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  1. nutty nigel

    Dickson Etuhu - Not Now, Not Ever

    [quote user="Canary02"]

    I thought he was excellent at times on Saturday with a ball inside the full back to Hucks that was pinpoint, and a long curling pass to Croft equally so. Plus he got into the box ahead of Dion and McVeigh a few times and almost scored twice as a result. Looks a far better player alongside Safri.

    On the other hand, his work-rate and desire are definitely questionable and I wouldn''t want him next to me in the trenches. Talented though certainly.



    Both you and Yankee have made valid points. When he is good he is very good and when he is bad he is awful! There is no consistency whatsoever from our Dickson! The point about his injury is also a good one, he plays because obviously the manager feels he is a better option injured than Hughes is fit.


  2. I guess I shouldn''t have expected any other response!

    This "keyboard bully stuff" won''t wash I''m afraid because you can''t just accuse every poster you have disagreements with of being a keyboard bully. If it was so then other posters would accuse them of it too! I guess you could be a "keyboard victim" if there is such a thing!

    It''s not just me worked you out, Yankee has too and many others will soon catch on.

    I am still quite happy to have a debate with you on here as to whether Delia tells lies but I won''t hold my breath!


  3. nutty nigel

    oh dear... blackpool

    [quote user="Cluck"]Felt we would beat Tamwoth....[/quote]

    Smudger thought we would lose so one of you was gonna be right [;)]

  4. nutty nigel

    Doherty is a liability

    [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]

    Doc won the ball and so the first free kick came from a decision that shouldnt have been given, while the second was conceeded by Dion who seem to be in the middle of a rush of blood 20 mins.

    Doc was comfortbaly the best central defender on the pitch yesterday.


    I don''t understand all the hysteria on here about The Doc. He wasn''t just the best central defender on the pitch yesterday but he is also the best central defender at the club. Yes we have had better central defenders in the past and we undoubtedly will have better in the future but he is the best we have now. There are many areas that need to be improved before central defence.

    As ZLF says Doc was unlucky to give away the free kick and certainly didn''t give away the second one even though posters supposedly at the match have said he did. His distribution is better than the rest of the back four, yes he relies heavily on dropping the ball in space for Hux but those are the best balls to give Hux. We have scored quite a few goals from these passes, probably more than we have conceded from freekicks he has given away.

    Our two central defenders are suffering from playing in front of the poorest goalkeeper we have had for many years and behind a midfield who go missing far too often. I would imagine that Grant will be making changes in these two areas before he changes the central defenders.

    My biggest criticism of The Doc is that his whole manner, body language or whatever you want to call it does not inspire confidence. He is not yet the leader we want him to be. However he is not the cart-horse that some posters would have us believe either.



  5. nutty nigel

    16 weeks ago Plymouth 3 Norwich 1...

    ... and I returned home to a message board much the same as the one I find this evening. A few days later Delia and MWJ issued THAT statement:-

    We and the board are deeply disappointed by the lack of passion and commitment in the team''s performances, and wish to apologise to our loyal fans who have given us such wonderful support. You deserve more.

    “We are determined to achieve success at Norwich City, and to that end we expect this situation to be rectified. We rely on our manager and squad to do this not only on behalf of our supporters but for the long-term future of the club.”

    The situation wasn''t rectified as we lost the next game 1-4 at home to Burnley and we all know what happened then. So the manager was duly sacked. Yet the statement said we rely on our manager AND SQUAD to rectify the situation.

    Of course the transfer window being closed didn''t allow for changes to the squad so those that made no real attempt to rectify the situation in the Burnley game have remained and made no real attempt to rectify the situation ever since.

    After this Plymouth 1-3 defeat the statement seems to have come from the new manager:-

    "If I can get the players in that I want nobody - but nobody - can come to my door and say: ''Well, why have you left me out?'' Nobody.

    "You just cannot lose your home games the way we are and play as poorly as we are if you''re going to do something in this league. I don''t care what anybody says.

