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  1. nutty nigel

    Wealth Distribution in Football

    I doubt if that is the reason jas, in the football world big clubs with big money usually find it possible to get their own way.


  2. nutty nigel

    Steve Howard - Doncaster Speaks!

    [quote user="Evil Monkey"]And the word of the week, apparently, is "baulk" or "baulked"... I love it... [:)]

    I think it''s a snooker word [:)]

    I have no doubt that Howard was not worth the transfer fee or indeed the contract we would have to give him. Unfortunately we either have to pay the going rate for quality a targetman, or not sign one. The board chose the latter option.


  3. nutty nigel

    Dion Dublin for Captain!

    Dion Dublin for Centreforward!!



  4. nutty nigel

    Wealth Distribution in Football

    [quote user="cluck_the_positive"]

    This is what I would like to see happen too. Create a European ''super league'' for those clubs who consider domestic football a ''necessity'' rather than a need.....and restructure English football from the grass roots up.

    It could revolutionise the game and bring back some equality amongst the clubs competing. I for one wouldn''t miss the likes of  Chelsea and Man Utd. anyway.


    Definitely with you there cluck [:O]


  5. nutty nigel

    The Reading Model

    [quote user="Ulf Ottosson"]

    . I mean the team has hardly changed since Fat Phil scored against them on way to the premiership.


    Team when fat phil scored : Ashdown, Williams, Murty, Hughes, Ingimarsson, Sidwell, Harper, Forster, Brooker, Kitson, Salako.

    Team on Tuesday : Hahnemann, Ingimarsson, Murty, Shorey, Sonko, Hunt, Oster, Sidwell, Harper, Seol, Doyle.



  6. I agree we are not competing and have been critical of this board for not trying to compete. They made a mistake by not getting in Ashton when Worthy wanted him and obviously haven''t learned from that. I guess we are not in possesion of all the facts but on face value from what we do know, this board is not showing enough ambition for most of the fans. However, if we were to finish above Derby County this season, would the Board take any credit or would they be compared to any other club that may have finished above us?

    Sacking the Board is way too extreme for me at this time, but I guess if they keep making the same mistakes they will eventually run out of chances.



  7. nutty nigel

    Steve Howard - Doncaster Speaks!

    [quote user="mystic megson"]

    In this week''s column ND said that Derby were "willing to pay a fee of more than twice what we valued Steve at".  They paid £1m.  Does that mean that we valued him at less than £500,000? 

    Doncaster . . . you''re fired!





    This was common knowledge in the summer but everybody just used it as a stick to beat Worthy with at the time. Since we failed in getting Steve Howard we have lost McKenzie too and the only striker we have managed to bring into the club is the fans choice to play in defence. Unbelievable!

    Here again is what Worthy said last summer about Hulse being plan A and Howard being plan B:-

    “There is not a lot of plan C, D, E, F, G, H from the point of view of the quality that we need to come into this football club and take us forward. I can go and sign five six-foot three strikers tomorrow for £100,000 apiece - they won''t do the job that we want because they are not good enough, simple as that, and if you want to move forward then you need good players within the club.

    “We have looked across the board and the two top targets were Hulse number one, and Howard number two.”

    “It is not a surprise because when there is not an abundance of those types of strikers about, they command high transfer fees, they command high wages,” he said. “Certainly in the Howard situation, yes, £1m is a lot of money for him, but if that''s what there is about and that''s the going rate at the time, then that''s it.

    “There is a budget here and it''s a tight budget and we have got to manage that very carefully to get the most from that and with having a tight budget you have got to be very careful how you spend it, simple as that.”


  8. nutty nigel

    Banking on Getting Lucky

    [quote user="mystic megson"]

    No offence intended Nutty.



    I didn''t take any offence mystic.

    I just watched said tea party (why is it necessary to have coffee when talking to the media?) again to see if I had remembered it correctly. MWJ also said words to the affect that a month previously we had been 2nd in the Championship when they wouldn''t have been having that conversation. What I don''t remember them saying was that we didn''t challenge for promotion at any point during the previous season. To "challenge for promotion" is quite a vague target but surely it must mean being in the top six at some point during the season. The fact that we never were points to the fact the board and Worthy should have parted company in the summer. However he did challenge for promotion in every other full season he managed us in this league which is probably why they gave him one more chance. It''s all water under the bridge now though.

    I stand by what I said about 16 other clubs all wanting to be challenging for promotion and I agree to a certain extent that those clubs that want it most will be closest. But it also should be remembered that under this board we did want it most in 2003/4. Or does this work every season except that one?

    In my view twice now the board have been found wanting when the manager needed backing in the summer transfer window. They have a better record in the January window bringing in both Ashton and Earnshaw. Lets hope they back the manager this time.


  9. nutty nigel

    Rick Waghorn

    [quote user="Billy Bovine"]Are we talking about the man who, I believe, was once Sports Journalist of the Year?[/quote]

    Doherty and Holt were once player of the year [;)]


  10. nutty nigel

    Banking on Getting Lucky


    You asked me where they had said it and I showed you. ND said it in the presence of DS and MWJ. I remember it and have quoted it on these boards before and it was denied then too. At the time I was surprised it wasn''t reported because to my knowledge it was the first time the Board had said anything like it. Trying to make out I am quoting out of context is unfair. I am not an apologist for this board and neither do I agree with everything they do. However I don''t criticise their every turn either.

