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    eat your words

    [quote user="charlies dad"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="charlies dad"]

    Havent you got something more useful to do with your time? Get a job or something. Anyway, Dublin was ''Awful'' on  his debut. Unlike most of Worthingtons signings he has improved. As most of us are willing to concede.   


    Here we go again..... I bet this is the reaction that the original poster was looking for!

    Now I''m gonna predictably join in too CD. Maybe most of Worthy''s signings from last season haven''t improved although Colin obviously has and I think Etuhu has. But before that he made a lot of good signings.

    Why is it that even though he has been gone for 4 months now peoples hatred for Worthington is so great that they will try to rewrite history to make a point!?


    [/quote]I know i shouldnt rise to clowns like this Nigel, but i couldnt help it. I believe on a more recent post I described Dublin as ''beyond reproach'' and he has been a breath of fresh air to the club. Re Worthington, i feel no hatred, its a fact that Louis Jean, Jarrett, Thorne, Hughes, Boyle, and to a certain extent Etuhu, have ranged from putrid to disappointing. Dublin stemmed the flow of poor businesss both incoming and outgoing, but surely you can understand my initial scepticism?[/quote]

    But that''s exactly my point CD. Those signings last season were not good enough, they took the club backwards and probably ultimately cost Worthington his job. However for  the first 3 seasons Worthington was in charge most (not all) his signings were good and took the club forward. Last seasons poor signings are not "most of his signings" they are last seasons poor signings.


  2. nutty nigel

    Our Thanks To ----

    [quote user="Kathy"]

    You''ve proved me wrong Nigel. I''d bet you would say this before mid day.


    4 minutes either way??? [;)]

    Who''s your new guy Kathy?

    Bet you hope it''s Gunny!


  3. nutty nigel

    Tributes - no more please

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Making Plans"]

    This board is getting like the obituary pages in The Times - tribute to him, thanks to him etc etc, so much so it''s getting boring. It''s a bit like those cheesy cards that go round at work when someone leaves - everybody writes nice things but in all honesty they they''re usually glad that the recipient is out the door. Two minutes after they''ve gone, normally with some crappy gift that (a) they didn''t want and (b) nobody wanted to chip in for, everbody''s slagging them off.


    Id liek to say thanks to Making plans for starting this thread.. he is a good poster and i wish him well ;)

    jas :)


    Has he gone now jas?????

    [:-*] I thought he was a complete waste of space mate! [;)]


  4. nutty nigel

    eat your words

    [quote user="charlies dad"]

    Havent you got something more useful to do with your time? Get a job or something. Anyway, Dublin was ''Awful'' on  his debut. Unlike most of Worthingtons signings he has improved. As most of us are willing to concede.   


    Here we go again..... I bet this is the reaction that the original poster was looking for!

    Now I''m gonna predictably join in too CD. Maybe most of Worthy''s signings from last season haven''t improved although Colin obviously has and I think Etuhu has. But before that he made a lot of good signings.

    Why is it that even though he has been gone for 4 months now peoples hatred for Worthington is so great that they will try to rewrite history to make a point!?


  5. nutty nigel

    Our Thanks To ----

    [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="NavMan"]

    Kenny Foggo

    Please leave all your thanks to Kenny below - oh also cynthia the tea lady at Colney - getting ridiculous this is''nt it.


    ''Ere, don''t go forgetting Doug Livermore either, they were in the same team remember.............


    Yep.. it''s gotta be done now!

    Maybe NCISA could start the thread for him??

    [;)] [:P]

  6. nutty nigel

    When should Steve Mclaren get sacked?

    [quote user="Cobain18"]

    "He''s amongst the top half dozen players in the world." What? nutty nigel there is no chance that rooney is amoungst the top half dozen in the world. he''s young and as a result is sometimes inconsistent. to say rooney is in the top half dozen in the world is naive - ronaldinho, messi, henry, drogba, ronaldo, essien, scholes to name a few are as good if not better than rooney. rooney is nowhere in the top half dozen players in the world! 


    Good call on Scholes Cobain. I still think he is the best English midfielder, but not quite world class in the way I''d define it.

    However I don''t think you will find it was me that said Rooney was world class or that he was amongst the top six players in the world. Rooney has it all to prove on the world stage, he still could, but it seems just as he should be doing it the rest of the side are going backwards.


  7. nutty nigel

    Our thanks for Louis-Jean...

    In my opinion we still haven''t replaced Holt.


  8. nutty nigel

    When should Steve Mclaren get sacked?

    You could be right about Rooney GJP but I am not quite sure yet. He could have proved it in Euro 2004 but got injured and then was injured/sent off in the last world cup. I certainly rate him as the best English player, that''s for sure!

    But I am sure none of the others are. We won the World Cup in 1966 and argueably only Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton were world class. Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick in the final but I''m not even sure he was a world class striker.

    My definition of world class is to be one of the best eleven players in the world.


  9. I saw him score at Rotherham in September.. was that the ONE?


  10. nutty nigel

    Jim Bone

    Great thread this for us oldies!

