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  1. nutty nigel

    What does Worthy now offer the club?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    With the side Worthy has built hovering around championship mid-table yet again, what does he actually offer us?

    The players seem unable to follow his instructions, we have no Plan B, a wafer thin squad and a worse side than that which got promoted.

    Its a damn shame we didnt get rid in the summer and sign up Mike Newell before he signed his new contract.


    What has Mike Newell done to make him such a good choice to be our manager?

  2. nutty nigel

    Robson leaves West Brom...

    All there problems are over then! I expect to see them win the league now!!!!!
  3. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="Getting off the fence"]Presumably you know all these players and have discussed it with them before subsequently betraying their confidences. Alternatively this is just a load of bovine (male) excretia.[/quote]

    Nigel Worthington has fallen out with a fair few players in his time here.  Neil Doncaster admitted it in a reply to a letter last season from a concerned fan about the direction this club was going in.


    Which players did Doncaster admit Worthy had fallen out with?

  4. nutty nigel

    Zonal Marking

    I put two new threads on here last night trying to discuss football and get away from attacks/defence of the club manager etc, but to no avail! It seems we can have 5 page threads about last seasons antics and petitions and marches but nobody wants to discuss football relevent to this season. I am neither a worthy out or a KTF what ever that may be, I don''t want to be in anyones gang, I just wanted to talk football!
  5. nutty nigel

    Zonal Marking

    Has anybody studied this zonal marking system we are playing this season? It seems to have worked up until yesterday. Do the same players mark the same zones eachtime and if so does that give the opposition an oppurtunity to do homework on it and attack our weakest defenders? Any thoughts?
  6. nutty nigel

    Should/can we change the system?

    Should we abandon the current system after getting just one point from nine this week? I think maybe not! I think the system suits us when we have both Huckerby and Croft in the side cuz they are both direct attacking players and with them the system is more of a 433 than a 451. Ideally we would have back up for these two players for injuries and suspensions but not many clubs in this league could have players of that calibre on the bench. So should we change system to suit the players we have available? That''s where I think we have fallen short this last week. Without Huckerby maybe we should have changed to 442 but thats where our old friend Leon has dealt a huge body blow to the club! Losing Leon with no replacement has left a big hole in the squad and unless Peter Thorne gets fit our best option for a second striker would be Ian Henderson. Getting a striker in on loan or in January is a priority cuz without one there is no "PlanB". However we are not alone with this problem, most sides in this league can''t afford to lose their best players and thats why the league is as unpredictable as it is. Usually the side that has least injuries gets auto promotion!

  7. nutty nigel

    Nothings changed (a look back)

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    Cherub, go back 10 years and im sure we were all asking "would we be better off under Delia Smith then we were under Cashe" the fact is no one knows.. the only way to find out is for it to happen isnt it?

    jas :)


    what happened then is a very different thing to whats happening now jas. surely the disappointment of  two late goals in a week can''t be compared to what happened 10 years ago, can it? And at that time we still didnt make changes anywhere near to the scale you are advocating here!

  8. nutty nigel

    Nothings changed (a look back)

    [quote user="baldyboy"]excellent post jas but the usual suspects talk crap that nothing is wrong! if we could only find someone to buy delia out it could be the start of something good![/quote]

    Baldy, as I am one of only two people not to agree blindly to this post does that now make me one of the usual suspects?????

  9. nutty nigel

    Nothings changed (a look back)

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    its a Football club.. it will be bought.. if Delia smith was to go tommorow then someone else would come in.. no problem.

     No club has gone to the wall since the ITV digital collapse, Why? because theres money in football, even in League 2, and people see the opportunity to invest

    jas :)


    Jas, are you saying that our club would be better off if Delia, the rest of the board, Worthy and all the coaching staff all just left the club overnight and left to chance what would happen? Cuz thats how it reads to me!

  10. nutty nigel

    What the feck was that? And as for McVeigh...

    Fair post! I was well disappointed in McVeigh too. I always felt that he was a betyter player for us before Huckerby came to the club and it was difficult for them to play in the same team. Today totally blew that theory away.

    I would say 2 shockers though, Tuesday night was disappointing and we threw 2 points away but it couldn''t be classed as a shocker!

