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  1. Good debate on here punctuated by  I would imagine, rather exciting to suggest and I think you will find.

    I''m not having a go.. because i don''t understand the Annual Reports either.

    But we get sent them year after year so should these issues be as murky as is being suggested? Surely somebody who posts on here can understand the 48 pages we get sent each year! Is it really possible to be evasive about millions of pounds as in where the Dean Ashton money came from?

    And just to cheer JC up a bit more, I thought the total staff costs were over 15m!



  2. And I thought my anger management classes were working...........

    see ya thursday Cluck.. don''t forget to carry the flask [;)]


  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    Martin O''Neil would of left at the first sniff of a big club coming in. He wouldnt of shown any loyalty to us. He''d of gone to where the big Payout was... Leicester were big payers, Celtic were big Payers and Randys Villa are big payers.

    jas :)


    I agree completely with that jas.

    I posted last week about his times here as a player, he was a great player and he had a big impact here twice, but his transfers were always controversial.

    Loved watching him though!



  4. nutty nigel

    January so far true to form!

    There was a post on here last month reminding us that over the last five seasons we have only won one league game in January! That I believe was a 1-0 victory over Sheffield United in our promotion season. So we are running true to form so far this year! This season January comes on the back of only one win in the whole of December making it feel so much worse than usual.

    I am depressing myself now!!!!!

    One silver lining I can find is that this coming weekend usually produces loads of excitement and goals. In the last three seasons we had 4-4 at Rotherham and that memorable 4-4 at home to Boro and last season a 3-2 defeat by Watford. (No wins though)


    Looks like a 1-0 win at Burnley on Saturday [;)]


  5. nutty nigel

    Take a good look at yourselves!

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Billy Davies became Derby manager in the summer!!!  this summer!! it has taken him 6 months!![/quote]

    Spot on CJF so that''s one and a bit transfer windows with big money backing!

    However, nobody gets promoted in the middle of January so it remains to be seen whether Derby''s policy is succesful. Maybe fortune will favour the brave and they get promotion but it would be interesting to see what happens in the summer if they fail.

    Nobody could argue that at the moment they are a long long way in front of us!


  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    I bet he sits in Halvergate hall wetting himself with laughter at us.

    jas :)



    I bet he doesn''t because the one thing that Geoffrey Watling, Arthur South, Robert Chase and Delia Smith do have in common is the love of a true fan to their Football Club. Of that I have never had a doubt and the club has had some good times under all. With nobody seemingly ready to step to the plate if posters get their way and "sack the board" can we be sure that we would be able to say the same of the next chapter in the history of our club.


  7. [quote user="Cluck"][quote user="mbncfc"]

    I''m not sure the 2 eras are comparable. Those 20 years have marked a vast change in the make up of domestic football, and the second 10 year period is intrinsically linked to result at the end of the first.

    Asking the question is fair enough, but there are too many factors to come up with an accurate answer, and I''m assuming the actual question reads "Who do you prefer..."


    It would be accurate to call the Chase years fun...which they were....and the Smith years crap....which they are....

    What is so complicated about that?........


    No it wouldn''t

    It would be accurate to say more of the Chase years were fun and less of the Chase years were crap!

    But it would also be accurate to say Chase didn''t inherit the mess he left behind.


  8. nutty nigel

    David Marshall

    [quote user="ronbol ronbol"]anothe rmisfit from celtic - god help us




  9. [quote user="Cluck"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    [quote user="cityangel"]Presumeably some of the posters on here who have lost all patience with our board, will be at the AGM to express their views??[/quote]

    If some of them do I better go in disguise [;)] [H]


    They might just spot your slippers sticking out of Delia''s backside.........[:)]



    petty insults like this should be banned from the board.. any decent moderator would never have let this through.. you don''t like it when the slipper is on the other foot..

    Did you see Blanch wanted to take a flask to the hospital and wait for news???

    If I go to the AGM in my slippers and you take a flask we will know eachother... right??

    now... about that sig......................


  10. nutty nigel

    This board needs Cluck, 1st Wiz and the like!

    The thread you refer to was unnecessary in my eyes so I didn''t respond, there was another thread active where the post wouldn''t have appeared so personal. But we can have no problem with it as it was passed by the moderators.

    I have had differences of opinion with many posters in my time on this board. Surely everyone has because the board is for opinions and opinions differ widely even in a community where we should all want the same things. However, I have never suggested posters be banned and in fact I have never seen it suggested neither have I seen it suggested that posters should be stopped posting or silenced.

    If this thread is about posters being free to post what they want within the boundaries applied by the moderators then I am in agreement. But isn''t that what happens anyway?

    Back to Norwich City Cluck... would you like to debate your sig with me??


  11. nutty nigel

    Could Wigan pip us again

    Are we really after Hayter? We have already signed one striker. In our promotion season we kept signing forwards but the rest of  the team was ok and the goals would ensure promotion. Sheffield United did it last season to the same end.

    Surely we need to be signing a goalkeeper and strengthening the midfield before we buy any more forwards.


  12. [quote user="supporter"]

    Rossi Jarvis selected for England u19s -who is right England or Grant- 




  13. nutty nigel

    David Marshall

    Has he signed Kathy??

    We have to have a new keeper by Saturday surely!


  14. Take any consecutive 10 years from the last 40 and the current 10 are the worst so I believe it''s kind of a loaded question. But to give a straight answer to the straight question,10 years under Chase was imeasurably better than the last 10 years.