    I remember Jimmy Bones debut and those mazy runs. He quickly became a fans favourite and he thrilled us much like Hucks does now.

    I was at Highbury for the 3-0 win and Graham Paddons hat-trick but unfortunately I didn''t see the 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge and missed that goal! Does anybody remember that the first leg at Stamford Bridge was originally postponed? My Mascot Coach was actually on the way out of Norwich when the news came through it was off. Then I couldn''t get to the rearranged game, talk about feeling gutted!

    That same season we played Leeds in the third round of the FA Cup. We drew 1-1 at Carrow Road and then we drew 1-1 at Elland Road AET. The second replay was at Villa Park and Leeds were awesome that night and stuffed us 5-0. I went to that game on the train and remember Villa Park Station after the game where we were hopelessly outnumbered by the Leeds fans on the opposite platform. For those minutes until the train came I was probably relieved that we had lost!

    As for Jimmy Bones parting, I was always under the impression that the falling out was with another Norwich player who left the club at that time.


  11. Thorn in my side
    You know that''s all you ever were
    A bundle of lies
    You know that''s all that it was worth..
    I should have known better
    But I trusted you at first
    I should have known better
    But I got what I deserved..

    To run away from you
    Was all that I could do
    To run away from you
    Was all that I could do

    Thorn in my side
    You know that''s all you''ll ever be
    So don''t think you know better
    ''Cause that''s what you mean to me..
    I was feeling complicated
    I was feeling low
    Now everytime I think of you
    I shiver to the bone..

    (Chorus repeats...)
  12. nutty nigel

    When should Steve Mclaren get sacked?

    [quote user="I OWN THIS CLUB"]

    Cobain i dont agree that we dont have the quality e.g Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Woodgate, Cole. These are world class players.


    Of those only Rooney has got any chance of becoming a "world class" player, and he ain''t one yet!


  13. nutty nigel

    Dean Coney

    [quote user="Alex"][quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]Jas!!! NO HE DIDN''T. It was a different David Smith who played for Coventry. If you think about it David Smith is quite a common name so not that unlikely that more than one player of that name should be playing pro football at the same time.[/quote]

    he was a guy with big eyes and dark hair.. Go look in Glorious Canaries past and present... it even says in there he left us for Coventry

    Im not arguing when i know im right. I know what the guy looked like and as i said i can prove he played for Coventry.

     jas :)


    Sorry Jas, I don''t think you are right. Without shadow of a doubt ''our'' David Smith got sold to Oxford United. Plus not one of those Coventry players looks anything like him.


    But how tall was he??????????


  14. [quote user="-.-. .-.. ..- -.-. -.-"]

    Maybe we should also consider that many of the current England players play in domestic sides made up almost entirely of imports. The blend of styles and attitudes may work at league level...but put on their own without the flair of foreign stars, they look very ordinary.

    I think many England players play a "supporting" role at league level...leaving the imports to produce the flair in front of goal. We have always had "workmanlike" England teams where strength and passion have been the key elements of their game and maybe in the past this has transferred reasonably well to the national side. Now with the complex global mix....much of that passion has been put to one side and they don''t know what to do without those flair players to finish what they start.

    I''ve never been happy with so many imports changing the English game. We now have a virtual "contact free" sport which conflicts greatly with our traditional passionate physical game. Maybe it will sort itself out over the coming years and our own youngsters will learn to adapt...but they are between the devil and the deep blue sea right now...and that showed only too well last night.

    Bring back the birch..............[;)]



    What I find amazingly unbelievable about this post Cluck......... is ...................................................


    I agree with everything you say!!!!!!!

    Well, except the birch.............. maybe! [;)]

    Oh..... and its three whole paragraphs without one criticism of Delia!


  15. nutty nigel

    Safri on the bench at Luton?????

    With the news that Safri played 85 mins for Morocco last night does anybody else think it''s become more likely that we will see Fotheringham and Etuhu together in the centre of midfield at Luton?

    Chris Lakey makes some good points in his article "Phase three for Peter Grant". Not least that he points to the defensive side of Etuhus game. If you watch us defend corners Etuhu has a very important zone and possibly clears the ball with more defensive headers than anyone else in the side. I don''t see either Safri or Fotheringham having the same defensive side to their game so if Etuhu is dropped there would have to be more changes to the way we play than just one player replacing another.

    Given the way Peter Grant plays Etuhu, and the job he does for us defensively, can any posters convince me that Fotheringham was signed to be a replacement?

    BTW, before anyone calls me stupid or thicko, I like Safri in our midfield. I''m just saying it how I see it.


  16. nutty nigel

    bored of croft

    [quote user="Laurie Sheffield"]

    These type of comments would be better if the person writing them had any idea about football tactics and techniques. Croft''s change of role from wide man in a 4-4-2 to  wide man in a 4-3-3 is totally different. The first sees him in an ''out to in'' position (allowing lots of crosses, cutting inside for shots etc) and the second in an ''in to out'' position (supporting main striker and in a much ''narrower'' position where crosses are much more difficult, they become in effect diagonal passes. Here endeth the lesson from a person who has played over 500 games at a high stadnard for teams such as Wroxham and Lowestoft and is a qualified FA coach.. 


