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  1. nutty nigel

    Ronaldinho Signs on a Free !

    [quote user="ncfc1"]Another great post by Blah Blah Blah who supported Worthless up to the hilt and its people like him that have brought this club to its knees .[/quote]

    Oh the power of one man and his keyboard!


  2. nutty nigel

    Predictions for Wolves Game

    I am hoping for a 442 with Dublin and Hucks up front. If Dublin doesn''t make it I guess it would be Thorne and Hucks [:|]

    Howabout this:-

    Marshall.... Colin, Doherty, Shackell/Robinson, Drury.... Croft, Etuhu, Safri, Eagle.... Dublin/Thorne Huckerby.

    And a 2-0 win for the canaries!!


  3. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]

    [quote user="7rew"]Chelsea handed easy tie, here are the cup runs of the top 4:

    3rd round(H): Macclesfield - Bottom half League 2
    4th round(H): Notts Forest - Top half League 1
    5th round(H): Blackpool - Top half League 1
                or Norwich - Bottom half Championship

    Manchester United
    3rd round(H): Aston Villa - (then) Top half Premiership
    4th round(H): Portsmouth - Top half Premiership
    5th round(H): Reading - Top half Premiership

    Arsenal (if through)
    3rd round(A): Liverpool - Top half Premiership
    4th round(H): Bolton - Top half Premiership - Replay
    5th round(H): Blackburn - Bottom half Premiership

    Liverpool (out)
    3rd round(H):  Arsenal- Top half Premiership - Lost

    So comparitively (to the rest of the big four) easy draw there don''t you think

    Easy is a very relative word. Depends what is being compared.

    One could say that City are a successful club because we are cuurently 37th out of the 92 clubs in the football league structure. If that is your comfort level, then fine - for you.

    Now compare our current situation with the years 1958-1995 - more like my comfort level. In most of those years a top six club would have been described as having a potentially difficult tie against Norwich City.

    There''s a world of difference between ''easy'' and ''potentially difficult''.





    In case you haven''t noticed football has changed beyond all recognition since 1995 only arsenal, liverpool & man utd can compete with chelsea the gap is now huge the fact it''s an easy tie for chelsea says more about how good they are than it does about how bad we are.

    Since 1995 only arsenal, liverpool, man utd & chelsea have won the fa cup, we will never compete with these teams no matter how good we are.

    This is absolutely spot on angels!

    Each year their stanglehold on the FA Cup becomes ever tighter. It''s got to the point where an upset involving these clubs is virtually impossible and they only usually get knocked out by eachother.


  4. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="nutty nigel"]


    So did Parkinson last season, what happened to him again????



    Stop twisting things NN, and answer the Colchester question.


    Stop bein'' moody!! [:P]

    What was the Colchester question??


  5. nutty nigel

    Non Entities!

    As I said in Octfebsepuary. This Club under this manager will let all our quality players such as Flem and Hendo leave the club for nothing and sign a load of useless Scottish journeymen who are not fit to lace Thornes boots.

    You wait and see if  i''m right!!!!

    Anyway, if I''m wrong I said the exact opposite last Novjanber just before my rant about the club not having a statue of Neil Doncaster.


  6. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="john"]

    who would you want to take over..another manager with no money could not do any better



    Mr Williams at Colchester seems to be doing okay on a tight budget......................I wonder why that is John?.



    So did Parkinson last season, what happened to him again????


  7. nutty nigel


    I don''t buy into it either Pru!

    By atmosphere I meant an end to the angry atmosphere of protest that has been inside the ground since we got relegated from the Premiership. Posters on this thread referred other periods in our history where the team played poorly and the attendances reflected this. The ground wasn''t full of people who didn''t want to be there so the atmosphere was better. That''s all I am saying. I am not advocating people should have their season tickets taken off them nor am I suggesting that people shouldn''t have the right to protest if they are unhappy.