    "You''re always hoping it''s a blip, but it has gone on too long. That''s why we''ve got to change things."

    This time the transfer window is open and despite claims to  the contrary it appears money is still available and Grant is still talking about getting players in. Those that have not already been replaced will surely be in "the last chance saloon" when they attempt to "rectify the situation" one more time, strangely enough against Burnley again!




  6. Cluck

    Your comments certainly do remain consistent, you post the same repetetive stuff whatever the situation with the club. You seem to have an issue with Delia Smith and with posters who don''t buy into your poisoned view of everything that happens at the club.

    If you are suggesting that I have double standards and that I would feel uncomfortable tracing my posts back then I can assure you that''s not the case. I have always refused to be classed in any of the stupid gangs that appear on this board and I was neither a Worthy Out or KTF. However, I would feel uncomfortable if my views remained constant throughout the time Worthington was manager. Imagine chanting "we want worthy out" at the Play-off Final or indeed outside City Hall as the Championship Trophy was held aloft!

    You talk of honesty and yet you know that my bugbear on here is people who make stuff up to score points against anything to do with Norwich City Football Club. I never have a problem with different points of view to my own and happily enter discussions based on facts or opinions. Surely the results and performances are bad enough without having to make stuff up to make them worse.


    I see you now suggest that Delia Smith tells lies, please elaborate, or did you make it up!



  7. nutty nigel

    Doherty out for revenge...

    All the players do it, not just The Doc! I would imagine it''s part oif their contract and I would imagine the statements are in answer to loaded questions they are asked by the press.

    Is this the week that The Doc takes on the mantle of  Most Criticised Player on this board, following in the footsteps of Andy Hughes and Carl Robinson!


  8. nutty nigel

    Why is Dublin being dropped?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Play Brown, put Dublin at the back and move the Doc to the bench! - everyone is happy.[/quote]

    Not quite everyone [;)]


  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    which just shows how effective the Ipswich board are at talking clubs down.. we got told 800k yet the Binnies get him for 200k.

     So i imagine Sheepshanks stuck to his gun and shouted mr JJB down..

    would doomcaster have done that or would he have said "oh.. ok.. thats too much! thanks anyway!"

    I have to sya i would of liked us to sign Wright he looked handy!

    jas :)


    And if we had signed him for £200,000 and paid him a first team wage, whose place in the squad would he have taken and when would he have played.

    Using THAT club to score unsubstantiated points against the club is an all time low for me jas!



  10. nutty nigel

    Sunderland fans

    Could be a job for "Supersmudge".......... now where''s the nearest phone-box??? [:P]


  11. [quote user="Smudger"]

    Up-front I would of liked to see us attempt to sign Oldham''s Chris Porter....  he is young, has 17 goals so far thi season, all the attributes we are looking for and plenty of room for further potential.

    I would also of liked us to have made an offer for Scunthorpe''s Billy Sharp.

    or one of the following...  Blackpool''s Scott Vernon and Keigan Parker (who we will see very up close and personal as they dispose of us in the Cup in a couple of weeks), Crewe''s Luke Varney and Nicky Maynard and we should have put a bid in for Rotherham''s Will Hoskins (before he moved to Watford last week)....  All these players would of cost £750,000 plus however (way too high for Delia''s budget).

    When Earnie is sold then we should go all out to entice Forest''s Nathan Tyson to sign for us (this may take an offer of £2million or more).

    Unfortunately though, yet again we are shopping in the bargain basement bucket...

    Somebody on another thread pointed out that you can pick up good strikers for even cheaper than what we have spent on Chris Brown (Kevin Doyle for £78,000).  What they failed to point out however was that Kevin Doyle was voted Cork City''s player of the season prior to Reading signing him, had scored goals against NEC Nijmegan and Nantes in the Intertoto Cup and was top scorer for the Irish Under 21 team in the Madeira Cup tournament.

    Hardly a fair to show a comparison between where Kevin Doyle was at prior to Reading signing him to where Chris Brown was at prior to us foolishly putting our hand in our pocket without showing these facts too is it?

