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  1. nutty nigel

    The transfer window so far....

    [quote user="Alex Harvey-Jones"]

    Chris Brown from Sunderland who is ordinary at best 


    How do you know Chris Brown is ordinary at best, you could be right and I''m not disputing your call, just wondered how you arrived at that conclusion.

    I was hoping for good things from Brown, in my opinion he''s a type of player that we have needed for sometime now. I didn''t see enough of him last week to form much of an opinion.


  2. nutty nigel

    5 Points Off Relegation. Who's Worried?

    Luton for sure!


  3. nutty nigel

    Colin Davey

    Good find Post Ghost!

    Have any posters changed their mind about this guy over the years?

    Fram.. am I right in assuming that the MWJ family have been supporters of Norwich City Football Club for a lot longer than you are letting on?


  4. nutty nigel

    Oh dear

    [quote user="alex_ncfc"]Game in hand but only 5 points off the bottom 3 now.[/quote]

    I blame Delia Smith and her "squeekies"!

    In Chases day we would have got 3 points from a postponed match!


  5. nutty nigel

    Who wants Martin to start?

    [quote user="a1canary"]I love your signature fact nutty - can you elaborate on when and which the clubs it was for?
    It''s some achievement. Better even than Tony Cottee''s of being the only player ever to play at all 3 levels of professional football in one season (2000/2001).  They were:

    Leicester (prem), Norwich (d1), Barnet (d3) and Millwall (d2).

    p.s. Back to topic - start Martin, give him an hour plus, then give WLY a go from the bench.

    Robbie Earnshaw has scored hat-tricks against Charlton in the Premiership (2004-5), Gillingham in the First Division (2003-4), QPR in the Second Division (2002-3) and Torquay in the Third Division (2000-1).

    He''s scored three against Leyton Orient in the League Cup (2003-4) and Bristol City in the FA Cup (2000-01), and for good measure also hit a hat-trick against Scotland in 2004.

    I love the fact that he plays for us. He is a bright light in very gloomy times but somehow he still manages to attract his share of negative posts on this board!


  6. nutty nigel

    Why would we loan out Flem?

    [quote user="YankeeCanary"]

    I''ll be surprised if Fleming lasts the month at Wolves. Before today, a sinking Cardiff had only scored 5 goals in their past 11 games. Sounds like Chopra and his mates had no problem handling Wolves today as they picked up the three points at Molineux. Only a little more than 16,000 in attendance. Looks like Wolves problems are continuing as well. I will also not be surprised if McCarthy is shiiped out at the same time as Craig.


    Agreed Yankee.

    Our next league fixture is against Wolves at home. You won''t hear me say this very often, but with no points possible for us today I feel it''s a must win game for Norwich.


  7. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]

    Delia has said time and time again that if the right offer came in they would sell up. 

    The only thing I disagree with is the - ''jobs for friends'' that patently goes on at our club.  Nigel Worthington proved that if you mix personal friendships with working relationships in professional sport it can become deadly for the club involved. And it is exactly how the inept Peter '' big mouth'' Grant got the job.


    Of course she has said that, and not just this week but she has always said it. The Board also do have a responsibility to ensure that any investment is right for this club.

    "Jobs for friends and family" is nothing new! I offer you Kevin Bond and Kenny Brown! Although unless people who I have enormous respect for turn out to be liars Peter Grant was selected because he was the best candidate for the job.


  8. nutty nigel

    yet another season ticket thread

    I''m presently considering whether to renew my season ticket. I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath for my decision. I will let you know the outcome of my ponderings on yet another thread later.

    Does anyone on here really care if individuals renew their tickets or not???????



  9. nutty nigel

    Nice one Rog - let's boost them ticket sales!

    [quote user="blahblahblah"]

    [quote]But would you have kept Nigel Worthington? (in Hindsight?)[/quote]

    No.  It was obvious to everyone in the end that the players weren''t interested in working for him.  This time the players have nowhere to hide.


