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  1. nutty nigel

    There is a reason why...

    [quote user="mbncfc"][quote user="Smudger"]

    Where did those stats come from mbncfc???

    It said on here and other websites only yesterday that he has scored 11 in 67 games (that is approx one goal every 6 and a half games)...  not very inspiring!!!

    or are you aware of him banging in another nine goals overnight that me and the rest of the country are blissfully unaware of??? 


    I''ve checked various sites in case I missed something.

    Chris Brown in his professional career has scored 10 goals on loan at Doncaster, 1 on loan at Hull and 9 while at Sunderland.

    Contrary to my maths skills shown on another thread, that makes 20.

    Both come from the sites CJF quoted in a thread yesterday. Most places vary a little, but I''m yet to find anywhere state that Brown has scored 11 goals in 67 games... [:D][:O][:P]

    You shouldn''t make it sound like I''ve made them up...


    You really are turning into "a right little rebel"!

    Making stuff up to show the club in a bad light would help you fit in more, but then, like you say, you are no sheep!


  2. Why are we so slow to react.. if we had got in first he could be here.. more Delialalalalalalalalala land for us all to digest! [;)]


  3. nutty nigel

    There is a reason why...

    [quote user="mbncfc"]

    It is worth remembering that Chris Brown is basically Leon Mckenzie''s replacement.

    Leon : 30 years old in May - 205 games / 83 goals

    Brown : 22 & 2 months - 63 games / 20 goals

    We''ve made money on the deal, we have a player who appears to fit it in terms of what we''re missing rather than a poor man''s Earnshaw, and he has more potential in terms of his age.

    Just another angle...


    FFS man.... Stop being sensible... or you won''t "fit in"! [;)]



  4. nutty nigel

    Martin O'Neill conspiracy theory

    He had 2 spells here as a player too that rarely get mentioned. When people talk of the top players who played here at towards the end of their careers it''s usually Peters or Channon but not O''Neill.

    If I remember rightly controversy always seemed to surround him and his transfers. He was signed by Brown in 1981 about the same time as Chris Woods but even though he inspired the team to improve we still got relegated and he had an escape clause in his contract allowing him to leave. However, we managed to sign him back from Man.City during the following season when it was rumoured that we wrote off the rest of the money they owed us for Kevin Reeves to get him. He helped inspire a late run to promotion that those of us old enough will never forget. When he left for the second time it was too Notts County and there was more controversy about the transfer and I think the fee went to a tribunal.

    I loved watching him in a Norwich shirt... happy days!


  5. nutty nigel

    Brown Signs!!

    As a poster who has wanted us to sign a targetman for a year I am happy to welcome Chris Brown to our club. He sounds pleased to be joining Norwich but I guess all players say the same things when joining new clubs.

    I can''t remember much about him from the the game at Carrow Road in Novemeber but I do remember him causing DD a few problems. I for one hope he is succesfull here.

    So thats a targetman sorted! We already have Chadwick, and it looks like the goalkeeper could be sorted too. For me that just leaves our main signing to come.. a quality midfielder!


  6. nutty nigel

    sunderland fan here .....c brown

    [quote user="Canary02"]Of course, the Sunderland fan who started this could easily be a Scummer winding you all up...[/quote]

    Scummer fan too?? Now that would be interesting! [;)]


  7. nutty nigel

    Lies, Damned Lies and....

    So, judging on ball skills and attitude, what did you make of Chris Brown when he played here in November?


  8. nutty nigel

    sunderland fan here .....c brown

    [quote user="mbncfc"]

    You really shouldn''t have conversations with yourself on here Borat.........  

    sorry, I mean Cluck...



    All we need now is smudger for the full set! [;)]


  9. nutty nigel

    Too Much Baggage?

    [quote user="1st Wizard"]

    [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]Come on Wiz.....we''ve all got a bit of footage tucked away somewhere, haven''t we?[/quote]

    Er................... no actually Rudolph!. I also wonder how this sits with Delia''s ''nice family club'' image?. I will be disgusted if the club  signs this bloke!.


    Perhaps Delia has taken the advice of all the posters on here who want her to ditch that "dear little Norwich family club" image???????


  10. I don''t understand how so many posters and "season ticket holders" have never seen Chris Brown play. He played 90 mins at Carrow Road for Sunderland in November. I think he missed a couple of chances and was the player in the penalty appeal against DD. I don''t remember being overly impressed mind!


  11. nutty nigel

    Blinded by Goals!

    It''s an easy mistake to make duke022 because some of the supposed serious posts are more far fetched than the joke ones!


  12. nutty nigel

    Lets sign Beckham!!

    [quote user="philbuzz"]fair enough,shot down! :-) Are you advicating not signing ponces then? Looks like hucks may have to leave then :-)[/quote]

    Sheded.. they''re picking on your mate again! [;)]



  13. nutty nigel

    Why are we not getting Camp?