    No, of course they are not going to say they are happy for us to just be a club that survives in the Championship but there is no evidence to suggest that is the case either.

     It''s a cheap shot to suggest that I am happy with the current situation when I have been very loud recently criticising the Board for not backing Worthy when he wanted to bring in a targetman last summer or when he wanted to sign Dean Ashton in the August transfer window.

    CJF - Mystic asked me where the Board said about challenging for promotion and I replied. What Joe Ferrari or Worthy have said is irrelevent to the question I was asked. You are just sniping for the sake of it.


  11. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="nutty nigel"]


    Fair point HH44, but if 1st Wizard can''t make his mind up in the first place how on earth is he ever gonna change it????? 



    Lets make this simple. I loathe ''la gob'' with a passion: so its a big fat 1 from me. Ignore this/me if you wish, but the future defeats will do all my taking.


    You could never be ignored 1st Wizard! I respect your big fat 1 just don''t agree!


  12. nutty nigel

    Banking on Getting Lucky


    At the tea party / press conference the day after Worthington was sacked. When talking about appointing a new manager and their ambitions Neil Doncaster said: "We want to be challenging for promotion, our supporters want that and it''s what we want"


    I never thought you were having a go at me, Wiz calls me gullible too and I don''t take that personally either.

    Now having taken the time to find this for you maybe you could reciprocate by pointing me in the direction of where the Board have said they are happy for us to be a team that can survive in the Championship.


  13. nutty nigel

    Rick Waghorn

    No.. it includes you too [:O]

    This must be the only tv station where the irritating adverts go on longer than the programs [:P]


  14. nutty nigel

    Banking on Getting Lucky

    Let''s be clear of what objectives or targets the board have set. To my knowledge they have never stated they are happy for us to be a team that can survive in The Championship. What I know them to have said is that they expect us to be challenging for promotion to the Premiership. 

    mbncfc''s comparison with Wolves is fair as both clubs had just one season in the top flight and they are now in their first year without parachute payments. If we don''t "get lucky" this season it will be interesting to see if our club is indeed better run than theirs.

    Southampton 9 years out of the last 10 in the Premier League, Leeds 8/10, Leicester 7/10, Derby 6/10, Sunderland 6/10, Coventry 5/10, Birmingham 4/10, Sheffield Wednesday 4/10, WBA 3/10, Piswich 2/10 and Crystal Palace 2/10. Add to them Norwich, Wolves, Cardiff, Preston and Stoke City and you get 16 clubs whose target is quite probably to be challenging for promotion to the Premier League. So, to a certain extent clubs do have to get lucky to make it. To suggest differently would be to suggest that it would be possible to buy your way out of this league. If this was the case then all the clubs would do it meaning again only two or three would get lucky but this time the unlucky ones would go into admisistration.


  15. nutty nigel

    Rick Waghorn

    I just checked out this site and it''s just quotes from the Official Site so it seems pointless. Maybe the subscription articles are different. I''m not gonna pay to find out though!

    I''d rather read and interact with the posters on this board than read "Voice of the Board" Waghorn or "Voice of the Fans" Balls.


  16. nutty nigel

    Will posters on this site ever be happy?

    Mystic.. no I''m not serious, I thought that was quite obvious, I doubt John was being serious either. He was pointing out that if Grant isn''t to blame when we lose with these players then Worthington must take the credit when we win. He had forgotten that when we win it''s Hunters team and.......

    oh, I''m bored and I''m sure you can work it out really.

    CJF, for someone who used to be so good at digging up evidence to prove a point this is a poor post. I doubt you can find where I said Worthy was doing a great job until the last, but you would find where I said he had been succesful during his time at the club.

    I challenge you to tell me why Robinson plays every game for Grant. Why Grant has played Hughes in preference to Safri. Why Colin is still picked for every game. Why Doherty is Grants first choice centreback. Why Etuhu plays every game for Grant. Why Thorne is prefered to Jarvis by Grant. All these players are not good enough to play for us according to you.

    I have an opinion that we would be better playing 442. I have an opinion that the benefits of playing Dublin in his proper position outweigh the advantages of playing him in defence. Just because you don''t agree with that you don''t have to make stuff up about what you percieve my opinions to have been in the past.


  17. [quote user="Hardhouse44"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    HH44.... I demand a recount!! 1st Wizard gave him a 1 so are you saying he is a nobody?? [:^)]

    I think that''s a bit harsh because I enjoy his opinions and even though we don''t often agree I always respect what he has to say.



    he gave 1 and 2 so I was being kind to the gaffer. Wiz has a tendency to do this sort of thing and he changes his mind all the time. However I know there is a good person in there so I chose the less damming answer of the two. His vote is down a 2 if he wishes to revote and discount his first vote then...................... Tough he should have given one answer in the first place.

    I haven''t got all bloody day to sit around examining the results you know.






