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    Re: Time to Stand up and support delia.....

    [quote user="theolster"]This coming from ronbol ronbol who has SACK GRANT! under his name-anyone think thats a bit suss? Is this page going to turn into a slagging match and get locked down aswell? with comments like that yes. You are welcome to your opinion as are we. Dont get personel and start brandishing people idiots. Correct me if im wrong. bit i wont be replying to this thread as its another leading us to the playgound bulling section.[/quote]

    I was dissappointed that the other thread got locked down but I guess stuff happened that I didn''t know about. I hope you didn''t think I was getting personal or branding anyone an idiot. I stand by my offer to take my copy of the financial report to Barnsly if you would like to see it. I put my views on the original thread and why I disagree with the planned demo on a new one this morning. I would welcome your input.


  2. nutty nigel

    Why I can't support the demo

    Reasons for the demonstration taken from the original thread:-

    We have a celebrity big brother board, who fail to deliver answers.

    I don''t know what a celebrity big brother board is but I do know that they are open and approachable to the fans. They answer questions in the media and personally. The answers are delivered. Whether we like those answers is another matter. That''s why I asked the instigator of this demo if he had taken his concerns to the Board on a personal level.

    Delia loves the media attention and doesn’t it seem strange that every time she sits with us normal folk out of 25,000 people the press always know exactly where she’s sitting?

    This is not true. I have stated on here many times before that Delia often sits with the fans, it''s only when the press hunt her down that people who don''t go to games realise it. Stockport away on a Tuesday night during the petrol protests. Reading away just as the transfer window closed last year. She was in the seat next to me at Maine Road a few years ago. Wimbledon away when we taught her to throw inflatables, anyone who was there would remember the giant pineapple! There are of course many more where I have seen her but those ones readily spring to mind. And there must be many others where my seat wasn’t near hers so I wouldn’t have known. I challenge anyone to name as many occasions where she had media attention. In my experience she is as much “normal folk” as the rest of us.

    With the best away support in the league and sell out games week in week out at home we deserve changes and showing our anger is the only way to draw attention to it.

    There are no suggestions here. Just a statement that we deserve changes. What changes? I personally would have liked to have seen Worthington backed with money last summer or sacked and somebody else put in charge and backed with money. We can''t change that now. All this anti-board stuff has only been happening since Grant took over so I can only assume it''s the manager again. Since Grant took over the Board have backed his judgement by signing four players permanently and one on loan until the end of the season. They only realistically had a month to do that. Five players is nearly half a team. All five would be first choice when fit. The Board surely cannot be held responsible for injuries.

    Ashton,Green,sky money, parachute payments,WHERES THE MONEY GONE? WE WANT DELIA+DONCASTER OUT!

    Where''s the money gone is in the financial report. It takes a better man than me to fully understand it though. Another way to find out is to ask members of the Board personally. Another way to find out is to read what is reported in the press after the financial report was published. As I said, I don''t fully understand it but I am sure if there was any evidence of wrong doing it would have been discovered and reported by now. We had an absolutely disgraceful thread on here not so long back where two of our most belligerent posters were suggesting wrong doing in these accounts. Surely anything untoward would have been uncovered then. Many people, me included, would prefer a change of direction so that more money is made available to strengthen the playing staff, but how do we know that forcing the present owners out would achieve that?

    Why Delia out? Delia has said they would be open to investment if they felt it was right for the club. Michael Wynn Jones surely holds as many shares as Delia so can he stay? Are they supposed to walk away and leave their money and shares behind? Is it a personal issue with Delia Smith and if so why? What is the reason for Neil Doncaster to be sacked? Worthy Out gave reasons right from the start and they were reasons that even those who disagreed could understand.

    See you on the 6th.

    Not a chance mate! I am unhappy with the last couple of seasons. The wretched performances have hurt me too, maybe even more than some of you because I have seen them first hand. If Worthington was still in charge and the board had done nothing I would have every sympathy with the protest. But the Board finally bit the bullet and changed the manager in October. Since then they have appointed a manager who has to be given a chance to prove himself. They have backed him in the only transfer window so far. Whether you like it or not we have been incredibly unlucky with injuries. I know all clubs get injuries but our luck has been exceptionally bad in the fact that we lost Chadwick and Marshall so quickly after they had signed and our top goal scorer for so long and at the same time. Despite this many fans have seen what a poster on here described as green shoots of recovery.

    All things considered is this really the right time to have a demo against the Board?

    I don''t think so.


  3. Best result for me is a QPR win, always, definiately, for sure, without a doubt!


  4. I thought the second goal last night was softer.

    As for the softest of the season - for me it was the first goal at Palace on New Years Day.

