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  1. nutty nigel

    Typical Norwich luck

    I thought it was part of the deal when McKenzie left that he couldn''t play Saturday?


  2. nutty nigel


    Well said Rudolph.

    This needed saying and you are capable of saying it in a better way than many of the rest of us.

    Thankyou for posting this today.


  3. [quote user="Smudger"]

    Best get another midfielder in on loan quick... because Safri is going to miss a lot of games coming up with the future fixture congestion!!!


    Why do you think Fotheringham is here Smudge???



  4. nutty nigel

    Players Wages, who actually knows?

    I doubt it!

    It''s fun making it up though!


  5. That went well then!

    Mines steak and kidney.... or maybe apple and blackberry.. I like ''em all really too!!



  6. nutty nigel

    Marshall out for 6 weeks

    [quote user="baldyboy"]lets hope gally dont get crocked then or well really be in the poo!!![/quote]

    I think we are really in the poo without him crocked!

    Maybe we can get another keeper on loan to while the one we currently have on loan recovers?


  7. nutty nigel

    Dickson must be reading us

    If players read messageboards then they must expect to read criticism. Every player gets criticised on here, even our so called "fans favourites". Hucks gets loads as does Drury, much of it unwarranted. Even Earnie isn''t exempt from the posters wrath despite all his goals. I haven''t seen any moans about Dion since Christmas but it will only be a matter of time before it happens.

    What I think is unfair is when posters make stuff up to critcise the players. Whether it''s about their performances or about their wages, and on some messageboards even about their sexual preferences!!!


  8. nutty nigel

    team for preston and score prediction

    [quote user="a1canary"]
    We won''t see Safs by all accounts, suffering from "extreme tiredness" - not heard that one before, although he did play for morrocco before the blackpool game. This concerns me though, withh the likelihood being that poor old Hughes, just as he''s beginning to find some form at right back, may find himself in the engine room playing the Dicko role alongside Fozzy providing the passing.
    I think Dion is on fire at the moment - fitness wise as much as anything. He looks really trim and fit at the moment and looks like he could just play and play. I fancy him for another start at the back. Chadders can''t come back soon enough - I like Crofty but i just think he needs some time out at the moment.

    The thing about Hughes is that whatever he is asked to do he won''t fail through lack of effort or guts. If the central midfield has to be Hughes and Fotheringham then I really hope they put in a performance that makes it difficult for Grant to leave them out for the next game. Real competition would be the best incentive possible for Safri to stay fit and Etuhu to stay interested.


  9. [quote user="-.-. .-.. ..- -.-. -.-"]

    Sat amongst the crowd "which I do sometimes"..........Yeah... only when the cameras are there and she can show just how devoted her little sheep are to her cause.

    Utter bilge......


    Thanks for clearing that up for me.....



  10. nutty nigel

    out of the 6300.............

    I''m surprised how many people reacted to this ridiculous post.

    Those of you who have replied have made the points I would have made. I would just like to add this.

    These days are important in building up our fan base. Look what happened after the playoff final. I think we took 30,000+ to Cardiff that day and the real benefit to the club was how many of those fans wanted to go again. It could be said it was that game that was the catalyst for the sell outs we have seen since.

    If the people who don''t usually go away enjoyed it then you can be sure they will want to go again. Not necessarily to Preston on a Tuesday night in February though!


  11. [quote user="percyvarco"]

    Behold the self publicist that is our cook is all over the papers and gets herself a seat "with the fans" where the tv cameras can see her! Guess what - we are playing a prem team!


    Are people really under the impression that Delia only sits with the other fans when it''s a big game or when the tv cameras are there? Has anybody ever considered that it could be that the media seeks her out in these games? And wasn''t there criticism a few weeks ago at Tamworth for the opposite?

    A few years ago we played Stockport away on a Tuesday night during the petrol protests. It was a pig to get to, there was no media presence, there were maybe a couple hundred Norwich fans with Delia amongst them.

    But what would I know. I just go to games and say what I see.



  12. nutty nigel

    'You lot today'

    Great photo Kathy!

    I was top tier, 2nd row, behind the goal a few seats from Delia.

    Looking at this picture I can''t find the restricted view seats where cluck must have sat!



  13. nutty nigel

    They did us proud!

    [quote user="cityangel"]

    [quote user="-.-. .-.. ..- -.-. -.-"]Sorry cityangel....but I''m only relaying what I actually saw. We did lose 4-0 to a cantering Chelsea side on the day....and I can''t see how that can be viewed as anything other than a heavy defeat.[/quote]


    I didn''t view that as a heavy defeat Cluck. I viewed that as a performance with guts, passion and determination which made me proud to be a  Norwich fan.

    If you didn''t see any positives in that performance then there''s no hope for you.

    What did others who saw the game think?


    I saw the game CA.

    And I think........................


    .............................. that cluck didn''t [;)]


  14. nutty nigel

    They did us proud!

    Or not there at all..............................................................

    Some realities are only virtual...................



  15. nutty nigel

    Chris Brown

    I too thought Chris Brown had a good game. I have been impressed with him so far. He certainly wasn''t second to every ball, that''s for sure.

    He let the ball run too far away from him at times and he was again isolated at times. 442 with Hucks up front drifting wide means that he will be. He does a lot of work to keep posession for us and we had more posession in their half than we had in each of our two pevious visits to Stamford Bridge. There can be no doubt some of the credit for that must be Browns.


  16. nutty nigel

    Play off donkeys!!

    Most of the posters who set so much store by what is said on Radio Norfolk and Canary Call don''t go to games Dicky. They watch it on the wireless and then listen to Canary Call and then come and rant on here. For them Canary Call is a big part of their afternoons entertainment. Check out what is posted on this messageboard during games and you will see for yourself.

