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  1. nutty nigel

    Bloody Childish

    I upgrade my shirt every time. Last year my daughter brought it me for my 50th birthday. It''s got "DAD 50" on the back!

    Bloody second childhood! [;)]


  2. nutty nigel

    Blame where blame's due.

    [quote user="yellow hammer"]

    What would interest me is to hear what the Board would have done differently if they could have rolled the clock back three years or so. But were they reckless or prudent? I actually think the former but am prepared to listen to what other have to say.


    Yellow Hammer


    This is still an excellent thread Yellow Hammer! It''s good to have a discussion without being pigeon holed into imaginary gangs!

    I would be interested to hear what the Board would have done differently too, but it''s also not important that we do. What is important is that they recognise the mistakes that have been made and learn from them. I have no doubt that they are good honest people with the interests of the club and its fans at heart. Mistakes have been made which people are quick to point to, at the same time many good things have been achieved that are largely ignored.

    You used the word blame twice in the posts title and I think that is a shame that we are always quick to blame when things go wrong. Mistakes will always be made especially when actions are scrutinised with the benefit of hindsight and sometimes decisions that were right at the time they were made can look wrong with hindsight. Some people use hindsight to say Worthington shouldn''t have been appointed as manager in the first place and yet I can only see his appointment as a complete success for the Board.

    It should be remembered that we were relegated on the final day of the season and that there was a very thin line between success and failure for us that season. Most people would have accepted us going into the final game at Fulham with our future in our own hands, but it wasn''t that defeat that cost us, it was more the dropped points in other games. Although it''s true to say your final league position is where you deserve to be it''s also true in this case that a little bit of luck along the way would have kept us up. How we could have done with a lucky three points like we got at Reading the previous season when we didn''t really need them!

    Since then it''s been a difficult time for the club. The Board kept a failing manager for too long. They gave their reasons but those reasons don''t really excuse not changing the manager in the last close season. Whether they have learned from that mistake we will only find out the next time a manager becomes "past his sell by date".

    I think the Board will ultimately be judged on their appointment of Peter Grant. Like Wothington before him he is not what the fans wanted. He may be exactly what this club wants though. Only time will tell.



  3. nutty nigel

    Next seasons predictions

    [quote user="Smudger"]About the same position as we are now... only a league lower!!![/quote]

    Do you honestly believe that Smudger or do you just say things for effect? Your record with predictions is not very impressive, I remember you were quite certain we would lose to Tamworth!


  4. Point taken GJP and it didn''t come across moody.

    Yes I guess I did form an opinion because there are parts of  Gallachers game that infuriate me at times. The distribution thing is about strong characters. Some of our players, especially away from home, don''t really want the ball thrown to them. I noticed Marshall demand they take it. On Tuesday night on a few occasions Gally wanted to throw it out but the players didnt really make themselves available to receive it so he ended up kicking it long and then not always in the direction of Chris Brown.

    The best goalkeeping performance I have seen for us this season was Lee Camp against Leicester. He looked a goalkeeper who could command his area and I lost count of the amount of crosses he came for and collected. But in defence of Marshall although Camp hadn''t been playing he had spent a lot of time at the club and probaly had much more idea of how we defend. For whatever reason Grant preferred Marshall to Camp and by all accounts had targeted him for a long time. Maybe he is hoping to sign him permanently, I would hope so if indeed we have paid a loan fee.

    Whatever the long term plans are in the short term we need a goalkeeper for the rest of the season as a matter of urgency.


  5. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Marty"]

    [quote user="GJP"]Could be a blessing in disguise if we cancel his loan and get a better keeper in. Although I have no idea who''d be available especially since we let Lee Camp get away.[/quote]


    he was a good keeper, who do you want instead, Peter Czech, Paul Robinson, Van Der Saar?


    He was average. I suspect because people knew/know Gallacher is a bit of a weak link they want to see something that isn''t really there. In my opinion he''s just been average. He''s made 1 or 2 good saves but his communcation is a bit poor and sometimes he just doesn''t look interested.

    For the record it''s Petr Cech and Van Der Sar.


    How can you have made such an opinion in the few games he has played GJP? I really didn''t see enough of him to form an opinion. I didn''t see the first game against Blackpool so only had the three home games to go by. I thought he looked a strong character and was impressed by the way he demanded players accept the ball when he had posession. On Tuesday night it was the same old with Gallacher not being forceful in his distribution.