    However, it would only be fair to point out that what happened at the end of those 10 years have a bearing on what has happened over the last 10!


  15. nutty nigel

    Poor supporters

    The responses to this post are both predictable and understandable. But I''m with Charlies dad and Saint on this one. After relegation the fans confidence stayed a lot longer than the players. But now it''s fragile just like the players. Saturday was a prime example, at halftime we were a goal up and had missed chances to be further ahead. When Plymouth equalized the confidence drained so fast from both the fans and the players. We all knew what was going to happen!


  16. nutty nigel

    This board needs Cluck, 1st Wiz and the like!

    Nope.... still can''t find the posts suggesting posters be banned from the board!

    Can anyone point me to where they are?


  17. [quote user="cityangel"]Presumeably some of the posters on here who have lost all patience with our board, will be at the AGM to express their views??[/quote]

    If some of them do I better go in disguise [;)] [H]

  18. nutty nigel

    When will enough be enough.

    That''s a good question vaz_ncfc and I will be interested to see what the answers are!

    I can give you reasons why I won''t be boycotting though:-

    I look forward to every game and however disappointing the last one was I always have fresh optimism. That optimism has lasted 40 years so I hope I never lose it!

    I enjoy going! My season ticket would be the last thing I would give up!

    However bad things are boycotting could mean you miss the best game you ever saw at Carrow Road. Great games have happened in the unlikeliest circumstances before. Just imagine if you had walked out in disgust when Boro went 4-1 up 2 years ago this weekend.......

    Oh and because by the next home game I will have had to have missed Burnley and Blackpool so I will probably have withdrawal symptoms! [+o(]


  19. nutty nigel

    This board needs Cluck, 1st Wiz and the like!

    All good points Alex Harvey-Jones and I agree entirely. But I haven''t seen a post suggesting these posters should be banned from the board although I may find one as I carry on trawling through! If I find one I will post against it too.

    Surely the only posts that should be banned from the board are those the moderators remove. I must be a "good boy" because I have never had a post rejected....... yet! [;)]


  20. [quote user="Cluck"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    I guess I shouldn''t have expected any other response!

    This "keyboard bully stuff" won''t wash I''m afraid because you can''t just accuse every poster you have disagreements with of being a keyboard bully. If it was so then other posters would accuse them of it too! I guess you could be a "keyboard victim" if there is such a thing!

    It''s not just me worked you out, Yankee has too and many others will soon catch on.

    I am still quite happy to have a debate with you on here as to whether Delia tells lies but I won''t hold my breath!



    Is this the same Yankee that you have just demoted on another thread (boycott) because he may only be a "radio listener" rather than a real fan?.......

    You and the Yank rode wild horses through newcomers on this site for years.....now you can''t. Sorry about that......[;)]


    Absolutely not! I have to watch it on the wireless at times too. You know that my problem in this respect is posters who PRETEND to go to games and PRETEND to have season tickets not to renew! I have absolutely no problem with posters who can''t attend games or even choose not to attend games.

    In answer to your second point, if you look at my profile you will see I joined this site only a few weeks before you.

    Now those things are cleared up would it be possible to spend a little time debating Delia''s lies?


  21. nutty nigel

    16 weeks ago Plymouth 3 Norwich 1...

    [quote user="Sherlock Holmes"]

    If we don''t seen any new arrivals this week, either permanently or on loan, I seriously doubt we will get a decent result against Burnley


    If we put in the same performance as last time against Burnley there will be no failing manager for the players to hide behind this time. In truth they have had far too many chances "to rectify the situation" and I feel for some this will be the last!



  22. nutty nigel

    keeper options?


    and maybe Fabian Wilnis on loan to cover defence,  perhaps we could prize Patsy Holland away from Charlton for our midfield and I''m not sure what Mariner is doing these days but he could be cover for Dublin....

    You were joking.... weren''t you.......................


  23. nutty nigel

    Our Fate Was Sealed In September

    [quote user="Canary02"]

    I agree that we have been shambolic in terms of assembling the squad around the transfer window situation. However, is that the boards fault, or the managers? I think Nigel Worthington became obsessed with the idea of "only bringing in those who can add to what we''ve got" and never invested in young players with potential to mature and become great players. Instead we brought in a succession of old, proven, uninspiring journeymen like Thorne, Charlton, Hughes, Robinson, Brennan, Louis-Jean, Doherty. He dithered, whilst waiting for the perfect signing to present himself, and we ended up short of numbers each time. 


    I agree with what you are saying and with most of that list of players Canary02, but please in the interests of accuracy could you swap Doherty for someone like Jarrett.

    Whatever your views are on The Doc as a player, he was 24 when we signed him from Spurs, for whom he had made 55 appearances, plus 23 as sub, and scored 8 goals. He also had about 20 caps for his country. These stats when he we signed did not make him an uninspiring journeyman.

    But it is true to say that IF the board had backed Worthy and managed to get his top targets of Ashton and Primus we probably would never have signed The Doc!


  24. Wiz

    This messageboard is full of posters slating our players. It''s full of posters saying these players will get us relegated. Whether we agree with everything stated on these boards or not there must be a basis for such a swell of opinion. So, against this background, would you be happier if the manager said everyone played well and he was happy with the performance?


  25. nutty nigel

    When will enough be enough.

    To clear it up for a few people on here:-

    Does boycott mean not going to the game or not watching on the wireless?