    One thing though - if Gally gives us the jitters whatever does he do for the other defenders!


  5. nutty nigel

    Could the binners go down?

    I always thought there was far more chance of them being relegated than us and have repeatedly said so. Latest Corals odds are:-

    Leeds 8/15 Southend 8/15 Barnsley 11/10 Hull 6/5 QPR 5/4 Luton 11/8 Piswich 9/1 Burnley 9/1 Coventry 12/1 Norwich 16/1.

    If Smudger or anybody else who thinks we will get relegated are still thinking of having a bet 16/1 is big but I reckon if you wait longer you will get 33/1.


  6. nutty nigel

    Ryan Jarvis

    [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="lappinitup"]

    Assuming earnie stays next season and Martin continues his current form plus Chris Browns invovement in the first team, where does that leave Ryan Jarvis? 



    Well maybe, just maybe Granty may give him 2 starts in a row for the first time in over 4 years???



    But if they are all fit who will he leave out?


  7. Does anyone remember away at Barnsley a few years ago when  they had a girl singer as prematch entertainment. She walked around the perimeter singing into her mic and when she got behind the goal where Greeno shooting for Marshall the ball went straight through and hit her making her drop the mic!

    You''re not singing anymore!!

    Not funny for the girl but I had a little chuckle! [:)]


  8. nutty nigel

    3 Nails In The Protesters Coffin

    [quote user="theolster"]nuttynigel-what didnt i answer? i cant get hold of one as no-one has emailed me to say they have 1 and my family and friends who go are not in a finacial position to purchase shares. What exactly is your problem? Ive said ill look at.[/quote]

    I don''t have a problem with you theolster. I don''t agree with you but there''s room for all views on this board. I asked you three questions on your "protest thread".


  9. [quote user="macdougalls perm"]

    Kevin Keelan

    Ian Culverhouse, Duncan Forbes, Chris Sutton, Colin Sullivan.

    Colin Suggett, Ian Crook, Darren Huckerby, Ruel Fox.

    Ted Macdougall, Phil Boyer. 

    Manager: Martin O''Neill.

    And yes, it is nostalgia-tinted, and yes I have squeezed Sutton in to my defence because I wanted to get him, Macdougall and Boyer into the same team[:D]. Its ''a bit of fun''!  


    I keep trying to do mine perm but it''s too hard, I keep changing it, that''s the problem with being an older fan! Too many players to choose from!

    I was interested in your team because although I was trying to fit Martin O''Neill into my midfield he seems a strange choice for manager. Did you choose him because of what he could have done here?


  10. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="huck tastic"]Maybe the turning point?

    the turning point will come when the dross he shipped out of the club - Etuhu, Hughes, Doherty, Gallacher and Thorne would be an amazing starter.


    Maybe the turning point was the day Grant took over? Time will tell!

    With the constraints of the modern game it''s just not possible to make wholesale changes in a very short time.


  11. nutty nigel

    3 Nails In The Protesters Coffin

    [quote user="theolster"]cheers nigel,trying to arrange a car to go.let you know. email me at ncfcsacktheboard@yahoo.co.uk if you like. [/quote]

    Why would I want to email you at that address theolster?

    You didn''t answer my questions on the other thread, why not?

    You can borrow my report if you want, but surely you must know someone who has one, they really are "two a penny"!


  12. There left winger Bell caused Hughes and us problems all night, he was a real handfull! Despite this Hughes never lost confidence, he never let his head drop and he stuck to his task to the end. Maybe these qualities are why Grant prefers him to Colin in the situation we are in.

    Etuhu was dire. I defend him at times because he can do things other midfielders can''t. Maybe he was carrying an injury? But whatever the poster was right in saying he made a mistake for the goal and then disappeared. On the evidence of last night it''s possible that Safri and Foz can play together in the centre of midfield if that''s the case then it''s a big plus.

    Gallacher  always seems to give away at least one goal a game! Grant knows we need a keeper and in the time he has been here he has replaced him three times only for fates to conspire that he gets back in again!

    Martin is a real bonus and proof that players can come through our academy. If Jarvis can come back and show an attitude to compliment his undoubted talen then three players from our academy in the team at the same time would be a possibility.


  13. nutty nigel

    3 Nails In The Protesters Coffin

    [quote user="theolster"]ricardo- please email full details to me at ncfcsacktheboard@yahoo.co.uk, not all of us can afford shares, some of us find it hard to get the money together to  buy a season ticket due to familys etc[/quote]


    There must be thousands of these annual reports floating around the city. Surely you must know someone who has one? It''s a 50 page book with Huckerby on the cover. If you want to see mine I''ll take it to Barnsley on Saturday and you can have a read. I want it back though.