    I am damn sure that Cork City were not intending to offload Kevin Doyle when Reading came knocking at the door!!!



    Do you go into a phone-box when you transform into smudger or does it just happen spontaneously?? [H]


  12. It was Anglia TV and I used to have it on VHS tape too but also lost it. Gerry Harrison was the commentator and when we scored the first the first goal all he said was: "Poor old Ian Cranston, what dreadful luck for Ipswich"

    Can''t remember what he said after "Bruce''s header though!

    Happy days!


  13. The Actim Index suggests what many people in and around the club have been saying:-

    We have good players, but are a poor team.

    We have six players in Actim''s top 100, compared to Sunderland who have none. Piswich(2), Palace(2), Sheff Wed (2), Plymouth (4), Coventry (4), and Wolves (4) are all above us in the table.

    This suggests that their players have qualities that ours don''t and these qualities don''t reflect in the stats. In my opinion these qualities are leadership and in some cases bravery and confidence.

    The biggest disappointment for me this season is that Grant hasn''t been able to mould a team out of our good players any better than Worthington could. So although I still believe they are good players I now accept that some rebuilding has to be done before they become a good team again.

    This rebuilding has already begun and I''m sure Grant is aware of the qualities needed in the new signings.


  14. nutty nigel

    Who Has Seen Chris Brown Play Football?

    [quote user="Hairy Canary"]

    He played for Sunderland in our one nil win at Carrow Road this season so I guess most of us have seen him play. Can''t remember Sunderland having much of a forward threat that day, can you? Their web-site says in the match report that Brown missed a good chance but I can''t say I remember that either!

    In fact the only thing I do remember is Earnie scoring in the middle of a crap game.


    I posted about this yesterday. DD was centreback that day and Brown was the player involved in the penalty appeal against him. Pink un report suggests he missed two chances. I don''t remember much about him to be honest.

  15. nutty nigel

    The Last King of Scotland

    [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]

    NN - Perhaps we should get somebody with the same views as Pol Pot in to moderate this message board, he/she could start by renumbering the Year 2007 to "Year 0" and eradicate all traces of the history of Norwich City prior to that date....... 


    Why would you want to spoil my fun like that, I spend half my time on here reminiscing about days gone by. Some days were better than this but even already in year 0 there has been enjoyment in supporting Norwich. [;)]

    Every film is a new film, people can go to the Odeon and see it themselves and maybe in even the poorest films find some enjoyment, or they can wait for the reports and critics and select those that agree with their pre-conceived points of view to prove themselves right. It''s every filmbuffs right to choose! [~]


  16. Not sure who to play up front if Earnie doesnt make it. It would be a shame to go back to a lone striker, especially in a home game. Maybe Brown and DD but it doesnt feel right as from the little I know about Brown they are surely in competition for the same starting place. I agree with bigbear, maybe McVeigh or Chris Martin. But then again Plymouth are a very strong and uncompromising team so we may well end up playing it long and so Dublin and Brown could be an option.


  17. nutty nigel

    The Last King of Scotland

    But those posters living in delialalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaland will buy there tickets at the first opportunity because they are gullible to the spin from the Odeon board and their percieved "cinema ticket scam".

    I haven''t been to the cinema since I went to see Mary Poppins 40 years ago. In those days the Odeon showed ambition and I won''t be returning until those days return. Of course I will PRETEND I go for the purposes of posting negative rubbish on this board!


  18. nutty nigel

    Brown Signs!!

    [quote user="Dionysus"]

    And the fact that Worthington was interested certainly does nothing to improve my initial opinion of our new signing. We all know what a good judge of player he was!


    Well maybe we employ a "Transfer Fairy" sometimes, as obviously Worthington didn''t sign Huckerby, Earnshaw, Dublin and Croft. So perhaps Brown could be one of those????


  19. nutty nigel

    There is a reason why...

    [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]

    I''ve down his profile page for the PinkUn but for some reason it''s not showing online yet. Anyway...