    For people who go to games Canary Call is just a little distraction on the periphery of the afternoons entertainment as they catch a few rants on their way home in the car. Calls like "I didn''t go to the game this afternoon but our tactics are too negative like the time Worthy brought on Sutch in the playoff final" To me Canary Call is just a radio version of that great film "One Flew Over The Cuckoo''s Nest"


  17. nutty nigel

    Delia on Radio Norfolk

    It was a fun day out for sure and I was proud of the team, proud of the fans and proud of Delia.

    Having just got home and started reading the comments on here it obviously wasn''t so much fun "watching on the wireless"

    Yes bloody Hooze did play and Etuhu was in first choice before Fotheringham. But it wasn''t a great day despite that, in fact those two performances helped make it a great day.

    Maybe some of those posting on here this afternoon were bitter because they had missed out on tickets, if so theres plenty still available for Tuesday night at Preston.

    Somedays it really doesn''t matter about what is said on Canary Call and Radio Norfolk, somedays the football on the pitch, the atmosphere and the occasion overshadow everything else.

    Today was one of those days.


  18. nutty nigel

    Come on!!!! Lets be havin'em!!!

    [quote user="koimatsuba"]

    we didn''t diserve 4-0.

    lets get some wins in the league now!


    cheers all


    I was proud of our whole club today, first time for a long time I can say that. The guy I was most pleased for was Hoooooooze!!! He didn''t look out of place on that field today, nobody would have thought he was capable of that a year ago.

    I don''t even think we missed the chances, Chelsea just defended well and have such quality at the back compared to Championship defending.

    No we didn''t deserve 4-0. 2-1 would proabaly have been about right and this team put up a beter show than our previous two efforts at Stamford Bridge.

    But over a season it''s probably true to say you end up where you deserve to be so lets hope we can build on this and end up at least top half.


  19. nutty nigel

    Loan Players Update

    [quote user="Freeza"]

     but I know an Orient season ticket holder


    I know the other one! [;)]


  20. nutty nigel

    Worthy to Swansea?

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    Like he was with coventry and Leicester?

     The supposed "best young manager in the Country" has been out of work since October and no one has snapped him up... Goes to prove how crap a manager he really is.. the board got it horribly wrong with him didnt they? i still stick by what i said at the NCISA meeting at St Annies hall.. He wasnt a good manager he was a lucky manager... and his luck Ran out..

     He got Huckerby out of luck (there were other clubs interested remember) and in a poor division (which has improved considerably) Hucks took us up.. we soon found out how out of his depth Worthy was.. Plan A.. and if that doesn''t work we stick with Plan A until it does! unlike Grant

    jas :)


    I was going to comment on this but I wanna make sure Sheded is alive and well first .............

    Oh. and what was that song we used to sing when we played Gillingham and the boy Marlon came to town???


  21. nutty nigel

    Roy Blower's new duties

    [quote user="cityangel"]

    [quote user="my other team is england"] A few weeks ago City Angel had a dig at Roy Blower.Now she says that she is entitled to her opinion that Roy is not the right guy to lead the NCISA.


    I can find only one post in the past month where I''ve mentioned him and that was in reply to Nigel''s post where he mentions him and I said '''' Dont get me started on him''''

    Yes its no secret that I dont think he''s the right dynamic person to lead the NCISA and thats why in my opinion they have only a few hundred members, thats my opinion to which I''m entitled.

    Nowhere do I say he doesn''t do a good job for the community isnt a good school governor and nowhere do I say he won''t be a good Lord Mayor.

    But I do feel I have the right to comment on the various statements he makes about our club.



    If I remember rightly motie had a pop at you on that thread too CA! Maybe you have a stalker??

    For the record I think Roy Blower will make an excellent Lord mayor and that he richly deserves that honour.


  22. nutty nigel

    Why I think we will be relegated.

    [quote user="Mello Yello"]

    I remember our 1st relegation from the Prem..........and where we were at Christmas that season...........The rest is history.


    I remember it too Mello. I think the difference is that this season the board and the manager have been busy trying to stop the rot where as in that season nothing was done to stop the slide.

    shhhhhhhhhh.. don''t tell anyone cuz it won''t go down well! [;)]


  23. nutty nigel

    Why I think we will be relegated.

    SOB - I am a reasonable poster, even though some unreasonable posters don''t think I am [;)] Being reasonable can''t possibly be a weakness.

    I also acknowledge your point of view, I see where you are coming from but I don''t share your pessimism. I will be absolutely clear too. I think we are about to hit a run of good form, and during a run of good form when confidence is high games can''t come fast enough. Our run in is hard but so is everybody elses. Yes we do have to play the top three but these are all home games.

    I know I''m nutty but I hope in a reasonable way. I have no wish to fall out with a tough guy who has horns on his bonnett! I''ll just stick to upsetting those scrawny chickens!!! [:D][8-|]



  24. nutty nigel

    Etuhu to keep place!?!?

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    watch him have the game of his life now! its sods law isnt it? he will be Maradona like tommorow and beat chelski on his own...

    before being his usual crap self for Preston on Tuesday

    jas :)


    If he plays I hope he does have the game of his life jas.

    I hope they all do.

    Don''t you??


  25. nutty nigel

    Come on!!!! Lets be havin'em!!!

    Terrific post Koimatsuba!!

    And a breath of fresh air on a message board full of the usual gripes and groans even though we are playing at Chelsea tomorrow in the 5th round of the FA Cup.

    Dare to dream!