    Even with hindsight peoples opinions are so varied. Some would never have appointed him in the first place while others would probably still have him here now. Lots of opinions on where Worthy went wrong have gradually changed because of the fact that Grant hasn''t been able to stop the rot in the way many fans expected. Look how the fans views on Paul McVeigh have changed. Posters are now saying the things Worthington himself was saying when they were using WLY as a stick to beat him with. Worthington had to go because the club never got out of the downward spiral after relegation. The timing for me, with my hindsight, was wrong and he should have gone as soon as we got to 50 points last season.

    Blah says''s this time the players have nowhere to hide, but I disagree.

    Some rubbish player performances last season and early in this were greeted with "we want Worthy out" chants from the fans. The players concerned, with the exception of Andy Hughes, got away with it. On Saturday against Plymouth some more rubbish performances were greeted by "are you watching Delia" from the fans. And as you see on this messageboard, with very few exceptions all the fans anger is vented at The Board and especially Delia.

    Booing players of course is not the most helpful thing to do during a match but to give them a hiding place just helps create the comfort zone that the manager referred to today.



  10. nutty nigel

    is this a first?

    Maybe someone on the Web Team can explain where and how these quotes come about? Are the players contracted to give interviews and then answer the questions given or do they just volunteer the interviews off their own backs so to speak?


  11. nutty nigel

    Who wants Martin to start?

    I''d be well tempted to start him up front with Brown. It''s fresh and new, no baggage from the nightmare games of this season, just what the club needs right now!


  12. I can see where you are coming from on this sheded, but I don''t think you are right this time. I think his criticism of Hux was the bit about Adam Drury and grey hair! I don''t think anybody could accuse Hux of living in the comfort zone as in lack of desire or effort or commitment. I know I wouldn''t anyway!


  13. nutty nigel

    Lets explode the myth now!.

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    No.. u didnt.. she threw her hat in the ring when the opportuinty arose.. thats how business works! no one will write to a big money man/woman asking them to buy the club because it doesnt happen.. Businessmen act.. they dont get invited to act.

    jas :)


    Actually she didn''t, she was invited. But why let the facts get in the way of stuff you make up!


    ''When the whole Chase collapse happened,'' she says, ''a board director called Martin Armstrong said if we could put half a million in each we could both have a seat on the board. We were desperate to watch a flourishing, brilliant football club and we felt we had an opportunity to do something about it. As supporters you feel so powerless and hopeless and we had the opportunity to do something about it. It was not a big decision.


  14. [quote user="August 64"]

     "I think we know who the jerk is!"

    Oh we know, we know FramCan.  Still they say self-knowledge is one of the steps to enlightenment.  

     "not the labour of love as it was for our dear deperted (sic) Geoffrey Watling."

    Oh dear Cluck.  Remember the massive antagonism and protests that were a feature of his chairmanship and the horrible chanting to the Zigger Zagger tune that used to pour out of the Barclay.  Never mind that he saved the club from extinction he was abused and hounded - maybe that is the fate of people who care and put their own money in.  Sound familiar at all?


    If posters can''t remember what happened in the 90''s when Chase was Chairman how do you expect them to remember the 60''s! Smluck was a fan back then so maybe he/she/they can remember the Zigger Zagger chant, I know I do!


  15. nutty nigel

    NAME THAT TEAM - Burnley (A) 1973

    Got it!

    The midfield player was at the club from a youngster in the mid sixties, I didn''t remember him as still at the club when Bond was here though! One of the nine letters is a ''

    I think this game was Ted Macdougalls debut!

    The fullback is well obscure alex, I only got it because I thought it could be another player of the same name at the club at that time, a boy I went to school with in fact! His name was Paul but I believe this players name was Les. Hope I haven''t spoiled anyones fun!



  16. nutty nigel

    Gunnys book

    Thanks for posting this jas....

    I haven''t read the book yet but i have got it. Gunny is a legend and our memories of him and the other legends who played for our great club will long outlive all the bickering on these boards at the moment.


  17. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"]If you don''t have any, maybe there will be a tout outside..?

    I never thought of that...... do ya think we could make enough to pay for nest years season ticket?? [;)]


  18. nutty nigel

    NCISA in Board honesty claims!!!!

