigel as far as I’m concerned though I’m sure others will say it’s long overdue..I wish him well and thank him for the good times. [/Quote]

    I couldn''t have put it better myself.

    [/quote]Except you never do put it that way yourself [8-|]
  24. [quote user="baldyboy"]nutty nigel why do you consider 14th in championship not to be depths of division? we are not pushing for the top are we? but i suppose you are one that says he should be given more time arent you?[/quote]

    You can suppose what you like baldy.

    No I don''t consider 14th in the Championship to be the depths of the division.

    No we are not pushing for the top.


  25. [quote user="Making Plans"]

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]That''s cuz we are not back there. Like I said... recent poor performances on the pitch and abysmal away record are the facts...  so there''s no need to make stuff up![/quote]

    Christ, with Worthy''s record I don''t need "to make stuff up"

    20th in Div 1 when he took over, 14th now - I''d hardly call that long term progress.

    Besides, the way we''ve been playing, we''ll be envious of 20th in a months time.


    Worthy''s record includes being one of only three managers to win this league.

    We haven''t just gone from 20th to 14th in his time here, you''ve obviously been away a while.

    If you didn''t "make up" where we will be in a months time please do my lottery this week.