    Only Joking


    Fair point HH44, but if 1st Wizard can''t make his mind up in the first place how on earth is he ever gonna change it?????  [8-)]

    As to my vote... Oi quoit loik ''im, oil giv ''im foive! [Y]


  18. nutty nigel


    bruces header

    I wouldn''t dare suggest that you are selfish for not giving your ticket up, I have a season ticket in the barclay that i like very much and would never give it up. I was just trying to help those posters who say they have season tickets but regret renewing/ won''t be renewing next year/think we should vote with our feet and not attend games until Delia is somehow forced to sell her shares. These are the people who it could be said are being selfish.

    Come on you lot, back up your words with deeds and make someone happy for christmas! [G]


  19. nutty nigel


    I think all you people who are hanging on to season tickets that you don''t want should do the decent thing and sell them at face value to the people on this thread who are getting such a raw deal from the club. 50 people in a queue to buy tickets and you people grimly hanging on to tickets you don''t want. Come on... it''s nearly Christmas.. stop being selfish and think of others...
  20. nutty nigel

    Will posters on this site ever be happy?

    [quote user="John Boubepo"]The line - "yeah but Peter Grant hasn''t had a chance to bring in his own players yet" is a good one and helps hide a multitude of sins but how many players need to arrive before, in some peoples eyes PG actually takes responsibility - three players - five players - seven players a whole squad?
     With this line of argument can we agree  - it was Nigel Worthington''s team who won away at Birmingham, won at home to Cardiff and therefore NW should take the credit and not PG?

    I''m sorry John but you have this wrong. It was Nigel Worthington''s team that lost 5-0 to stoke but it was Martin Hunters team that won at Birmingham. Peter Grant musn''t be judged until the last Worthington player has left the building. I''m not quite sure if this applies to Huckerby and Earnshaw as well as Robinson, Hughes, Thorne and Doherty, time will tell.


  21. HH44.... I demand a recount!! 1st Wizard gave him a 1 so are you saying he is a nobody?? [:^)]

    I think that''s a bit harsh because I enjoy his opinions and even though we don''t often agree I always respect what he has to say.


  22. nutty nigel

    Goal scorers 2006-07

    Hey cluck ... Nice to see you here [:)] did ya get lost?? you don''t usually venture onto these football threads [:O]

    Sometimes I come away from matches perplexed at what I have seen. Then I read these boards and get more confused. Then read match reports and articles and become even more confused and doubt the evidence of my own eyes. To check the stats can sometimes clear up some of the confusion.

    I first did this when a poster on here slated Craig Fleming as the weakest link in our defence. I wanted to prove him wrong. But what I found was that he was right and I was wrong. I found that our first choice back four was quite solid but whenever Fleming was introduced we leaked goals bigtime.

    I am still confused by the stats that say we have had 48 less attempts on goal under Peter Grant and yet more shots on our goal in his 10 games. Apart from losing Lee Croft through injury, do you have any ideas what other reasons there could be for this??

    Stats can be misleading but if these are to be taken at face value then the entertainment levels have dropped since Grant took over. Which is something that I had noticed when watching games. I put this down to the new manager trying to tighten up our defence first,  but as yet the stats don''t back this up either.





  23. nutty nigel

    Grant's attack on Chris Gorham

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Dion Dublin is playing in defense because he has been man of the match there in 3 of our last 4 games. The shaky Doherty whom has been a part of a defensive shambles for the last 2 years is not being missed at all.[/quote]

    It''s a debateable point whether Dublin is better than Doc at the back. In my opinion he is slightly better. I also think he is better than the shaky Shackell who has been part of the same defensive shambles. And the ever more shaky Fleming. However, that is not the point. The point I am making is that any advantage we have in playing Dublin in defence is far outweighed by the fact that leaves us with no fit targetman to put up front.

    CJF, are you seriously saying that Dublin is so important to our defence that it''s better to play no targetman?


  24. nutty nigel


    No mate, you  have come to the right place for a good old whinge about the club and you shouldn''t stop moaning. [:D]

    The serious side of this post for me is how unfair it is that people who don''t really want their season tickets are stopping others going to games. Surely there could be some sort of system where they can sell their tickets on at face value to people like Big Rons Brain. Perhaps there could be a place on these boards for just that? Moderators? [I]



  25. nutty nigel

    Grant's attack on Chris Gorham

    No JC, you called it right first time. I don''t see the point of playing our only fit targetman in defence.

    Worthington spent all summer trying to get the board to part with enough money to buy a targetman to no avail. We then sold McKenzie, failed to replace him, and finally got Dublin in as a last resort to play as a targetman. There was never any suggestion that we were going to buy another central defender at anytime.

    Now I know to a certain extent injuries have dictated that Dublin plays at the back. But there are so many suggestions on here and by "the voice of the fans" in the printed press that we should leave our first choice central defender out of the side in order to play our first choice targetman in defence and it really bugs me. I honestly don''t see it!

    Take a look at the stats on the goalscorers 2006-7 thread. We are not really that much more solid at the back with Dublin.

    As for Saturday, Dublin finally went up top when we were 1-0 down. That speaks volumes for me.