    [quote user="Chunky Canary"]I thought that Scottish goalkeepers were classed as a joke. Mind you, Gunny was not too bad (apart from that goal at Ipswich).[/quote]

    All the doom and gloom around these boards and now you remind us of THAT goal! [:''(]


  14. [quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    [quote user="alex_ncfc"]Also forgot to mention I just joined the over 1,000 post club! Damn it, it''s 1,002 now though lol[/quote]

    Then my 700th post is to congratulate you!

    Joe Lewis is too young.

    Gallacher was signed originally to sit on the bench and quickly became 3rd choice. He makes good saves but any goalkeeper who gets a pro contract is capable of making good saves. Other parts of his game are weak though and I''m afraid we need better.



    Hmm what age was Greeno when he was given his debut though? Not sure I subscribe to the fact that he''s too young, it''d be great to see what he can do in a competitive game and he must surely be a bit disappointed that Grant is looking out for a new keeper which would push Gallacher to the bench, and Lewis, I assume, would have to be content with the odd reserve game every 2 months.


    Greeno looked the part to me, looked the finished article from that 1st game. Where as Lewis still looks as though he plenty of growing to do and just maybe doesn''t have the strength that Greeno had when he broke through. Joe Lewis is a great prospect but with the lack of reserve team football maybe a spell on loan could benefit IF it meant he played every week.


  15. [quote user="alex_ncfc"]Also forgot to mention I just joined the over 1,000 post club! Damn it, it''s 1,002 now though lol[/quote]

    Then my 700th post is to congratulate you!

    Joe Lewis is too young.

    Gallacher was signed originally to sit on the bench and quickly became 3rd choice. He makes good saves but any goalkeeper who gets a pro contract is capable of making good saves. Other parts of his game are weak though and I''m afraid we need better.


  16. Well I wasn''t one of them alex_ncfc and I totally agree with TwoSheds.

    We seem to have always been blessed over the years with good goalkeepers and that''s maybe why we notice those that are not up to our usual standard.


  17. [quote user="ricky knight"]

    sunderland are on the up, not like us going the other way.


    They were in the Premiership this time last season.


  18. [quote user="charlies dad"]You lot are pathetic. First the ''subtle'' use of crap irony, and then the rush to condemn the perpetrator, as the irony fails to sink in. sums it all up.[/quote]

    Thanks for that, are we still gullible too?? [:|]


  19. nutty nigel

    Who has actually seen Pearson and Riordan?

    [quote user="Hardhouse44"]

    [quote user="shortfatb"]I don''t wish to be pedantic Hardouse, but other than a couple of games, shouldn''t that be Celtic Reserve Team fans.[/quote]

    I knew Celtic were big but I didn''t know they had fans that only watch the reserves.


    we''re not that big and we''ve got fans that don''t watch either team [*-)]


  20. nutty nigel

    The Mickey Mouse Cup

    That sounds fair to me.


  21. Well I would have thought our number one priority would be a goalkeeper. Not for back up either!


  22. nutty nigel

    Stead & Brown ??

    [quote user="jetstream"]

    Stead & Brown?

    Is that a firm of Sunderland estate agents?



    [to continue the house-buying analogy.......]


    Sounds more like a shoe shop [;)]


  23. nutty nigel

    eagle shines again in reserve match

    [quote user="Old Boy"][quote user="lucky green trainers"]

    sadly, hendo doesn''t look like he will make the grade with us.  he lacked fluency, often miscontrolling and misplacing passes.  league 1 for me.


    I think that might be a little unfair - one reason for the game was to give Hendo some match practice after his long injury. I''d know he''s lightweight physically and a bit naive football-wise (hardly surprising seeing how his career here has gone) but he''s had a tough time from the fans and I''d like to see him progress here.

    I didn''t see the game but I saw Hendo in the cup matches before his injury and he looked to have strengthened up a bit. I would love to see him make the grade although it''s becoming increasingly unlikely I guess.


  24. nutty nigel

    Why are we not getting Camp?

    I don''t know anything about this Marshall.. Thank God it''s not Andy Marshall!!!! I haven''t seen him play like I haven''t seen Pearson or Riordan. I doubt many posters have!

    We need another goalkeeper more than any other position so I''m pleased if we get one ASAP.

    As for Camp, it could well be Derby want to see if they can sell him so a loan may not happen unless he''s still a Derby player at the end of the window. I am not sure how long his present contract has but I would imagine Derby are looking for a sizeable transfer fee.


  25. [quote user="JC"]

    Also, we all know Earnshaw is going, so even mentioning him in a three man forward line is pointless anyway!

    I suggest never applying for a job as a football manager...




    How do we all know this?

    I think he could be staying.. my instinct is that he is.. but nobody knows!