    It''s all academic now but having identified the goalkeeper as a position that needed improvement as a priority surely every attempt must be made for another loan.

    I heard a rumour on Tuesday that we had actually paid a loan fee for Marshall, if that is true I hope we can get it back!


  6. [quote user="Smudger"]

    Out, Out, Out!!!

    Not that you needed myself, Cluck or Wiz to answer this post... but that is the inevitable answer for all 3 of us anyhow for what it is worth!!!


    well well.. we knew you and cluck were one and the same..

    but the wiz??

    surely not! I have always believed he is his own man!


  7. [quote user="thefutureisyellow"]

    So my answer is YES she should step down as Chair if there is some money man to come in.


    But surely Mr P R Mumby is Chairman now?


  8. nutty nigel

    Blame where blame's due.

    This is a truely excellent post Yellow Hammer and thankyou for taking the trouble to post it.

    I nearly missed it so... Bump!



  9. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]10 Bryceland - Forgot to mention that DD may also be injured for a period, just to add to the concern. Each of these "single facts" leads to the bigger picture regarding the paucity of the squad, a few chickens coming home to roost following the failure of the board to back their man with hard cash?. Just because I have a different opinion does not mean that I do not "get behind the lads", so I would thank you for not tyring to "pigeon hole" me. The overall view I have is of a board that fiddled will Rome burned, failed to grasp with both hands the opportunity that Prem football gave us, made lots of bold statements about the future direction of the club but now plead poverty despite having 20,000+ season ticket holders and 20,000+ fans at every home league match so far this season, if you and Yankee are happy with that then fine, but I am not so do not pee down my back and tell me it is raining.[/quote]

    Sorry to butt in on this thread SOB but I can''t find the one where we had a discussion about relegation last week. But they are connected and I did seriously see where you was coming from. Of all the reasons you gave there, fixture congestion with a small squad was I believe one of the main ones. Although I still don''t think we will be relegated, or even come close, I think the injury to Marshall is a real bombshell.

    Mello likened our predicament to the first premiership relegation. I said it was different this time because we had taken action to stop the rot and what I meant was that season we didn''t bring in a keeper when one was so obviously needed. This season we have brought one in and since lost him. I believe we must now find a replacement as a matter of urgency. To not do so could well be "fiddling while Rome burns"!


  10. nutty nigel

    More SPIN from the club

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    quite Right Alex.. at the present Moment Derby are the best team in the division.. because they are top... if we were the best.. we would be... and we''re not!

    jas :)


    quite right jas.. at present Leeds, Southend, Hull, QPR, Barnsley and Luton are the worst in the division... because they are bottom six... if we were one of the worst six... we would be... and we''re not!


  11. nutty nigel


    We actually played well with commitment and desire for 45 minutes without Dublin, Huckerby or Safri on the pitch. I never thought I would see that this season! Squad is getting stronger? Only time will tell!


  12. [quote user="John Boubepo"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="John Boubepo"]I guess the real question it raises is - if Grant knows Saf can''t play so many games on the trot why did he play him against Chelsea when the league games are considered more important?

    Hmmmmm I was thinking the same, but am not going to start bashing the manager as he is just beginning to get it right...


    Again the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    If Grant had rested Croft, Dublin and Safri on Saturday he would have been crucified on this board for not taking the cup seriously.

    There were loads of threads on here last week with posters picking their preferred team for the Chelsea game, all those people know that Dublin is in his late thirties and that Safri finds it difficult to stay fit and that Croft has been struggling to be properly fit since his injury. So how many posters teams rested them??

    The manager has to pick a team for each match BEFORE kickoff!



    Hindsight or lack of forward planning? the job of a manager is errr- to manage, not rocket science is it? that means manage with what you''ve got and make the best of what you''ve got, if you know one of your best players [Grant hasn''t won without Saf] can''t play two games in a week then why play him in a game you have no chance of winning in the FA cup and then rest him in a vital league game we can win but end up [surprise, surprise]  losing?

    Yes JB but hindsight is why you are suggesting it was a lack of forward planning. You''re maybe right, I wouldn''t argue with you because I don''t know. What I do know is that Grant has said things in the past that give the impression that he wants to play the best available team for each game and that is surely what most people want. There have been enough posts on here in the past slagging off Worthy for "resting" players in Cup matches.