  11. nutty nigel

    Nothings changed (a look back)

    This is an absolutely crazy thread! What would happen to the club if we wake up tomorrow morning and all those people are gone?? You suggest no alternatives whatsoever!
  12. nutty nigel

    That was rubbish

    Was it always like this on here or is it only since we had a season in the premier league? Is it the disappointment of defeat? Do people think we won''t ever lose if we change the manager? Would a different manager be able to attract better players or would he bring more money with him so we could afford more players? What radical change do we need? Who should we replace the manager with?

    Or is this just letting off steam cuz we can''t take defeat anymore?

  13. It''s really hard to predict what this team will do in one game, let alone five! I''ll predict 10 points cuz I''m an optimist! But we should be capable of getting seven from the next three games, the last two are more tricky!

    But, this is Norwich so maybe we will get six. Lose the next three and then beat Birmingham and Cardiff!!

    How come you didn''t predict what you think cityangel?

  14. nutty nigel


    I can see lots of positives from the Southend game! We played well for long periods in the game but to let them back the way we did and to lose 2 points with the very last kick of the match was disappointing. I think that disappointment has made people forget about the good things that happened. I mentioned in another thread that the fans were chanting "it''s just like watching Brazil" during this game! Its a long time since that happened at an away match so we must have been playing well for part of the game and thats a big improvement from anything we saw away from home last season.

    A draw was a good result but the manner we got it made it feel like a loss. We scored 3 goals and played well for long periods. I am gonna concentrate on the positives!

  15. nutty nigel

    why play if not 100 per cent?

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    [quote user="canary cherub"]I don''t recall us having this problem last season so maybe playing unfit players is a tactic the new coach has brought in??? [;)][/quote]

    Actually Dean Ashton played unfit to poor effect a couple of times and injured a couple of times and Carl Robinson aggravated am injury when playing injured...  So yes it was a problem last season. [:S]

    Again lessons learned?? Absolutely not.


    Dean Ashton played to poor effect a lot more than a couple of times last season and always appeared unfit!

  16. [quote user="Kathy"]Not me. I wanted him out last season. I want him out this season. And I shall be wanting him out next season as he will almost certainly still be here.[/quote]

    I supported the manager last season (it got close once or twice though!) I support him SO FAR this season but I can''t say if I will still be supporting him next season! Anything could happen!! Please tell me how you know you will want him out next season.

  17. nutty nigel


    Obviously people will include whatever seasons results back up their own point of view. Surely the only seasons results that count are this season? My point of view is that we have improved since last season! I can back this up with the results from the first 7 games of last season compared to this. (As I did in another post!)

    Last season: Played 7 (5 home, 2 away) won 1, drawn 3, lost 3, scored 6, conceded 8.

    This season: Played 7 (3 home, 4 away) won 3, drawn 2, lost 2, scored 13, conceded 10.

    5 more points, and 7 more goals this season despite playing twice as many away games!

    Ashton 3 goals last season, Earnshaw 6 this!

    I''m not suggesting everything is perfect but surely you can see changes for the better. I know I can.

    Now I''m sure people can find another set of results to make the manager seem inept and make it look like there has been no improvement!

  18. nutty nigel


    Did someone bump this up from last season or is this post for real! Where were Palace when Kember was replaced? Where were Sunderland when Keane took over? Where are Norwich now?

    Results have improved since last season, I know it''s early days but they have improved! The style of play has improved, and thats both home AND away, don''t take my word for it, the "quality fans" were singing "it''s just like watching Brazil" on Tuesday night!

    It just seems to me that some people around here are still stuck in last season!

  19. [quote user="Bernard Futter"]Re that Charlton game, I was there too and Charlton only had 10 men when they were 2-4 down and still managed to level the game in the last seconds...[/quote]

    I remember it too! Just can''t remember who we blamed! Did we have a Henderson, Hughes or Worthington figure to blame that year?? [;)]

  20. nutty nigel


    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    Nigel Worthington always said that Doug Livermore helped to single out transfer Targets.. if Hunter is now doing that then why is Doug Livermor still at the club? Paid to sit down and drink tea? i think so.

     Back on topic though, If we do Land Boyle id like to see him in for Drury, since our Premiership season i think Drurys form has dipped, and his tendancy to go walkies in matches thus costing us goals means he shouldnt be first choice, he''s too light weight for one and bottles tackles when he thinks he can get hurt.

    jas :)


    Doug Livermore is sponsored by the NCISA so maybe they can tell you why he is there and what his duties are. However, if it''s to take flak from the fans instead of Worthy and Hughes getting it I''m sure it will be money well spent! [;)]


  21. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="canary cherub"][quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Getting off the fence"]

    City Angel said "I''ve never booed a Norwich player , have never organised a protest or falsified any petitions yet you have a problem with me!!"

