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  1. nutty nigel

    Surely even the board can see?

    It''s hard to say because we don''t know what signings they are wanting to make. We will  have to wait and see I guess!


  2. nutty nigel

    What has happened to MLJ??

    [quote user="Coelho"]Easy with hindsight, though, isn''t it? When we signed him, we got Holt off the wage bill into the bargain, and got a younger player who was supposed to offer competition for Colin in the right-back role. You can''t legislate for what happened to him.

    Please don''t come on here with sensible posts, especially when we can''t beat Blackpool.

    Hindsight is a luxury and I have it... sooooooo... good move putting Robbo into centre defence when we lost Dion! [;)]


  3. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    As we were down to 10 men I expect Thorne was brought on to try hold the ball up to keep possession to see the game out.


  4. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    That''s a good result in my book. A draw sounded about right but I hope they don''t expect the replay to be much easier.

    We can still dream.. we can still be the first FA Cup winners at New Wembley!

    I''m glad I don''t have to watch it on the wireless too often and with all due respect I''m glad I don''t sit with some of the angry posters on here when I do go [;)]


  5. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    I''d take a draw from  here but we  can still win this!


  6. nutty nigel

    What has happened to MLJ??

    I think he is a regular for our reserve side, which would mean he plays about once every six weeks!


  7. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    Bet your happy now cityangel [:)]

    Oh.. and Adrian Forbes gets an assist??? [8-)]



  8. nutty nigel

    Now We're The Underdogs!.

    [quote user="Alex Harvey-Jones"] although you would still expect Reading to triumph in this one![/quote]

    Well I would, and you would, but the point I was trying to make was that the bookies, who usually know the real situation when we want to use their odds to back up our point of view, don''t!


  9. nutty nigel

    Reports on Fisk from Lynn

    [quote user="blacko"]He has just scored for Kyngs Lynn! Well done Andrew[/quote]

    Cue change of direction for this thread.. Fisk could end up this seasons Danny Crow even though it''s only a loan!


  10. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    Sounds like we are doing ok, keeper seems to be an improvement in as much as collecting balls in the box, anyone else found a positive yet?


  11. nutty nigel

    Now We're The Underdogs!.

    [quote user="Alex Harvey-Jones"][quote user="1st Wizard"]

    Oh, the damn shame of it all!.

    Congratulations to Doncaster, Delia et al, is this your idea of an ambitious club......................second to Blackpool with the bookies?.

    Remember, they usually know the REAL situation!.

    [/quote] The sad thing is Wiz that''s it''s not a surprise. Shameful and embarrassing yes but I can see the logic in it and certainly wouldn''t risk any money myself on Norwich coming back with a win. I hope we do win and believe we can win but considering our away form and Blackpool''s current form, combined with the long journey up there, I think Blackpool will start as favourites irrespective of what the bookies say!

    You''re right though - it does show the sad state of our club at the moment and how far we''ve fallen in less than two seasons!


    Fair comments Alex, but what does it say about Reading???

  12. nutty nigel

    Blackpool v Norwich City match thread

    Come on Norwich!

    Good luck on your full debuts David Marshall and Chris Brown!


  13. nutty nigel

    Now We're The Underdogs!.

    I agree it''s a shame that we can''t back City with any confidence this season Vince. The shame in the headline didn''t mean that though. And I knew last night someone would pick up on it for a post like this one. In fact, to carry on the betting theme, dear old wiz was odds on to be that poster! [;)]

    I thought it was a poor story which is why I did the comparison with the Reading game. There will be plenty of oppurtunity for articles like this if we get turned over.

    I guess I''m just moody because I can''t go to Blackpool.


  14. I don''t think anybody can argue too much with what you have to say Mello. Since we were promoted to the Premiership mistakes have been made at all levels. However, what''s done can''t be undone.

    I think everyone was hoping for an instant fix when Worthy was sacked and it hasn''t happened. Peter Grant took over in October and this month is the first oppurtunity he has had to make changes to his squad. If a mass clear out is needed the transfer window system makes it far more difficult than it used to be, and he needs time to do it.