    Fotheringham was on the bench for the Chelsea game and started against Preston. It could be Grant rates him as highly as Safri or even more highly. When Fotheringham couldn''t play against Blackpool it was interesting that Grant played him in the reserves instead, so obviously he felt that he needed pitch time. He is definitely a part of Grants plans as is Etuhu who Grant has stated will come back in the side as soon as he is fit. I for one would not be surprised if Grant was to decide his first choice centre midfield pairing was Etuhu and Fotheringham.

    I rate Safri but he has never been fit enough to keep his place in the side over a long period. He is a player that the manager inherited. He is also a fans favourite who has done well for us whenever he has played. I have no hard evidence to back this up but from what I have seen of Grant so far I am not convinced he rates Safri as highly as we do.



  13. [quote user="mbncfc"]

    Either way, the football club will continue beyond Delia...



    And we will continue supporting the club whoever takes over from her.

    Fact: The only loyallty left in football is a oneway street from the fans to the club.

    Norwich City fans have been lucky in that the one thing Watling, South, Chase and Delia have in common is that they are Norwich fans. They have all made mistakes but I don''t believe any of those four have ever not had our interests at heart.

    We could have Mandaric or the like here, these people may be good short term but they will never have the same affection for the club that the names I mentioned above had. Results based fans who have no interest in going to games could benefit but I''m not sure the rest of us would in the long term.

    Last week the Birmingham owners were on TV talking about selling up and going home! WTF?!?!

    Yes football is a business but a very unique business, in fact it''s more than a business just like it''s more than a game to a lot of people.

    Players, managers and businessmen please note that when a fan kisses the badge it''s for life.


  14. nutty nigel

    Mckenzie: Good Reception???

    Don''t think he can play Matt. So I doubt he will be here.

    Check with Smudger first though [;)]


  15. nutty nigel

    Sign Fozzy's extension now!

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    it says something that we havent tied him down longer already... im expecting a Premiership club to take him off our hands for nothing in the summer

    jas :)


    Surely that can''t happen unless we choose to let him go for nothing?

    How many more ridiculous things can be said in one day??


  16. nutty nigel

    Grant hallucinating?

    [quote user="rocky marshall"]have to agree with PG here in that for long periods of the game, ad for the type of play that was on show, there are fwe who would have said that Norwich were not the team at the top end of the table. Preston looked to play down the channels at every opportunity or played for Dichios aerial prowess. Nugent works hard granted but we tore them up with some excellent interlinking with Fozzy et al in centre mid moving the ball quickly from left to right and vice versa. We had one effort cleared off the line and another which hit the post. Yes, results are the most important team but this team is gaining confidence through their performances that will lead to results. Thats 4 or 5 good performances in a row, including chelsea and promotioin chasers Preston. With Safri, Etuhu and Huckerby available for Saturday and impressive perfomances by many last night lets get behind the team and share in their improved performances and march back up the table TOGETHER![/quote]

    How many people on here care how we played last night Rocky? Read the posts, read what was said during and after the game last night. Results are important but what we witnessed last night, especially in the second half, and with so many "first choice" players missing gives me more optimism for the future than I have had for a very long time.



  17. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="percyvarco"]

    Behold the self publicist that is our cook is all over the papers and gets herself a seat "with the fans" where the tv cameras can see her! Guess what - we are playing a prem team!

    She realy does herself no favours and it is difficult to defend the criticism that she had disappeared during the rubbish that has been served up this season.

    I heard her say that she was looking forward to "nice day out" Its the little Norwich all over again.



    hit the nail on the head.. its the first time she has sat with the fans since Derby away last season.. we lost 3-0 and the fans chanted worthy out.. Delia sat with her fingers in her ears when the chants started and a scrunched up face.. when People started questioning her and what she was going to do about it stewards started lobbing people out of Pride park.. i know.. i was there... and im sure a few others were too.

     She then left and didnt sit with the fans again until we play the champions of english football, complete with Oligarch, charismatic manger and an international for every position.. (except goal.. Cudicini has never played internationally), low and behold sky and Auntie beeb are there.. the game is being beemed around the world... and there sits Delia.. smiling away.... Laughing and joking...

     the womans a joke! where have u been for the past 12 months? when its going wrong u hide Delia. when u should be making a stand.. we are a sinking ship and the hole needs plugging so what are u going to do? wait until we draw Arsenal in the cup next season and smile for the cameras again? or are u going to find someone to take us forwards.. which u and ur board cant?

    smith out.

    jas :)



    I would take what you say much more seriously if you didn''t make stuff up to prove a point. Whether or not it''s of any importance in the bigger picture is debateable but your statement that Delia didn''t sit with the fans between December 3rd 2005 and last Saturday is a complete fabrication of the truth.