    [quote user="shyster"]Your username is pretty apt.[/quote]

    Tha''s right.. shoot the messenger! Looks like both our usernames are apt!


  19. nutty nigel

    NAME THAT TEAM - Burnley (A) 1973

    The 1-0 defeat left us bottom and I think Burnley was in top 6!

    I can''t get the 9 letter midfielder either! The left back only played a few games for us and went to Canada I think. Cambridge is right about the right midfield, he was the Hughes of his day and his name sounds a bit like a trainrobber!


  20. We can all guess at the answers and probably not be far away from what they probably are!

    As I said, the Board have answered some of those questions over the last few months. For instance, I''m sure they answered No.10 at the press conference after the sacking of Worthy.We may not agree with the answers that they give, and we may still think they were wrong, but its not right to treat a question as unanswered until the answer agrees with the questioners point of view!


  21. nutty nigel

    NCISA in Board honesty claims!!!!

    Amongst all the claims of dishonesty and lies from posters on this messageboard I find it refreshing that one of the fans pressure groups should offer their support to the honesty of the board of our football club.

    Roy Blower, chairman of the Norwich City Independent Supporters'' Association, said the board could expect a grilling from fans at tonight''s meeting.

    But he said: “From my point of view we have come through grim times before and when you are in debt like we are you cannot get out of it in a short space of time.

    “I suspect at the meeting there will be some people giving the board a hard time, but at least we have an honest board.”


  22. Surely the board have answered some of those questions over the last few months. It would be interesting to hear the answer to No.7 though!


  23. Been thinking about the statues we see at other clubs, do we really have one player who stands out over history to warrant a statue? Or one manager who has achieved more than any other? It''s really difficult! What was the most glorious moment in our history? Was it the ''59 cup run, was it winning in the Olympic Stadium, was it Ron Saunders finally taking us to the promised land?

    Surely BBB''s is not serious about a statue for Robert Chase and surely Wiz is not serious about Delia''s. It may well be that our clubs most glorious chapter is not yet written!


  24. A lot of us do remember correctly Shaun Lawson, we do see it, but now expect to see this thread disappear and another one start saying the same old things!

    Of course whether people have the ability to remember correctly doesn''t affect the problems we have now, many of them are of this boards own making BUT much of the present policy came about because of the mess inherited from the Chase years.

    Reading the press today made me dig up what we were reading back in those days, here''s a reminder:-

    In his opening statement new Canary chairman Barry Lockwood openly admits that in the summer of 1995 it was "a mistake" to keep the club on a Premiership footing. "It was a gamble which, of course, might have paid off," Mr Lockwood explained to the club''s shareholders. "Unfortunately, it did not." And the price the Canaries paid for that disastrous tumble into the First Division is now there for all to see.

    Let''s start at the top with income - the money ringing through the club''s tills. Guiding your finger across the rows of figures merely reveals that ticket sales have stayed reasonably firm, but points means prizes means pounds. For there, in 1992-93, by finishing third in the old Premier League, City earned a 741,100 positional bonus; three seasons later as they stumbled home 16th in the Endsleigh First Division, their reward had fallen to a mere 57,000.

    Look at the power of television. Beamed live into every home in England, Norwich City''s heroic UEFA Cup run was part of Premier League season that yielded 870,400 in television facility money. Two seasons on and that princely sum was more a pauper''s wage -- 234,100.

    The overall effect? From a total turnover of over 9 million as City marched on Europe, it was down to less than 6 million as the club tumbled downwards. So as income crumbled and the Canaries'' fortunes sank, what was the impact of that decision in the summer of 1995 to maintain Carrow Road on a Premiership footing? Expenditure spiralled ever upwards. Indirect labour sets the trend -- the staffing costs for all those one-step removed from the actual playing and coaching staff. The arrival of a press department, new faces in the commercial department, the employment of a construction manager -- all helped add 400,000 to indirect labour costs.

