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  1. [quote user="Shack Attack"] Fair do''s Bly, you were there and I wasn''t. [/quote] If I''d known you were going Bly I would have asked you to get me a program [;)]  
  2. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="MK Canary"]Why would Martin Allen be interested in taking an Assistant Managers position by the side of someone with less managerial experience than himself? [/quote] Jim Duffy did just that, ask him why?! [*-)]   [/quote] errrrr perhaps due to his less than brilliant recent managerial record...... [/quote] So is Martin Allens record better than Jim Duffy''s? You really don''t ever have anything good to say about anyone connected to the club you claim to support. I''ll tell you what - why don''t we just appoint management teams that rhyme, then we could have your beloved Mike Newell with Paul Jewell or your beloved George Burley with Kenny Lunt! [:P]  
  3. I think you''re right Old Shuck, the Premiership is nearly there now but I bet they would prefer Leeds, Nottm. F., Sheffield Wednesday and maybe Wolves over Wigan, Reading, Fulham and maybe Portsmouth. The G14 seem to make veiled threats about breaking away every little while but I don''t think it has come very close to happening yet. Chelsea were outsiders a couple of years ago and are not in the G14.  Liverpool, Man.Utd and Arsenal were like the "Landed Gentry" and Chelsea the "Lottery Louts" in comparison. But the change in ownership of the big three now means that in essence they are "Lottery Louts" too. But on the European stage  only Liverpool are in the top two tiers of the G14 with Real Madrid, AC Milan, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. Our big fours ''financial clout'' will not influence those illustrious clubs and in fact if they move away too much from tradition it could alienate them to the point where they are treated like Lottery Louts by the likes of  Real Madrid.  
  4. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][ Where did we get, for example,  Duncan Forbes, Barry Butler, Dave Stringer, Dave Watson, Ian Butterworth, Spencer Prior, Malky Mackay, Andy Linighan, Steve Bruce, John Polston, Craig Flemming, Steve Walford etc..........??? All of them cost relatively little. All secured through scouts, managers and NCFC boards quietly and efficiently doing their work. [/quote] We got them from the same sort of places that we got Gary Doherty, Dion Dublin, Jason Shackell and Ian Murray. Where in my post do I defend the bored[|-)] ffs. Did I even mention the bored[|-)] I''m just not of the opinion that just anybody is better than we have now. What is it about the four players I have mentioned that you don''t like. Or have you actually seen any of them play? England are on again tonight so there''ll be some football for you to talk about in the morning [:P]  
  5. And it probably cost the bored [|-)] a few quid to persuade CJW [8-|] to come up with a story that made it look like other chumpionship clubs had been prepared to ''make do'' too [;)]    
  6. This has been on the cards for a long time but it''s unlikely to happen until the Premier League is full of the clubs that those with the power want to be there. Let''s be honest, relegation was already scrapped last season for West Ham but not for Sheffield United. If disaster happened to one of Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool and they finished in the bottom 3 there would be some loophole found to ensure they weren''t relegated. Just like a couple of seasons ago Liverpool managed to get into the Champions League even though they finished 5th in the Premiership. Yes, I know they were defending their title but would the rules have been bent the same for say Chelsea or another of the clubs not in the G14? Premier League football and Champions League football is just for TV and merchandise now. Come what may the stars must appear.  
  7. [quote user="MK Canary"]Why would Martin Allen be interested in taking an Assistant Managers position by the side of someone with less managerial experience than himself? [/quote] Jim Duffy did just that, ask him why?! [*-)]  
  8. Zip - I can''t believe that Spillane is only 5''9" tall! Have you seen him on the pitch? He looks over 6'' to me! Take a look at the squad photo, he is at least as tall as Ryan Jarvis who is 6''1"" and probably nearly as tall as Dion Dublin who is 6''2". Either that or he is stood on the crate you used to use in the River End [;)][:P]  
  9. Is derehamcanary_fan the Gary Doherty of our posters team? Being criticised at every opportunity for his views and now his grammar? I''m glad you know you are a pedantic tw*t your lordship [;)] Oh... and... derehamcanary_fan... I just thought I would point out that gareth Bale actually plays for Wales [:-*] [Y] [;)]  
  10. I am sure Grant wants to improve our central defence options whether it''s through bringing in a right sided centre back for cover or one thats better than what we already have to play. Trouble is there doesn''t seem to be many options available to him.  Apparently he tried to get Shawcross but didn''t like the conditions set by Man.U. To be fair he probably wouldn''t have come here anyway because for a youngster out on loan being based near his home is probably a big factor. I read a post on here at the weekend stating that only the club fail to see the need for a centreback. I don''t think thats true, I think that where the difference of opinion lies is in the ability of what we have now. I think maybe Grant sees Doherty/Dublin and Shackell/Murray as being far better players than a lot of posters on here. Have we missed out on players who are better than what we have now? Which ones should we have signed? The difference of opinion is probably just that the club don''t agree that just anybody is better. If Doherty and Shackell were available right now I wouldn''t mind betting our Championship rivals would show more than a little interest. We may feel they are not good enough for us but I bet some of our rivals would be interested. The grass is always greener on the other side until you actually go there to find out!    
