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  1. [quote user="Marty"]

    [quote user="DICKSON"]Peter throne and andy hughes surely, were paying them both to do nothing[/quote]


    I wonder if some posters here are over 12! there are many worse players than any we have now.


    Surprised nobody said Chris Brown yet!!!


  2. nutty nigel

    Chris Sutton ?

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    I don''t think anything will happen as far as Chris Sutton is concerned Blah. He was here once and did a very good job for the club and then he moved away and has been a very, very good player over the years. He''s a bit older now, he''s had his injury problems, which are a concern, so it is something that I doubt will happen! [:P]



    thats sounds stragnely familiar!

    jas :)


    that''s what I thought too [:D]


  3. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    We have a well meaning but incompetant board.  The more information that gets out the more you wonder with what worthless had to deal with.  Thats not taking away from his many failings - the worst one being his lack of intelligence.


    Me and you will never agree about Worthington CJF, well only in as much as that in the end our results, some of his recent signings and the terrible away record neccessitated a change.However I fully expect to see him be succesful elsewhere.

    Only time will tell.


  4. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    Ain''t going to happen though.


    You might''ve let me dream for a little more than 18 mins CJF!!! [;)]


  5. nutty nigel

    Chris Sutton ?

    I don''t think anything will happen as far as Chris Sutton is concerned Blah. He was here once and did a very good job for the club and then he moved away and has been a very, very good player over the years. He''s a bit older now, he''s had his injury problems, which are a concern, so it is something that I doubt will happen! [:P]


  6. That''s a hard question JC but I think I''m with Herb! I have all but given up on seeing us lift the famous FA Cup. This year it would be amazing, first winners at the new Wembley too! I''d love us to play another unfashionable team too, someone like Blackburn! Imagine the media being deprived of any of Arsenal, Chelski and Man.U. on their big day out!

    Would love it!!!!!

  7. nutty nigel

    Why I don't like LOAN signings

    [quote user="1st Wizard"]

    And while we''re on the goal keeping issue, whats happened to young  Camp?, at least he sounded like he wanted to come here on a more permanent basis.

    Loan signings never develope any affinity for the club or its fans (Hucks excluded!) an in general are only using said club as a way out for brighter things.

    They are cash gusslers, squad upsetters and no better than  money grabbers.



    But surely young Camp was a loan signing?


  8. nutty nigel

    Raised eyebrows at raised prices!

    You are right Alex. Season tickets are only value to the supporters who would go to every game regardless! We may have 20,000 season ticket holders but a few thousand of those would probably prefer to be casual fans who could choose their games at this time. The club would proabably be better off if those few thousand were casual fans because if they had another 4,000 seats on general sale their actual gate receipts would improve in any half decent season.



  9. nutty nigel

    Why did we keep Livermore?

    [quote user="Rupethebear"]

    Ok so Worthy sacks Foley and the board sack Worthy yet Livermore stays.

    Why didn''t we clear him out when Worthy left, what has he got to offer?


    Maybe to keep the NCISA sweet! (Cuz they sponsor him) [;)]

    It''s a joke Kathy [li][st][um]

  10. nutty nigel

    now flemings been loaned

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    [quote user="Dell Girl"]Let me put the record straight. Spillane is a strapping 6ft 3in. FACT.[/quote]

    no he isnt... Jason Shackell is 6''3.. and when the 2 have appeared side by side in the same team Spillane has appeared much shorter. Fact!

    I doubt the club would get the height of one of their own employees wrong.

    jas :)


    Norwich City Squad 2006/2007


    Take a look at this photo. The Doc is 6''2" and Colin is 5''10"! But then maybe Spillane is stood on a box [;)]


  11. Worthington targeted Ashton in that August but the Board didn''t back him. Just as Saint say''s, they procrastinated and the chance went. Worthy said as much this summer when the Board didn''t try too hard to get Tim Howard here.

    Strikers Steve Howard, Rob Hulse and Izale McLeod plus winger Luke Chadwick have all been identified as City targets, but asked whether he expected any new arrivals this week, Worthington was not optimistic.
    He said: “It is most important from my point of view that we get people in as early as possible. The problem is that anybody who joins us now will be 2½ weeks behind in training and the very high levels of fitness we are trying to achieve.
    “We have to be proactive rather than reactive. We signed Dean Ashton in January instead of pre-season and I think the lesson should have been learned from that.

    Although Peter Crouch may have been available for 2m that summer I think it was his contract that was too expensive for us. Ashton could come here and we could offer a huge increase on his terms at Crewe where as Peter Crouch would have been on close to "top dollar" at Villa and out of our reach.


