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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Whatever you''re on, can I have some please?  [:D] This thread/link was started by me because I''m not afraid to watch City play, warts and all, evidently, you and your strange kind are!. [/quote] So why were you so excited you posted it in two seperate threads? And did you expect to see good defending from goal highlights of a 4-0 defeat?? What did you think of our defending from the goal highlights of the 1-0 win against Preston???  
  2. [quote user="1st Wizard"] You should have asked if fans had any faith in the present board................I don''t....................surely that one question is central to your survey, and why I didn''t fill it in!.[:|] [/quote] Surely the whole point of the survey is to compare the answers with those that were given here :- http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1041121/ShowPost.aspx So no, I don''t think a new question about the bored would be central to the survey [*-)]      
  3. I remember this too. And last season we went to Chelsea in the cup vitually 40 years to the day after that memorable victory. We dreamed of a repeat but those dreams don''t come true very often. Do you remember our league position Ralph? I believe we were 4th from bottom, we''d only won one away game all season and the nancy negs were certain we''d be relegated! They hated the bored too.. remember the dreadful "zigger zagger chanting" aimed at our now saviour Geoffrey Watling?  
  4. [quote user="Sherlock Holmes"] Most of the teams below us have game in hand (Sheff Wed have 2 games in hand), so effectively we are 7 points off of relegation.  If we lose at the weekend (bearing in mind we average less than a goal a game, this is pretty likely) the gap is back down to four points.  Whilst it reflects our incredibly poor start to the season, it also highlights how much of Roeders achivements so far have been purely cosmetic.   [/quote] We have 13 games left Sherlock. I have no idea how many points we need to be safe but historically 50 points is a landmark clubs try to reach as soon as possible. We did indeed have an incredibly poor start to the season, in fact we only managed to gather 8 points from our first 13 games. Surely even the most pessimistic of posters don''t see us returning to the form we were in under Grant but if we do we would still finish the season on 50 points. But even if these pessimistic people can see us going back to that early season form other sides would still have to overtake us. While we have collected 24 points from our last 13 games - Scunthorpe and Sheffield Wednesday have collected 9 each, Coventry 11, and Southampton and Colchester 12. From all this I deduce that we will indeed  finish in mid-table and claims of a relegation battle are as far fetched as a play off challenge if not more so.  
  5. You already posted all this once Wiz! http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/2/1166155/ShowPost.aspx#1166155 Do you love it that much?? Are you sure you''re not BIG DAVE from piswich???
  6. [quote user="1st Wizard"] And he''s going to get a new contract? http://www.football.virginmedia.com/page/championshipvideo/0,,12555~1243764,00.html Nurse![:''(] [/quote] This is an insight into your world Wiz [8-|][co][:''(] Obviously if you only see goal highlights then when we lose 4-0 the defenders and goalkeepers are sh*t. When we win 1-0 I suppose they don''t even play.[*-)] When we don''t score you''re not impressed by Ched Evans and think he''s nothing special [:''(] but when he scores a wonder goal you love him.[*] We only conceded 8 goals in the previous 13 games but I never saw you comment on that. Did you read Roeders comments about men and babies on the front page? Looks like it''s "wet wipes for Wiz" [:''(]  
  7. City are now nine points off the play-offs, and Roeder is clearly not giving up the chase. “Everyone is looking at them,” he said. “I don''t predict in football, all I predict is next week against Barnsley you will see a vastly different Norwich City team, and I don''t mean players, I mean in terms of performance. “I believe that we will zip this unbeaten run and we will start another run next week against Barnsley, and hopefully that will continue right to the end of the season. “It is all about how you handle a defeat. You can lay down and cry like babies or you can stand up like men and march on and for me there is only one alternative and that''s the latter.” This got me thinking about us posters. Who are standing up like men and marching on [Z] and who is left crying like babies [:''(]  
  8. [quote user="GJP"] You say the Doc "lacks pace in a big way" but I was just wondering, how often do you see the Doc done for pace? Is he done for pace more than any of the other centrebacks in this league? I think with the Doc if anything it''s more that he''s slow on the turn but I don''t actually think the guy is as slow to cover the turf as you and others might think. Anyways...overall I still think that a confident Gary Doherty who isn''t being picked on by the fans is the best defender at the club and I struggle to think of many better central defenders in the Championship. [/quote] This amazes me too! The Doc is rarely done for pace but he looks ungainly and cumbersome, especially on the turn. Some fans seem to see what they want to see. Why are there never examples of when this lack of pace took place? You are not alone in how highly you rate Doherty, if he signs for Roeder then it will be the third Norwich manager to choose him. Are they all wrong?  