  11. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="nutty nigel"] I am glad Grant was preferred to you at the interviews [;)]   [/quote] But he wasn''t prefered to me Nutty, I turned the job down before he was appointed!.[;)][;)] [/quote] I''m with Smudger now BIGTIME.. SACK THE BOARD! [:@][:@]  
  12. I think retiring shirts is a ridiculous idea. So many greats over the years would have deserved the honour at least as much as Hucks. The goalkeepers shirt should have gone with Kevin Keelan, the centre half shirt with Barry Butler, there could porobably be a case made for all the shirts over the last 50 years. Recognising City Legends is surely what the Hall of Fame is for. Another thing to think about is the youngsters today whose dream it is to wear the No.6 shirt for Norwich because of Hucks. Just like years ago we dreamed of wearing the No.1 shirt because of Keelan. Maybe for one youngster, in years to come, that dream will come true.    
  13. Lobster Catcher - Where in my post did I write Murray off? I just said based on his performance at Rochdale. I try not to criticise players on here because we can all only dream of being as talented as those who wear the shirt we are so proud of. I was just making the point that I believe Doherty has done nothing to deserve being dropped for. Wiz - If you are going to drop a player during the 4 games this season for something he may have done/not done in previous seasons then I am glad Grant was preferred to you at the interviews [;)]  
  14. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Just an observation, nothing more sinister than that, but is Doherty now ''untouchable'' in terms of being dropped?. I''m hoping Murry will play at CH when he''s fully fit, do you?. This is the one area of the team which concerns me most, I back and support Peter Grant but I do wish this position was cleared up and made more secure, the Doc, although his heart is in the right place, his feet and head (and his arms!) aren''t always at times!. If Peter leaves it as it is, I fear for him long term, I really do. [/quote] The season is 4 games old Wiz and I can''t help wondering what Doherty has done to deserve to be dropped. So I ask you what games would you have dropped him for and who you would have replaced him with. Have you seen Murray? The Doc is a good honest proffesional who never hid last year when others did. He doesn''t deserve this and I hope he finds another club soon. But IF that leaves us with the Murray I saw at Rochdale then God help us!  
  15. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]  Kinda gone quiet on here since yesterday afternoon, eh? ''Fair dos''. Maclaren & Venables got it right on the day. Can they maintain it or was it a ''one off'' - that is the big question. Lampard was out through injury rather than choice - so maybe it was an accident, and they just got lucky. Let''s see what happens with this situation on Wednesday. I think that Richards, Barry, Wright-Phillips and Heskey have to start on Saturday. There''s nothing like rewarding performance to boost confidence. OTBC   OTBC [/quote] Many great England selections over the years have been forced through injury and not out of choice. Lots of managers have got lucky in that way. Jimmy Greaves and Roger Hunt was Ramsey''s first choice front two until an injury to Greaves forced the selection of Geoff Hurst for the quarter final against Argentina. Anyway, good post Bly and I agree that those players should be rewarded with a start on Wednesday but I am mystified how you can post about football and footballers when it''s about England and yet only the bored[|-)] when it''s about our Glorious Canaries [*-)] What about Englands bored [|-)] at the FA? [:^)]  
  16. The question should probably be changed to Huckerby or Cureton? But realistically that''s the point of a squad. Options and choices. We had the options after an hour against Cardiff but for me the manager made the wrong choices. (But we don''t know about injuries)    
  17. [quote user="fleggy"]Bob the Grocer came from Sainsbury''s.  At that time Delia was the face of sainsburys - and hubby published their magazine.  Bob was not the most successful executive Sainsbury''s ever had and one must question how a guy with no experience whatsoever of Football and a very rudimentary understanding of business management came to be appointed to a position that wasn''t advertised.[/quote] See I agree with this entire post because it''s totally factual. I just wondered if people viewed his time at the club as succesful or not.  