  12. [quote user="Billy Bovine"]Sorry, Nigel - I  think I completely misread/misunderstood your initial post. I read into your words a sarcastic tone that simply wasn''t there. I feel quite bad now that I replied to you in a rather abrupt sarcastic manner. It just goes to show the advantages of the spoken word over the written word. When you are speaking to somebody face to face you can guage a lot of the meaning of what they are saying from their body language, facial expressions and their tone of voice. I shall have to be much more careful in future before leaping in. Anyway, once again, I apologise.[/quote]

    There probably was a sarcastic tone to my post too Billy and there''s no need to apologise. It was a Saturday and we had no game yet people were posting on here as though we had lost.

    It''s only a message board and by and large we all are Norwich fans and want the same things. I bet if we met the people who we only know as posters we''d all get a few surprises!


  13. nutty nigel

    What is our true hardcore support?

    [quote user="SPat"]err, Jenna Jameson?

    was a serious post SPat....... get ya mind out of the gutter [;)]


  14. nutty nigel

    Who wants Martin to start?

    [quote user="baldyboy"]nutty nigel, are you sure it was against scotland for wales? thought it was against a different country, but my apologies if you are right and i am wrong.[/quote]


    No worries baldyboy.

    I had to check out the stats when A1 asked so I know it was right. I''d love him to score some hat-tricks for us now. I think if he had played for us in better days he would be more of a fans favourite which he deserves to be. Although he doesn''t score hat-tricks for us his record of 25 goals in 42 games speaks for itself.


  15. Sorry Billy, my post referred to another thread that I had started about whether I was going to renew. I personally don''t care how many threads are started on this board or what they are about. I started a new thread today, loosely based on the same topic as this one because I wanted to and make some points, like you, that are different to just a personal rant about not renewing. My thread will probably be ignored and drift into obscurity with much of the other rubbish I post on this board.

    Howabout you Billy? Will you be renewing and if not will you become a casual fan? I will be renewing, so will my daughter.


  16. [quote user="Canary02"][quote user="Brian Burrell"]

    What is the single biggest mistake this board has made?

    In my opinion budgeting for relegation when we got to the prem, this was shown so clearly by not replacing Iwan until the January when Ashton arrived. That one single act cost our place in top flight football and the millions that went with it.

    FOOTBALL must come first at Carrow Rd.


    Although I agree that this cost us, how do you arrive at the conclusion that this was the boards fault? The cash was there for transfers but Worthington was the one who spent all summer chasing Gareth Taylor (again) and Linvoy Primus to no effect and who ended up with Simon Charlton, Darren Ward, David Bentley, Thomas Helveg, Matthias Jonson and Youssef Safri instead. It''s not the boards fault that he targetted a rubbish old target man that didn''t want to move to Norwich anyway and had no Plan B when he turned us down.

    I think the biggest mistake the board made was in not removing Worthington with a few games of last season to go. Any earlier and they could be accused of not allowing his January decisions time to bear fruit, but by early March we all knew he was a dead man walking and he should have gone then. However, I''d rather have a loyal board than one who chops and changes managers every five minutes. 


    I think the biggest mistake was not backing Worthington when he wanted to sign Dean Ashton in the August. I thought he and Primus were Worthingtons top targets at that time Canary02.



  17. nutty nigel

    What is our true hardcore support?

    All this talk about renewing season tickets or choosing games as casual fans has got me thinking. A poster on here made the comment that they wouldn''t be renewing their season ticket because they would be happier choosing when to go rather than feeling obliged to go. Now before anyone shouts about being loyal supporters, and keeping the season ticket through thick and thin, just think for a moment like I have.

    I thought that poster made a very valid point, because just maybe we have casual fans holding season tickets. I am not using the term "casual fan" as a criticism either but there never has been a time where we have had such a large volume of season ticket holders.

    In season 93/94 we were in the Premier League and playing in Europe yet we had a home league attendance of 14,000. That suggests to me that even in those heady days we only had probably 9/10,000 season ticket holders and that that 14,000 give or take a few away fans was our hardcore support.

    After it all went wrong for Robert Chase, our second season after relegation (96/97) Home gates of 14,000 or less had become quite common. During that season we had a home league attendance against Portsmouth of 11,946. Not sure how many season ticket holders we had then but I bet it was no more than about 9,000 and our hardcore support had proved to be just 12,000. The following season (97/98) saw crowds decline even further and a home league attendance of 9,819 would suggest that our hardcore support had dropped to below 10,000. This was probably our lowest hardcore support of the modern era and attendances gradually improved in the following seasons.