  14. [quote user="ricardo"]

    There have been lots of games this season when we have lost valuable points in injury time(Southend,QPR etc) or been very unlucky(Wolves) so If we were lucky last night its not before time.


    Last night was payback for those other games this season when we deserved more than we got, especially the Wolves game.

    I don''t care about what Mike Newell say''s, I just wish the winning goal had been offside but not flagged by a woman linesman!


  15. nutty nigel

    Pass me a razor blade

    [quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."]



    a)       my car is stuck in a garage in Norfolk (broke down 2 weeks ago)


    b)       Luton postponed the original fixture.


    c)       Luton delayed ko by 15 mins


    d)       I had to catch the 0944 from Luton to get me to Liv St for the last train to Braintree


    I had to leave after 60 minutes. I NEVER leave early as a rule but Norwich were losing and playing complete sh1te, I consoled myself that I wouldn’t be missing much and Grant had at last substituted Etuhu.


    Not only did I miss the equaliser and last-minute winning goal in the right net (unlike QPR, Southend etc which I did witness) I forgot to change at Witham (I don’t normally have to) and ended up having to fork-out £30 for a taxi from Colchester.


    Have a good laugh…..and pass me a razor blade.


    Luton postponed the previous fixture because it suited them.

    The kick off was delayed because their ground and facilities are so sh*t they shouldn''t be allowed in the league at all.

    Console yourself with the thought that last night has made it more possible that we won''t have to go there again next season!


  16. [quote user="Kathy"]Wouldnt it be brilliant to send them down on the 22nd? I would die happy if that happened.[/quote]

    We had this conversation on the way home last night and I went to bed with that happy thought! [:D]


  17. nutty nigel

    3 Nails In The Protesters Coffin

    [quote user="theolster"]What??? The protest has always been BACK THE PLAYERS-SACK THE BOARD! Have you not been paying attention? Did people not see me on the norwich v luton match thread urging us on and predicting we would win 3-1 or 3-2 when we were 1-0 down and others where already moaning? If you had you will have read that i want everyone to get behind the team 100%. The protest is still planned for 7pm at the derby game on the 6th of march and foolish comments like yours wont help put people off. Any chance that we call off the protest will depend on the board publicly releasing proof of the clubs accounts and transfer activity.Not daft comments like this.[/quote]

    When I got home last night I looked on here and I saw you had been active on this board loudly showing support for the team before and during the game last night. Very commendable, and I will defend you against anyone who say''s different. However, I do wonder why you haven''t been so loud and supportive on here during previous away games.


  18. nutty nigel

    Derby at home-Tuesday 6th march.Demonstraion against the board

    [quote user="theolster"]city angel-its people like yourself who wont let it die and have got us the media attention. Ive had a gutfull of the bullying and petty pathetic snide remarks-i am lee oliver of tuckswood norwich and im not hiding from anyone-unlike the majority of people on here. email me at ncfcsacktheboard@yahoo.co.uk if you want to continue this debate-if not either support us or carry on supporting norwich in your own way.[/quote]

    In the spirit of this debate I have got three questions for you theolster.

    Have you taken your concerns to the board on a personal level? They are always happy to listen to anyones point of view.

    Why was there no audible protest from anyone at Luton last night? The only time I heard Delia mentioned was in the "Barmy Army" chant.

    If you are doing this as a true fan for the good of the club why do you allow people with personal issues against Delia Smith practically take over the thread with their threats of personal abuse etc?  If you are serious in what you claim then they are surely doing you more harm than good.



  19. [quote user="Cheeky Monkey"]Nope I haven''t renewed. I really want to go next season as I go with my old man and its really good to spend time together at Carrow Road. However, with a 3 month daughter and many other social and monetary commitments, I am not forking out £350 on a seaon ticket to watch appalling football. Let''s face it. Watching Norwich City for the last two seasons cannot be classed as entertainment. I don''t even look forward to it any more, and I know that loads of other fans feel this way. Shame - real real shame.[/quote]

    I first had a season ticket when I was 12. It was in the old wooden stand and my Grandmother brought it for me. I sat there for a while but then used to transfer into the Barclay to be with my mates. That''s a long time ago now and I have a season ticket in the Lower Barclay with my daughter. In the intervening years I sometimes had a ticket and sometimes didn''t. There were times when I couldn''t afford to go and times when other commitments prevented me from going. For the last 8 years I have been going with my daughter, and like you with your dad it makes it more special. Back in the 80''s I went with my son and that made it special too. This season I have been to a game with my Grandson! What I guess I am trying to say is I always look forward to going regardles of how the team play because it''s something I like doing and share with my family just like you with your Dad.