  9. [quote user="rich2408"]sorry nutty but he didnt retain the ball on saturday and the defenders didnt have any other options except to hoof.got to say living in the midlands dont get to many home games so can only coment on when ive seen fozzy play .[/quote] No we didn''t retain the ball yesterday, we were awful yesterday, but not awful in the way we were at Wolves or Plymouth. And Fotheringham still made himself available for the ball but then we tried to play football on the worst areas of an awful pitch. Hoofing the ball up to Dublin was the best option at times but poor Dion was not at his best either. Fotheringhams passing was as bad as anyones and worse than some. But he still made himself available and never once hid. Rich, if you see away games in the midlands then you must have seen games where the whole midfield went missing and nobody wanted the ball. That doesn''t happen anymore.  
  10. [quote user="Saint Canary"]I think the thing that people seem to miss about Fozzy is that he makes himself available and actually wants the ball.  Yes he misplaces passes but he is generally always available for the ball, something the likes of Robinson and Etuhu did not do.  Our defence has improved no end with him in front of them.  He is no world beater by any means but he is simple, effective and has drove the team more times this season than any midfielder in the last few seasons. [/quote] That''s exactly how I see it Saint. I can see why some fans don''t rate him though,  because his passing and shooting are not always the best, but we retain the ball better with him in the side and he gives defenders another option rather than HOOF! All fans see different things in players but I honestly can''t work out how he can be lazy?? He covers more ground than even Russell and doesn''t stop from the first minute to the last. He has to be the hardest working player in the side.  
  11. [quote user="Mello Yello"] I somehow think the Chief Exec won''t be too sorry to see the departure of Huckerby......[/quote] I think somehow you could be right Mello. But I very much doubt that he had anything to do with Hucks not travelling to Leicester. That can only have been Roeders decision, Huckerby''s decision or a joint decision between the two of them. This thread could just as easily be called "It''s time for Hucks to tell us...... " We have two young loan players at the club who are in an impossible position with the fans because they are seen as poor replacements for Huckerby. How much easier it would be if they were centre halves replacing Doherty. It''s not these players fault that they are picked in front of the fans favourite. We surely can''t judge the young lad from Arsenal so harshly over just 60 mins football last Tuesday night. My previous post was not meant to be anti Hucks, I would always include him in the 16 if I picked the team. I don''t think anybody has stated that Gibbs or Henry were better than him or deserved to play in front of him. But there must be a reason why they are and that''s what I thought this thread was about.  
  12. As I understand it Bertrand was to have started but called off late through illness. The sixteen then had to be made up by another player who travelled which was why it was unbalanced. It''s right that Bertrand should have started, he has been one of our best players since he came here. The poster who said that Hucks did no more against Cardiff than Gibbs did against Hull is correct. But then so are the posters who say Hucks wouldn''t have been worse than Gibbs against Hull or Henry yesterday. I would like to know why Hucks didn''t travel to Leicester. We can all guess but I bet we don''t ever find out. I wouldn''t be surprised if he was gone as soon as we are safe. If Roeder doesn''t want him then his wages would probably get in three more players. Roeder has no loyalty to Hucks in the way the fans do. The players who Roeder inherited have to earn his loyalty. That''s football.    
  13. You could be right Wiz. But the part of ypour post that I''m struggling with right now is trying to work out how the bored only ever make a profit in the transfer window if they never rebuild the team.  Where do the players come from to make that profit? It must be like the ''Magic Porridge Pot''! [*-)] You must be pleased that they appear to have found enough under the mattress to offer The Doc a new contract. I guess if he signs that will make him Roeders player?  
  14. [quote user="Shack Attack"] I know there''s no finger pointing on the Free Bet Thread but aren''t Arsenal playing Man Utd in the cup this week? We''ll put it down to the heady and intoxicating whiff of Dereham air shall we Blah [;)]. [/quote] Yes, that''s right Shack, there''s no finger pointing on the Free Bet Fred so we should probably put it down to Blah having another ''Chesterfield Moment'' [;)]  
  15. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] After my unsuccesstul venture into the lower Scottish Leagues last week I am going to attempt the FA Cup this time. Chelsea at home to Huddersfield look good as do Liverpool at home to Barnsley. Barnsley have only won once away in the Championship this season and have lost on each of the four occasions they played Liverpool in the FA Cup so Liverpool get the nap vote from me. Liverpool V Barnsley Home win. Good luck LGT [Y] Are those lucky green trainers gonna  make another contribution to the academy........  Not ''arf [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  16. [quote user="canarychris"] Christ, talk about putting your own spin on it!!!! All i''m saying is that if we r to have any chance of making the play offs we need to increase our home points output. Don''t get me wrong, if we make the play offs it will be a miracle, but let''s give ourselves every chance of pulling off that miracle. [/quote] Not sure about this Chris. If we had beaten Hull and Leicester at home but only drawn at Southampton and Cardiff we would have the same points but no complaints. Yes it is frustrating now we get the points away then seem to be dropping them at  home but it''s possibly as much to do with who we have played. Only Leicester from the teams below us have taken anything from Carrow Road since Roeder has been in charge. Barnsley, Blackpool, Colchester and QPR are the 4 visitors from below us we have to come. After that Burnley and piswich are winable and Stoke and WBA look tough. I''m not sure about changing the system or\and personnel between home and away games, I think a settled team and settled system is the way to consistently get results. It''s great being an "away fan" at the moment. After so many seasons of "It''s the travelling fans I feel sorry for" It''s the "home only" fans who are having a comparitive tough time now. I''m sure it will change but for now just be happy that a win is worth 3 points wherever it happens.  