    By November 2001 we had got back a hardcore support of 14,000 when Worthington took over.

    Now, love Worthy or hate him, nobody can deny that our attendences grew by 66% in the time he was at the club. Of course there are other factors but the people running this club over the last 5 years deserve more credit for this growth in support than they are getting at the moment. During the playoff season in 2001/02 our hardcore support had risen to over 16,000. The following season, even though it was slightly disappointing, hardcore support had risen to 18,500.

    In our promotion season the gates were restricted because of building the new stand. So for much of the season 2/3,000 of the new hardcore support couldn’t get to see their team. But as things came together on the pitch, the excitement of the loan players and then going top of the league and signing Hux for Christmas supporters couldn’t wait for the stand to open. There was so much good feeling and optimism that by the end of that season our hardcore support had risen to over 22,000 and season tickets sold out easily for the Premier League. All the fans were happy and there was even a waiting list capped I think at 2,000.

    After relegation some season ticket holders didn’t renew but people on the waiting list made up the shortfall. Last season was disappointing but many people still renewed in the hope that the clubs fortunes would change and more success would come. This season it hasn’t, performances are often dire and the fans are unhappy.

    Now the hardcore support on paper is still over 22,000 but of course in this season of unrest and poor performances this figure is definitely false, being boosted by the amount of season ticket holders who would have stayed away from a lot of games had they been casual fans.

    Next season I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hardcore support drop to 18,000 or less as people give up their season tickets and pick and choose their games. I don’t think we should be too worried about this as long as the club doesn’t go into further decline. This figure is still 8,000 up on the last time we were in this position. It was obvious that we would lose some of the season ticket holders who came during the better days although many of them will probably remain loyal for at least another season. However, a good start to next season and a promotion challenge, or even a steady top half and play-off challenge could see many of the casual fans coming more and more often. And of course, paying a lot more money than the season ticket holders for the privilege.



  18. Do you think your mob from up the road will stay above us ronbol? And do you think they are safe from relegation? Perhaps we could both go down!


  19. [quote user="ronbol ronbol"]agreed her loyalty can not be questioned, just her ability to run a football club..............

    So there''s room on the board for people with loyalty and commitment ronbol? and their investment welcome too? Just maybe not in positions where they make executive decisions??


  20. nutty nigel

    who will it be?

    Sorry Chicken, I didn''t mean to be part of a big queue of people trying to put you right about Davenport, what I was trying to say was that maybe other signings would improve our defence too. I would love to see quality defenders like Davenport sign pemanently for us I just don''t think it was ever a possibility.


  21. nutty nigel

    who will it be?

    West Ham already got Davenport Chicken. I wouldn''t have thought we ever stood a chance of a permanent deal for him. Our defence should improve for the signing of a new keeper. It would improve still further if it had a reliablely consistent midfield in front of it. I always thought our big signing this window would be a midfielder, Matthew Spring would have been ok but I wonder if there is another target that we don''t know about. Usually our best signings come as a surprise!


  22. I''ll let you know on yet another season ticket thread when I come to a decision Billy [;)]

    Does anyone ELSE really care whether individuals renew their season tickets or not?


  23. nutty nigel

    And yet ANOTHER season ticket thread

    Just thought I''d let you all know that I haven''t renewed yet, and nothing has happened this weekend to help me make up my mind. However, the fact that we got nothing from a postponed match has made me seriously wonder if the clubs ambition matches mine. It''s OK for the directors to refund travel costs to the fans but they don''t seem to realise that getting nothing out of the postponed game has left our future in this division hanging by a thread.

    I''ll let you all know on yet another thread when I have made a decision!

    Does anyone on here really care if individuals renew their tickets or not????????????????????


  24. nutty nigel

    Oh dear

    [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    I blame Delia Smith and her "squeekies"!

    In Chases day we would have got 3 points from a postponed match!


    laughing matter this is not.  Relegation is a distinct possibility since the only player we had who was scoring goals is now gone for most of the remainder of the season.


    But we didn''t have a game today so it would have been impossible to do anything to dispell the fears of relegation. For sure it isn''t a laughing matter CJF but some of the reaction on here just lately certainly is.


  25. nutty nigel

    The transfer window so far....

    [quote user="Alex Harvey-Jones"]

    Chris Brown from Sunderland who is ordinary at best 


    How do you know Chris Brown is ordinary at best, you could be right and I''m not disputing your call, just wondered how you arrived at that conclusion.

    I was hoping for good things from Brown, in my opinion he''s a type of player that we have needed for sometime now. I didn''t see enough of him last week to form much of an opinion.