    People have posted on this very board that they only go to games because they feel obligated as they have a season ticket. All I am saying is that in my opinion the atmosphere in the ground would be better if all the fans wanted to be there even if it meant smaller crowds.


  8. nutty nigel



    I wasn''t referring to you when I was talking about season ticket holders. Why on earth would I have been?????

    I was refering to the people who have posted on here that they are not going to renew their tickets and only go now out of obligation because they have already paid!

    The "cynical scam" as you call it probably costs the club money in the long term, and as I said before, I believe a reduction is season ticket holders would be good for everyone.


  9. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    No.. you say it how you perceive it to be. How it IS is that we have made two permanent signings and one quality loan signing and still trying to get more. We have sent out many players on loan. These are facts, facts that make this a busy transfer window compared to what we have been used to.

    I suggest that you rarely "say it as it is" and on the few occasions you do nobody will take any notice of you. I may not be familiar with your fishermens tales but I can recognise the boy who cried wolf.


  10. nutty nigel


    Yes Hairy Canary, and so have I already renewed mine, and so will all the other diehard season ticket holders who some posters like to refer to as sheep! All I was saying is that I for one will be happy if the people who have season tickets, but state they only go out of obligation, don''t renew so that their seats can be taken by casual fans who want to be there.

    Far from losing revenue the club would probably gain revenue with more seats sold at casual prices!


  11. nutty nigel

    Excuses, Excuses and more Excuses!!

    Why not snakepit!

    We haven''t had a good protest since October. What are we protesting about this time? Will there be a nice little march too?

    If you honestly feel that badly then maybe your boycott would be the best idea.

    I would hate to see this club adjust our transfer strategy to bring in lower class of players. Where is the ambition in that?

    We have already signed two players in this window and one quality loan player. It seems there is still a good chance of one or maybe two more players coming in before the deadline. There have also been many players leave the club on loan deals.

    Do you not call that a busy window?????



  12. nutty nigel


    I think the point Rudolf was trying to make and the point I was making in another thread is that, if this messageboard, canary call, letters to the press etc are to be believed then many fans will not be renewing their tickets out of their own choice!

    In my opinion this will in turn make the atmosphere in the ground better because the people in the ground will be people who actually want to be there instead of feeling obligated to be there because they have a season ticket which they don''t really want.

    It will also mean that there will be more seats for casual fans to go when they want.

    The club will probably be better off because they will sell more tickets at casual prices rather than season ticket prices.

    I don''t think anybody is advocating taking season tickets away from those who want them!


  13. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    [quote user="-.-. .-.. ..- -.-. -.-"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    [quote user="ncfc1"]This club is a disgrace and if they go down it will be exactly what they deserve .[/quote]

    Interesting choice of words there ncfc1. Most fans refer the their club as "we"!

    Wiz, why is Grant woefull in the transfer market? There has been more activity around the club in this window than in previous windows.



    Sorry but....ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho. Classic stuff.............[N]


    Would you like to expand on why you think that''s classic stuff?

    I often wonder what your agenda is on these boards!


  14. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    [quote user="-.-. .-.. ..- -.-. -.-"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

    [quote user="ncfc1"]This club is a disgrace and if they go down it will be exactly what they deserve .[/quote]

    Interesting choice of words there ncfc1. Most fans refer the their club as "we"!

    Wiz, why is Grant woefull in the transfer market? There has been more activity around the club in this window than in previous windows.



    Sorry but....ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho. Classic stuff.............[N]


    Would you like to expand on why you think that''s classic stuff?

    I often wonder what your agenda is on these boards!


  15. nutty nigel

    Here's an idea Grant!

    [quote user="ncfc1"]This club is a disgrace and if they go down it will be exactly what they deserve .[/quote]

    Interesting choice of words there ncfc1. Most fans refer the their club as "we"!

    Wiz, why is Grant woefull in the transfer market? There has been more activity around the club in this window than in previous windows.