    Financial constraints and work commitments have stopped me going but performances on the pitch, however much they hurt and disappoint never will. 


  20. nutty nigel

    One to watch... Southampton FC

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Any of the "Delia sell up" merchants care to comment or shall we let this drop off the page again.



    No comment yet then?

    I just rescued this before it dropped off the page again. I''ll check it out again when I get back from Luton!


  21. nutty nigel

    Luton game-match prediction

    I''m going but I''m not confident of a good result. If we play like we did at Chelsea or for most of the Preston game then we can win. If we perform like on Saturday we will get nothing, however poor Luton are.

    As this is a game in hand a draw would obviously improve our position, maintaining our advantage over Luton and increasing the gap between us and the others. Defeat would put huge pressure on Saturdays game at Barnsley.


  22. nutty nigel

    Derby at home-Tuesday 6th march.Demonstraion against the board

    [quote user="theolster"]

    perhaps some people could get there heads out of the sand nand answer my question. What is the difference between robert chases regime and the current board. we need a takepver by people, not neccaserly who want to pump millions into the club, but put the income into the playing field rather than catering, hotels etc.



    What do you think the difference is theolster?

    I think one of the main differences is that Robert Chase did everything his own way, took all the decisions himself. Where as the current board put a team in place to implement an agreed policy to try to keep this club competetive in a very different set of circumstances.

    I agree mistakes have been made, its disappointing where we are now and can understand why people feel the need to protest. However, I believe that a campaign to try and get a change of policy from the present board would be far more beneficial to the club than a hate campaign agaisnt Delia and MWJ trying to force them out with no thought about who would replace them.

    The people who want to protest don''t need to be so abusive either. Why do you accuse people like me of having their head buried in the sand. Why do others call us sheep or squeekies? Why are we pathetic? Why are we happy to see our club relegated?

    I would be happy to have a debate with you on here, but just as happy to trade insults. You choose!


  23. nutty nigel

    One to watch... Southampton FC

    [quote user="Evil Monkey"]

    Just goes to show there''s not as much cash out there as some seem to think and a change of board isn''t always for the best... not saying that this one example means that the same would happen to us, it''s just interesting and shows the grass isn''t always greener...

    From the BBC:

    Southampton chairman steps down

    Michael Wilde has resigned as chairman of Southampton, and will relinquish the role with effect from Wednesday.

    He has also stepped down as a director of the club, and as vice-chairman and a director of parent company Southampton Leisure Holdings plc (SLH).

    Wilde, 54, replaced Rupert Lowe as Saints'' club chairman in June 2006.

    A statement read: "Michael led the initiative to secure new investment monies. He has been unsuccessful in those endeavours."

    It added: "In consequence of this, the board reassigned the task of raising new funds to other directors of SLH.

    "Michael remains a significant shareholder and intends to continue attending Southampton matches as an avid supporter."


    It''s not surprising this post has been left to die!

    Southampton also have the manager a lot of you wanted here, they have a new stadium, they are certainly not a smaller club than us. I always think of us on a par with them status wise.

    Any of the "Delia sell up" merchants care to comment or shall we let this drop off the page again.


  24. [quote user="Shaun Lawson"]Luton Town (a) L0-2
    Barnsley (a) D1-1
    Derby County (h) W1-0
    Cardiff City (a) L1-2
    Birmingham City (h) L0-1
    Stoke City (h) D0-0
    Colchester United (a) L1-3
    Hull City (a) D1-1
    West Bromwich Albion (h) L2-3
    Leicester City (a) D1-1
    Burnley (a) W2-1
    Ipswich Town (h) W3-1
    Southampton (h) D2-2
    Sheffield Wednesday (a) L0-1

    Giving us a total of 52, which''ll leave us 16th or 17th, and six or seven points clear of the bottom three. Oh, and jas: even if we end up on only 48, we''ll probably be ok anyway: I''ve just had a go at the BBC predictor, guessed the scores of all the remaining games this season, and have a veritable log jam of clubs on 45, 46 or 47 points (a group containing Burnley, who are in total freefall, and have even more to worry about than either ourselves or the binners). For what it''s worth, I had Barnsley, QPR and Southend (the latter two way adrift) going down, with WBA and Brum (holding off Preston on GD after a draw at Deepdale on the final day: what a game that''ll be!) going up, with Southampton through the play-offs (beating poor old Sunderland on penalties).


    Did you have us finishing above piswich on BBC predictor Shaun? I did.


  25. nutty nigel

    Free bet this weekend


    I will be going to Barnsley on Saturday so I guess I will be of no use to you. If you get stuck for a volunteer I guess we could try doing it a bit earlier in the week.