    Position: Striker
    Age: 22
    Born: Doncaster (Dec 11, 1984)
    Height: 6ft, 3in.
    Weight: 11st, 1lb.
    Date signed: Jan 11, 2007
    Signed from: Sunderland, £325,000
    Contract: June 2009
    City debut: TBA
    Former clubs: Sunderland, Doncaster Rovers, Hull City

    Hull City (2005, loan): 13 appearances, 1 goal.
    Doncaster (03-04, loan): 17 appearances, plus 5 as sub, 10 goals.
    Sunderland (03-07): 34 appearances, plus 35 as sub, 11 goals.
    Total: 64 appearances, plus 40 as sub, 22 goals.



    I''m not listening............................

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [:S]


  20. nutty nigel

    There is a reason why...

    [quote user="mbncfc"][quote user="Smudger"]

    Where did those stats come from mbncfc???

    It said on here and other websites only yesterday that he has scored 11 in 67 games (that is approx one goal every 6 and a half games)...  not very inspiring!!!

    or are you aware of him banging in another nine goals overnight that me and the rest of the country are blissfully unaware of??? 


    I''ve checked various sites in case I missed something.

    Chris Brown in his professional career has scored 10 goals on loan at Doncaster, 1 on loan at Hull and 9 while at Sunderland.

    Contrary to my maths skills shown on another thread, that makes 20.

    Both come from the sites CJF quoted in a thread yesterday. Most places vary a little, but I''m yet to find anywhere state that Brown has scored 11 goals in 67 games... [:D][:O][:P]

    You shouldn''t make it sound like I''ve made them up...


    You really are turning into "a right little rebel"!

    Making stuff up to show the club in a bad light would help you fit in more, but then, like you say, you are no sheep!


  21. Why are we so slow to react.. if we had got in first he could be here.. more Delialalalalalalalalala land for us all to digest! [;)]


  22. nutty nigel

    There is a reason why...

    [quote user="mbncfc"]

    It is worth remembering that Chris Brown is basically Leon Mckenzie''s replacement.

    Leon : 30 years old in May - 205 games / 83 goals

    Brown : 22 & 2 months - 63 games / 20 goals

    We''ve made money on the deal, we have a player who appears to fit it in terms of what we''re missing rather than a poor man''s Earnshaw, and he has more potential in terms of his age.

    Just another angle...


    FFS man.... Stop being sensible... or you won''t "fit in"! [;)]



  23. nutty nigel

    Martin O'Neill conspiracy theory

    He had 2 spells here as a player too that rarely get mentioned. When people talk of the top players who played here at towards the end of their careers it''s usually Peters or Channon but not O''Neill.

    If I remember rightly controversy always seemed to surround him and his transfers. He was signed by Brown in 1981 about the same time as Chris Woods but even though he inspired the team to improve we still got relegated and he had an escape clause in his contract allowing him to leave. However, we managed to sign him back from Man.City during the following season when it was rumoured that we wrote off the rest of the money they owed us for Kevin Reeves to get him. He helped inspire a late run to promotion that those of us old enough will never forget. When he left for the second time it was too Notts County and there was more controversy about the transfer and I think the fee went to a tribunal.

    I loved watching him in a Norwich shirt... happy days!


  24. nutty nigel

    Brown Signs!!

    As a poster who has wanted us to sign a targetman for a year I am happy to welcome Chris Brown to our club. He sounds pleased to be joining Norwich but I guess all players say the same things when joining new clubs.

    I can''t remember much about him from the the game at Carrow Road in Novemeber but I do remember him causing DD a few problems. I for one hope he is succesfull here.

    So thats a targetman sorted! We already have Chadwick, and it looks like the goalkeeper could be sorted too. For me that just leaves our main signing to come.. a quality midfielder!


  25. nutty nigel

    sunderland fan here .....c brown

    [quote user="Canary02"]Of course, the Sunderland fan who started this could easily be a Scummer winding you all up...[/quote]

    Scummer fan too?? Now that would be interesting! [;)]