    We are not worthy!!!

    More to the point... are you Worthy????

    Oh no.. he played for Wednesday!

    He''s got all the badges though [;)]

    BTW, how did someone of your undoubted talents come to choose the name of Laurie Sheffield????


  17. Cluck

    Did you read my post. This is why I should have known better than to get involved in this thread. Your reply has nothing to do with my post. At least I gave you the courtesy of trying to address the points you made in yours.

    Maybe it''s time you went to that phonebox again.. this thread needs another dose of  Supersmudge patting you on the back! [;)]


  18. nutty nigel

    Dean Coney

    Did you get to see Charles Royston Billington play Ricardo?

    Ray Ducker says he was the worst ever and from what I have read I could agree with him.

    Jim Blair! Now there''s a thing!!! He turned up for a Cup Final and then disappeared again. The strangest thing I ever remember as a City fan!

    Charlie Crickmore! He would try and beat the fullback be booting the ball and trying to catch it before it went out of play!!! Took a better penalty than the great Kenny Foggo mind!



  19. nutty nigel

    Going down?

    [quote user="mystic megson"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]


    I honestly believe 15,000 season tickets and the rest casual sales is a much better balance for ALL concerned.


    In conclusion: if you feel like renewing do so, if you don''t, don''t.  And please let''s abandon the "my loyalty is bigger than yours" thing.  It plays into the board''s hands.


    That is spot on Mystic.

    Season Tickets are a good deal for diehard fans who want to go and can go to everygame regardless of results / form / entertainment etc.  They are not such a good deal for fans who are more choosy or who, through no fault of their own, can''t get to everygame. I doubt if many if any people renew their season tickets and shell out £356 or more through loyalty!



  20. nutty nigel

    uriah Rennie

    Is Amy Rayner running the line too?? If she was the technical area would be an interesting place to be!


  21. And of course it shouldn''t be forgotten that  fans who "watch it on the wireless" make a contribution too. I wonder how much of Worthy''s 600K came from the "wireless money" and canary world subscriptions! [;)]



  22. nutty nigel

    Umbro - ripping off the fans?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    I give up on england, awful managerial appointment and a bunch of overrated primadonas whom think they are better than they actually are...  Pathetic

    As for the new kit....  not impressed, and I quite liked the last one.


    So it''s not just Norwich then.................


  23. I agree with many things you say here Cluck.

    Manchester United fans were angry when their club was taken over. Season tickets were torn up and even a new club was formed, FC United of Manchester if I remember correctly. Not sure how many of their fans are still unhappy now though and quite probably some have changed their mind as they are top of the Premier League again.

    However many Norwich fans would be the same if we were top of this league. If Grant turns things round and we are challenging at the top of this league next season you will be a lone voice shouting for Delia to go because in the main football fans are fickle. Remember last time when her critics ended up wanting to erect a statue in her honour!!!

    Your gripe with Norwich would be understandable if you were an exiled fan who only has access to how the national media portray the club. Delia has nothing like the amount of influence that the national media would have us believe. You never mention MWJ and yet he is also the majority shareholder and he is, in my opinion, the driving force of the partnership.

    Of course there will be life after these two have left. I am not even posting on here to support or defend the current owners of the club. There is no alternative in front of me so I have nothing to choose between.

    Who owns the club has never interested me as much as who plays for it. Maybe you are so obsessed with Delia Smith that you can''t focus on anything else.

    When I read your posts they remind me of one of my grandads favourite Churchill quotes:-

    A fanatic is one who can''t change his mind and won''t change the subject.


  24. I messed my post up last night and part of it didn''t get through.

    In truth none of us know what''s in Grants mind, not even the horn brothers!

    But what if he played Foz and Etuhu in the centre of midfield and it worked. What if Foz brought out the best in Etuhu and he became the player he has threatened to be. Isn''t there bad blood between Etuhu and Safri?

    This is a new era and a period of change. Everybody wanted a new manager but doesn''t seem to want the changes that come with it. The fact that Safri is the fans favourite and how that has happened counts for nothing now.

    I agree that Grant hasn''t said that he is considering dropping Safri and we are probably reading too much into the article. However, I would be disappointed if he wasn''t considering all the options available to him.


  25. Good spot CJF.

    I have had my suspicions that Grant sees Fozzy as a replacement for Safri rather than Etuhu. I have nothing to back this up with mind, it''s just something that has been nagging at the back of my mind. If Hux plays up front with Brown/Dublin and Drury plays leftback it leaves (when fit) Croft, Chadwick, Foz, Safri, Etuhu, Lappin for the four places.(and Hooze!) guess most people would go with Croft/Chadwick - Fox - Safri - Lappin.