    The solution suggested a few months ago was to sack the manager and bring a new one in from outside the club. I think we should see if this solution can work before we try another one.

    I would suggest the Charlton model is broken and the 5 year plan is back to the year dot!


  15. nutty nigel


    [quote user="Snakepit boys"]How was he a good manager?

    Just look at the ridiculous wage bill, side and position he has left us in!

    He was poor! Fact!

    So if Peter Grant gets us to a playoff final by the end of next season and gets us into the premiership 2 seasons later he will be poor too?

    What does poor old Grant have to do to be good then?


  16. nutty nigel

    Now We're The Underdogs!.

    That''s why I posted what I did last night Branston. It was the "shame" headline that really got me. It''s any angle to have a go at the moment. And look how the sheep follow!!! Reading are over-achieving this season in anyones eyes so where is the shame them in Brum being bookies favourites? And if there is none then why is there shame for Norwich because Blackpool are bookies favourites?? Anyone??  Chris??


  17. nutty nigel

    Betting shame of underdogs Reading!

    Reading are in the embarrassing position of being the underdogs against a team from a lower division this afternoon.

    Bookmakers are tipping a long journey home from the midlands for Steve Coppell and his team, with the consensus that Birmingham will have the edge over Premier league Reading in their FA Cup fourth round tie at St. Andrews.

    Ladbrokes have Birmingham at 11-8 and Reading at 8-5.

    Is there a story in this Chris Lakey? And will there be a little chat on here if Blackpool beat Norwich today? [;)]



  18. nutty nigel

    Youth ignored by Smiths norwich!

    Blah wrote

    If you dig deep enough, there''s always some good news somewhere...


    Republic of Ireland 1-0 Italy

    A first half goal from Norwich City defender Gareth Matthews helped Sean McCaffrey’s Republic of Ireland under-17 side to victory over their Italian counterparts at Whitehall, Dublin on Tuesday night.

    Matthews met a free kick from Liverpool’s Shane O’Connor with a header which flew past Italy goalkeeper Sergio Viotti.

    This player will just be like all the rest, totally ignored by the management of our club!


  19. nutty nigel

    Why would you sign

    The past isn''t dismissed on this forum, it''s rewritten to suit whatever point is trying to be made.

    Oh.. and what you done with ... -- ..- -.. --. . .-. [:@]    [;)]



  20. nutty nigel

    Team for Blackpool?

    I''d be tempted to play Brown and Martin up front in a 442. Like I said last week, give them a try together as it would be fresh and new with none of the baggage of past poor performances. If Shackell is fit I would leave Dion on the bench, keep him for another day! I am still so not sure about Etuhu and would be tempted to try Hughes and Safri in this game.

    Marshall, Colin, Doherty, Shackell/Dublin, Drury ... Croft, Etuhu/Hughes, Safri, Huckerby.... Brown, Martin.


  21. nutty nigel

    I need help fans .

    [quote user="Matt Hudson"]Blackpool to beat norwich looks a sure bet[/quote]

    I suppose piswich to beat Swansea is your double!

    Why spoil the thread????


  22. I''m still confused because I have never really understood the project. Some posters say it cost nothing except the land it''s built on and others say it''s money down the drain in hidden costs. What are the hidden costs??

    I would have preferred another corner infill stand too but I guess that would have cost a lot of money. Does anyone have any idea how much?

    Oh.. and what could we have done with that piece of land that wouldn''t have cost money and would have been a better use?


  23. nutty nigel

    I need help fans .

    ok ray, I''ll pitch in with Scunthorpe to beat Millwall. 8/11 on the coupon I just looked at.


  24. nutty nigel

    Biggest Problem is lack of Reserve Games

    You are spot on Ulf. I posted about this earlier in the week As far as I can make out we have had just 10 reserve fixtures all season, only 4 in the last 3 months and only 1 in the last 6 weeks! How are the players not in the first team going to be match fit and ready to step up while this crazy situation remains!

    If my memory is right in the old football combination we used to have roughly as many reserve games as first team games. Maybe thats part of the reason the long term injured players don''t get back to full fitness.