  17. This is a good post HH44. Hull are a better side than a lot give them credit for. They are stronger and more organised than a lot of teams in this division. I think fans have preconceived ideas about our opponenents, Hull are a more difficult side to beat than Cardiff and I would imagine they  will finish above Cardiff. We have to overhaul sides like Hull in order to get into the top 6 but the fact we didn''t beat them was not the end of the world. I still believe it''s possible to get there but it may take us the full 14 games we have left.  May 4th is the best day to claim that 6th spot, when it''s too late for anyone to overtake us. Palace got there too early, they are 10th now.  
  18. If Camara wasn''t injured then I totally agree that the team selection was poor. And I assume Bates played because Otsemebor is carrying an injury, otherwise I would never make changes to the back four of Otsemebor - Doherty - Shackell - Camara who have defended so well throughout this run. I hope we don''t make changes just to accommodate loan players and I don''t think Roeder would do that. But he''s not above criticism and I believe he got it wrong before when he played Russell at right back to accommodate the three central midfielders in ther same team. If it''s not broke it don''t need fixing.  
  19. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] I was far too harsh on the centre halves: Doherty - 6  An off day for the Doc, always struggling Shackell - 7  Did ok, showed his pace on a couple of occasions [/quote] Good call CJF and it wasn''t The Docs best game but how posters can give Gibbs a higher mark than Doherty astounds me. We all want Gibbs to come good, and there''s no way I am going to write him off after just one game against a very strong in form side, but surely anyone at the game could see the contribution Doherty made against the way Gibbs struggled to get into the game. People see what they want to see, they pay their money and are entitled to their opinions, but it still astounds me.    
  20. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"] We''ve had a few reasonable Ipswich supporters on here too sometimes [/quote] Now you''re being plain daft! [;)]  
  21. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]good to see another winner go in - guess the pressure is on for my attempt this weekend to make it 3 in a row.  i''d prefer a straight accumulator than the yankee bet ardee - is that ok??? [/quote] Afternoon Lucky, Arrdee has got computer problems so he asked me to let you know that you will be doing the straight accumulator and he will save the yankee bet for another week. There''s no pressure though, whatever happens you will do better than myself and Arrdee used to do before we found all the good pickers to help!    
  22. [quote user="And hes the smallest man on the pitch"]   Oh, why do people like you so love using the expression "if you don''t like it deal with it" ? It''s not clever just boring repetition. [/quote] What or who are people like me? The only reason I posted that is because that is the manner Wiz posts to me. I haven''t had a "people like you post" since a big hairy canary once told me I was everything that was wrong with this message board. I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss Well a few of the posters well theyve got me quite cross But the suns been quite kind while I wrote this song Its for people like you that are so very wrong    
  23. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] Need to get your history right in your mind corbs. We finished third in 1992-93. If we''d finished fourth we would not have qualified for Europe. [/quote] Indeed we did finish 3rd Yankee. And that achievement is something we can still be proud of. Manchester United have finished in the top 3 in each of the 15 Premier seasons but only 9 other clubs have achieved top 3 finishes. Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich and Nottingham Forest. Leeds and Nottingham Forest?!?!  
  24. [quote user="1st Wizard"] More cyber bullying from the same old posters, plus, bring back the wiz''s old threads time again! sickening treatment of a fellow fan! This thread is about Safri................deal with it!. And Safri, after seeing that assault of a tackle..........is a thug!. PS. Who praised the Hucks and Cureo signings first on here?.......me! so get your damn facts straight next time. [/quote] These bullying accusations and your subsequent belligerent "up yours" behaviour just show the childishness that we have now come to expect from you. The only sickening thing about this thread is that a man of your age behaves like a spoiled child. Thats my opinion and if you don''t like it... deal with it.  
  25. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Way back when we signed Safri, I started a thread called Oh no, we''ve signed a thug! (ask Mr Chops to find it, he''s good at looking up my old threads!) And lo, it came to pass!.[;)] [/quote] That''s hardly surprising being as you complain about everyone we sign. What was it you said about Ched after you had alledgedly seen him play for us? http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1126092/ShowPost.aspx Safri''s not a thug!  
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