    Another lie pedalled around this board is that Delia and others hide from the fans when things go badly. In fact after many of the away day "no shows" last season members of the board were outside after the game to talk to angry fans. They are braver than I would be in those situations and I think you would have a hard task to find another club where this happens regularly.

    Whether or not the present board is doing the right things for our club at this moment in time is an interesting debate to have. However, making stuff up to discredit them helps neither side of the argument.


  18. nutty nigel

    Improved (well I think so!)

    Was a much improved performance from the ones we are used to seeing from our team in these circumstances.

    It was a surprise to see Doherty lining up in midfield but to be fair he did ok for 20 minutes and there wasn''t much to choose between the two sides until Dublin had to go off. I believe that losing Dublin cost us the game. It wasn''t  that we missed him in defence, because Doherty and Shackell did fine, but we missed his leadership qualities on the field. But in the end we were undone by a speculative 30 yard shot that bounced in front of a diving Gallacher just inside the post. Could he have done better? Maybe! I think if we could have kept it to 1-0 at halftime we would have got something from the game but as it was we had one of those "Norwich moments" and managed to lose possesion and virtually give them their second. It was always going to be difficult from there.

    Second half was much improved. We had a real go and could easily have got a point. McVeigh came on for Thorne (who was injured AGAIN) and he combined well with Brown and Martin. Fotheringham, who seems to have the leadership qualities that we need, was full of confidence and passed the ball well. Brown worked tirelessly for the cause and in the end a draw would have been a fairer result.

    Those last 20 minutes in the first half cost us but this was the third time I have made the journey to deepdale in recent years and that was by far the best performance I have seen from us there. When all our players are fit there will be at last some decent competition for places and I can see plenty of hope for the future.


  19. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="John Boubepo"]I guess the real question it raises is - if Grant knows Saf can''t play so many games on the trot why did he play him against Chelsea when the league games are considered more important?

    Hmmmmm I was thinking the same, but am not going to start bashing the manager as he is just beginning to get it right...


    Again the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    If Grant had rested Croft, Dublin and Safri on Saturday he would have been crucified on this board for not taking the cup seriously.

    There were loads of threads on here last week with posters picking their preferred team for the Chelsea game, all those people know that Dublin is in his late thirties and that Safri finds it difficult to stay fit and that Croft has been struggling to be properly fit since his injury. So how many posters teams rested them??

    The manager has to pick a team for each match BEFORE kickoff!


  20. nutty nigel

    strrange team selection

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    Doherty in midfield!!  I had to laugh... 

    Martin at left wing whilst Mcveigh was up top!  Having said that Macca had a decent game.  Can anybody who went comment??


    Grant tactically has been awful so far.


    You are right CJF. McVeigh had a decent game when he came on and was part of many good things in the second half. He must have given Grant food for thought but having said that haven''t we been here before?


  21. nutty nigel

    Could the binners go down?

    I said on here last week that I was a little tempted to have a bet on piswich getting relegated. I do think there is more chance of them getting sucked in than us. However it''s unlikely either of us will and it could only be a fun bet because it''s them!

    I can see where peoples fears fears of relegation are coming from and of course it''s a possibility. We could drop into the bottom 3 for the first time after the last game of the season and get relegated. However, we haven''t been in the bottom 3 all season so while I accept it could happen I think it''s unlikely.

    For the record Corals current prices are:

    Southend 4/6 Barnsley 4/5 Leeds 10/11 Hull Evs QPR 5/4 Luton 6/4 Burnley 7/1 Coventry 8/1 Norwich 12/1 Leicester 14/1 Ipswich 14/1.

    Bluesquare are much the same except s*um are 12/1 and we are 14/1. Leicester are 33/1 with them mind, its a big price if you fancy some!


  22. nutty nigel

    Typical Norwich luck

    I thought it was part of the deal when McKenzie left that he couldn''t play Saturday?


  23. nutty nigel


    Well said Rudolph.

    This needed saying and you are capable of saying it in a better way than many of the rest of us.

    Thankyou for posting this today.


  24. [quote user="Smudger"]

    Best get another midfielder in on loan quick... because Safri is going to miss a lot of games coming up with the future fixture congestion!!!


    Why do you think Fotheringham is here Smudge???



  25. nutty nigel

    Players Wages, who actually knows?

    I doubt it!

    It''s fun making it up though!