  18. But what we get is what we like Arrdee[*]. I hope you had a good afternoon and I''m sure you did [Y]  
  19. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Nutty. The points you make above that I have highlighted just about encapsulate the key reasons for our current state. The top of the stream is emotional and cloudy. They simply don''t have the hard nose or nous to lead and control our football club. Delia may well cook well and be of a sweet disposition. But so too are my aunt Henrietta and cousin Sarah, but that doesn''t fit them to run our football club. I''m sure that we all wished otherwise, but it just hasn''t worked out has it? I suspect that this season is the last chance saloon for Delia & hubby before the prisoners on those seasonticketseats get irritable and resentful. Of course, I hope that it doesn''t work out like this and we finish up in fairyland at seasons'' end. We''ll see what we shall see soon enough. OTBC [/quote] More pretty wrtitng Bly but in the end you just make parts of my post into a rainbow to try and blame Delia Smith for everything thats wrong at the club I love. I''d welcome comments about ''Bob The Grocer'' Appointed, I would think, by Delia and MWJ, do you feel he took the club forward in the 4 years he was here? I never took to him but he came at a time when the club was at a low ebb and left after the Play Off Final. I''m sure on the guy''s CV his time here is shown as a success. I agreee we shall see what we see soon enough but it''s still possible that the prisoners on season ticket seats will be doing the Jailhouse Rock next to your Hearbreak Hotel before the season is over! [8]  
  20. You are not so confused Des because I agree with everything you say. Play him up front and he will constantly dangerous dragging defenders left and right. Think about Barnsley away last season. Lappin should have been left where he was against Cardiff. Huckerby should have replaced Cureton and if neccessary Martin on for Brown. The place for Huckerby''s pace and creativity is as far up the pitch as possible where we can really make it count.  
  21. Arrdee, you tell me you are hopeless on the computer and yet your posts are easily the most entertaining on this board. My selection was rubbish this week. I did wonder about making one at all but I didn''t want to desert the pink un pickers. Maybe I should have just posted good luck to everyone else. This week is best forgotten, extra training for our boys during the week ready for next weeks assault on Dixmar [;)] Come on England  
  22. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] Mike Newell is also looking for a job... [/quote] That''s amazing.. you sooo wanted him here too! [:''(] What happened to that other guy from Colchester you wanted? [:^)] [li] [st] [um] [/quote] Well we needed a change from Worthington as he messed everything up during the last few years of his tenure, a shame you couldnt see the problem at the time [+o(]. I''m not sure a totally unproven loudmouth, all talk and no action, was ideal to replace him however.  As I remember I made a list of potential names, just as one of those names failed at Hull City (as Worthington failed miserably and was hounded out of Blackpool), does not make the need for change from the last idiot any less required.  Even Paul Jewell suffered a torrid time at Sheffield Wednesday. [/quote] It''s a sign of the times CJF. I read the other day that only 6 managers have been in their job for more than 4 seasons. They are: Ferguson 21, Turner(Hereford)12, Wenger 11, Coleman (Accy Stanley)8, Bruce 6 and Moyes 5.  I wonder how many jobs come up each season nowadays. Maybe the likes of Newell and Jewell wait for a manager to be sacked at a club they want to go to.    
  23. Mike Walker failed miserably at Everton. He only won about half a dozen games but as they were over two half seasons he didn''t actually get them relegated. Happy to go to a big club with funds to spend Daniel Amokachi ''s performances for Nigeria turned his head and he blew 3m on his signature. In fairness Everton played really attractive football at that time, or so one of their fans reckons. I never much liked Everton and that was before they reckoned we were all racist [:|] Martin O''neill on the other hand found the grass much greener at Leicester and the grass and hoops greener still at Celtic. I reckon Mello''s got a point about Rioch. I was really happy when he was appointed as manager but he never had money to spend. I often wonder how much the blarneymeister  had to do with his demise. Delia was upset [:''(] at Hamiltons departure when the rest of us were partying[<:o)] but no more so than she was at the departure of Worthy and I honestly believe it was just Delia being Delia. The guy who never gets mentioned on this board who was running the show at the time is "Bob The Grocer". He was the one who was really thick as thieves with Hamilton. I remember Cooper blaming the press and others at the time for putting pressure on poor Hammy. Whatever happened to that partnership scheme with Parma??[*-)] Later Cooper reckoned he sold Craig Bellamy for 6m to fund the signing of ten new players. I never did work out which ten we got for that, but I''m pretty sure Cottee and Walsh were the first two [:|] Cooper left after the play off final so I guess on the face of it he could claim some success but he was way too pally with Hamilton for me. But I know, he was appointed by the bored [|-)] My biggest criticism of the current bored [|-)] is the lack of a football presence. Consulting when we appoint a new manager isn''t enough and someone like Dave Stringer who the fans trust would be perfect.    
  24. Hereford V Macclesfield Home win. Tentative selection from me Arrdee because I don''t really follow leagues one and two. Good luck everyone [Y]    
  25. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] Mike Newell is also looking for a job... [/quote] That''s amazing.. you sooo wanted him here too! [:''(] What happened to that other guy from Colchester you wanted? [:^)] [li] [st] [um]  
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