  16. nutty nigel


    I think you misunderstand what I am saying. I would not ban anyone from having a season ticket. There are plenty of people who have season tickets now who don''t want them, just read this board everyday and you will see that! When they don''t renew their tickets will be taken up by those on the waiting list. But IF this poor run of form continues the amount of season tickets will drop to a realistic level. I just think we should then keep it at that level which I believe would be best all round.


  17. nutty nigel

    Lets Bombard Doncaster with emails.

    [quote user="Stevie Wonder"]

    A further point occurs, does this mean that Grant''s e-mail address is PeterG@ncfc-canaries.co.uk and Delia''s is DeliaS@ncfc-canaries.co.uk?



    Don''t think Delia has an email address. I emailed her through the main reception a few years ago and asked that they pass it on to her. I was totally amazed when a few weeks later I got a hand written reply through the post. They had passed my email on and she had found my details through checking my email address on the clubs customer database.


  18. nutty nigel


    I posted a similar thread last week. I came to the conclusion that we have too many season ticket holders who are really casual fans. Season ticket holders used to be people like me who would go to the games regardless of success. The hardcore or diehards if you like, or even the sheep as cluck would have them called.

    There was never many more than 11/12,000 of these in my time as a supporter and it wasn''t until the last few seasons that we got anywhere near 15,000 season ticket holders let alone 20,000.

    At the moment there are many going to games because they have bought a season ticket rather than because they want to. Many have stated on here that they only go because they feel obliged to. If they didn''t have there season tickets they would pick and choose their games. Another poster on here pointed out how there is no value in owning a season ticket if you don''t want to go to all the games, it would be cheaper to become a casual fan.

    Everyone would gain if the amount of season tickets were to drop:-

    • Those that don''t want to go to games while we are playing poorly wouldn''t feel obliged to go.
    • The atmosphere in the ground would be better for those that do still want to go.
    • There would be more tickets available for casual fans who want to go sometimes.
    • And the club would sell more seats at casual prices especially when we are succesful again.

    I think it would be a good idea to never have more than 16,000 season ticket holders ever again.


  19. Why is it so important what Adams thinks?

    Adams opinion is no more relevent than any poster on these boards. His opinion doesn''t and shouldn''t have any relevence in team selection or club policy. He hosts a radio phone in with very little discussion and many angry rants. Is it that people need him to agree with them to make them feel comfortable? Do they need to be able to say "this must be the worst side ever to play for Norwich and we are certainly going to get relegated and Neil Adams agrees with us".

    Remember Rick Waghorn last year and how people turned against him because they didn''t share his point of view. Journalists (and I guess Adams is one of them) don''t have a duty to write and say popular things although in many cases they do just that. Last season the local press was accused of "towing the club line" too much and that seems to have been put turned round this season where some of the articles about the club I feel are unfair and just written to be popular. The "Betting shame" one at the weekend being an example. And there was also the 10 questions the EEN wanted asked at the AGM. Some of those questions had been answered by the board during the year and it seemed to me that it was a case of a question being treated as unanswered unless the answer was what the questioner wanted to hear. Overall though I believe it''s right that the local media should be asking questions with the local football club underperforming so badly, I just feel that people like Neil Adams add some balance to it all.

    In many ways this messageboard is a much better medium to discuss our football club than canary call. The threads on here about football, the players, team selection and tactics usually turn into reasonable discussions. When we post something we have to be prepared to be shot down by a different point of view. I don''t ever see myself picking up the phone and calling canary call, but I love posting on here.


  20. nutty nigel

    Chelsea V Blackpool or Norwich!!!!!

    I am not particularly excited by this draw. I wanted Manchester United to play Chelsea and us to have a more winable game. How many away cup games is that this season?? Oh well, if we were going to win the cup we would have to beat them sometime!!! [;)]

    The cynic in me sees this draw as a step closer to a final contested by two out of Chelsea, Man.U. and Arsenal!