    Many enjoyed the luxury of a company car. Within a year vehicle running costs had doubled. As the fed-up fans gathered in protest, so the public relations consultants and the image-makers arrived at Carrow Road -- their bills are there, in amongst the 400,400 cost of legal and professional fees in the 1995-96 season.

    So how did the club meet its rising expenditure if income was tumbling? "By player sales and overdraft borrowing," reports Mr Bennett. To the fans, the first was the departure of Chris Sutton, Ruel Fox and John Newsome; for the club, the second was bank charges and interest payments together totalling 557,100 by the 1996-97 season.

    It was transfers that really spared the chairman''s bacon -- 8.5 million over the four years, enough to register a profit after tax and dividends of 2,694,000. But the sting lies in the tail - that figure nestling at the bottom. Capital Expenditure, Additions. 9,814,000. The Barclay Stand, the radio station, the training ground at Colney, the mill, the in-fills, the specially-woven Canary carpet -- the hundred and one thousands fixtures and fittings that found the chairman''s belief in bricks and mortar over-taking the manager''s demands for flesh and blood.

    So allow for capital grants and take one from the other. A net cash deficit of 5,496,000 --enough to ensure that by June 30, 1996, the club''s creditors were looking for 9 million. Enter Delia Smith and friends, the four new directors who brought 2 million to the club last November as the return of manager Mike Walker brought fresh hope to the football field. As for its financial policy, the chief executive''s statement is quite clear. The board "is dedicated to maximising the performance of the team for the benefit of our supporters and fans."

    Robert Chase''s compensation

    Norwich City director Roger Munby insisted that former club chairman Robert Chase took no more than he was due when he walked away from Carrow Road with more than 137,000 compensation -- plus 83,670 in salary and expenses for the first five months of last year. The revelation, in new accounts sent to club shareholders, that Mr Chase received 137,040 "compensation for loss of office" after handing over power last May with City almost 7million in debt, sparked an angry reaction from supporters'' representatives.

    Rupert Sheldon, the secretary of the Anglian Football Supporters Association, said: "It is disgusting that this man who left us in such an appalling state, both financially and on the field, has received this sort of money."

    And Roy Blower, the chairman of the Norwich City Independent Supporters Association as well as a shareholder, said: "I am sure a lot of fans will feel let down by this."

    But Mr Munby defended the figures last night, saying: "The final settlement with Robert Chase was made absolutely by the book. The terms of his departure were pursued precisely as set out in his service contract as chief executive and chairman of the club."

    Mr Munby stressed that the "compensation" did not involve any ''incentive'' for Mr Chase to stand down from power but was comparable to the kind of settlement which is standard for paid executives with similar responsibilities in industry. "I can understand some people gulping at what seem to be large sums," he said. "But in terms of the office he held and the time and effort he put into the club the final settlement was not out of the ordinary. It represents the going rate."

    Though Mr Munby was not at the club when the contract was drawn he said there was no question of disputing the terms when Mr Chase stood down, adding: "It was just one of the implications we had to look into at that time and I can testify that everything was properly drawn up and accounted for."

    Other costs

    Vehicle running costs for the 1994-95 season, 78,700; professional and legal costs for the 1995-96 campaign, 400,400; combined total of interest and bank charges ''95-96, 557,000; net cash deficit for the last four seasons of the Robert Chase administration, 5,496,000. It''s all there. Not every dot and comma, every pound and pence of where the money went, but the broad sums that left Norwich City Football Club on the brink of financial extinction have been revealed by the club''s latest set of accounts.

    The accounts also show that Greenland Houchen, a firm of Norwich solicitors of which former director Trevor Nicholls is a partner, supplied legal services the club during the period costing 124,713.




  25. nutty nigel

    Score predictions from now on.

    [quote user="mbncfc"][quote user="alex_ncfc"]

    Note the penultimate home game of the season, and who it''s against. Imagine if things got so bad, that we needed to beat them to avoid relegation?


    You''ve just posted something that is far too frightening to comprehend.


    It could conceivably be even more frightening with the same thing at stake for both teams. Loser gets relegated!

    I don''t want to think about it anymore.................................

    Looks like we are gonna win the cup though!