    Sorry Angel, but you were right at the heart of the petition fiasco as anybody who can be bothered to check previous postings can tell. You came in here and said how anybody who cared "one tiny little bit " about the club would sign.

    Along with 20,000+ others, Ididn''t. As a result, you crew resorted to falsifying the petition. I am not saying that you personally did it, or even approved of their actions, but you knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it or denounce the petition.


    I''ve never denied that I helped collect names for the petitions but I am a very honest person GOTF and I can assure you that the 5 sheets that I got signed had no duplicate names on them and were not falsified in any way. You have my word on that!

    I then posted my 5 sheets to one of the organisers of the worthout website who is known to many people on here and is also very honest,



    Just wondered, is the worthout website still up and running?



    Yes, it is Cherub  www.worthyout.co.uk it looks like its been fairly quiet since last season but then I guess there''s a lot of people like me who haven''t posted since last season because they thought fresh season = fresh hope = lets give him a chance.


    Had a look around that site and its not for me thats for sure! I support the manager now and I supported the manager last season too, although I had doubts at times as I''m sure most people did. I believe theres still fresh hope this season so I hope people still give him a chance. That site is very aggressive and there is no alternative view, which I guess there doesn''t have to be as it''s not a fansite as such. You and I support the same team and have the same highs and lows but our opinions can be different and we can both post here. I like this better!

  22. nutty nigel

    The Aftermath

    [quote user="JayM"][quote user="Saint Canary"]

    I felt Andy Hughes changed the match for City.  As always his attitude was spot on but there was more quality in his play last night and his cross for our first was excellent.  He was defending one minute and our furthest player forward the next and I have to say (despite my reservation) that his first half display was one the best all-round performances from a City midfielder for a long time.



    Thought Hughes played well although not quite as well as you describe Saint.  Involved heavily in two of the goals and may even have done enough to start ahead of Robinson next time.  Although he''s not my favourite player I found it sad that some fans (and it was a very small minority) suggested we were playing with ten men.  Can''t please everyone I guess.



    Its because, as with the manager, with some fans it''s become a personal issue!

  23. nutty nigel


    [quote user="Kathy"]Because all the decent ones were snapped up by forward thinking clubs during the close season and before the transfer window closed.[/quote]

    Which ones were they Kathy?

  24. nutty nigel

    So what happens on Saturday?...

    Judging by last night it won''t take much for the fans to turn! At 0-0 we were playing well, the fans were loving it and everything was great! Then they scored and had 5 or 10 mins good pressure and the fans got edgy and negative and the whole atmosphere changed! From 1-1 to 3-1 and the fans were lovin'' it again, it was a joy to be there, team and fans as one like we never saw last season. But as it slipped away and went 3-2 the fans got edgy again. At 3-3 all the good was forgotten, we may as well have lost 3-0 again, and many fans turned on the manager. Much of that could be disappointment, I felt it too, but as I tried to point out in a previous post made late last night when I got back, this must be better than last season and we wouldn''t have to be much better than last season to at least mnake the playoffs. OTBC.

  25. nutty nigel

    Haven't we been here before

    [quote user="Making Plans"]

    Just look at the table - good start ?

    So we''re in 5th place and we are 5 points behind the leaders. However, we''re only 5 points above second bottom. With the exception of Barnsley, Derby & Colchester, our goals against is the worst in the league. Ipswich, who had a very poor start are now just one point behind us. OK, so we''ve scored a few goals but it''s no use scoring goals if you keep letting them in.

    The season is begining to look very similar to last season - an inadequate squad, a crap defence, a tactically naive Manager, a tight fisted Board, very little hope of promotion, the outside threat of relegation. Realistically mid table obscurity is looming.

    We''ve swoped Ashton for Earnshaw, Green & McKenzie have gone and we''ve got a new coach. 

    In reality, nothing has changed.


    Let''s look shall we...

    Last season: Played 7 (5 home, 2 away) won 1, drawn 3, lost 3, scored 6, conceded 8.

    This season: Played 7 (3 home, 4 away) won 3, drawn 2, lost 2, scored 13, conceded 10.

    5 more points, and 7 more goals this season despite playing twice as many away games!

    Ashton 3 goals last season, Earnshaw 6 this!

    I''m not suggesting everything is perfect but surely you can see changes for the better. I know I can.