  21. nutty nigel


    [quote user="Fat Barman"]I''m interested by your facts NN. Having to listen to most of the games, it sounds as if Doherty is guiltier than the other defenders of fouling in dangerous areas, which have led directly to goals conceded. In the three games I have managed to see this season he has appeared (IMHO) to be more at sea than Shackell.

    One of the debates is whether Doc is looking bad because he''s trying to compensate for Shacks, or vice versa? The only yardstick I''ve been able to use is how they perform with other partners. To the radio listener, Shacks has appeared more composed and a better defender, when partnered by Dublin - on yesterdays performance, the same could not be said about the Doc (although I noticed it was DD37 who conceded the dangerous free-kick that led to the goal, I think?).

    Another major factor, as mentioned above, is Goalkeeper influence. At the start of the season, Gally seemed very assured and distributed the ball imaginatively and to good effect. As more errors have crept into his game, so the defence has been more flustered as they don''t trust him. Maybe Marshall will help in this respect.

     I may have missed some but I think these are the goals we have conceded from free kicks:-

    Leeds away: penalty Croft. Southend away: Free kick Safri. QPR away: Free kick Shackell. Stoke away: Penalty Ashdown. Leicester home: Free kick Shackell. Southampton away: Free kick Etuhu. Plymouth Home: Free kicks Doherty and Dublin.

    I''m not sure who gave away the free kick that Blackpool indirectly scored from, FB says Dublin. And it should be said that the concensus of opinion was that the freekicks given away by Safri against Southend and Doherty against Plymouth were refereeing errors.

    According to the official Football League stats Safri and Etuhu give away 50% more freekicks than Doherty and Shackell.

    Robinson, Safri and Shackell have 6 yellow cards where as Doherty has 3. Of course Doherty had a red card against Burnley.

    If Doherty is really more guilty of fouling in dangerous areas then he must be bribing the refs too.

    I agree with you about the goalkeeper FB, as I said in an earlier post our back four may look better with a confident keeper behind them.

    I still believe Doherty is our best central defender and I include Dublin in that. In my opinion our best pair is  Doherty and Dublin, but I would still play Doherty and Shackell in the hopes that together they can form a formidable partnership for the long term.



  22. nutty nigel


    [quote user="wood 4 the trees"]I''m afraid i agree with the previous post,  i''m actually gob smacked that u think doherty is our best defender.  Doherty is slow, cant pass, cant control cant hit the target from inside the 6 yard box but more importantly he gives away too many free kicks.  He constantly wraps his arms around anyone he''s marking and gives away pointless free kicks that time and time again have resulted in goals against.  If a player does get away from him then he''ll foul them usually in a dangerous position.  Defensively he is good in the air i grant you but you can gaurentee he''ll always clear the ball to one of theirs so that the attack can start again.  In my opinion (different to yours I accept) he''s not even an average ''2nd div'' player. Confidence doesn''t have anything to do with it he has no ability![/quote]

    Opinions are opinions and facts are facts.

    It''s my opinion that Doherty is our best defender at the moment.

    It''s a fact that Doherty gives away less free kicks than Shackell and in fact many other players. It''s a fact we don''t concede any more goals from free kicks that Doherty gives away than those given away by other players.



  23. nutty nigel


    I think I get where you are coming from CJF. But I have read and reread that financial report and it doesn''t make a lot of sense to me. If you are dividing that 9m by the amount of players on the books you have to remember that 9m was the total for the year ending May 06. That includes a lot of players who left the club after relegation and I assume a lot of loan players from last season.

    I wouldn''t have thought players wages are 9m now and certainly not next season.

    Talking about high wage bills. Derby appear to have taken a huge gamble this season and part of me would like to see them miss out to see what happens in the summer!


  24. nutty nigel


    I think you are being a little unfair on Shackell saying he will never be wanted by a bigger club than Norwich GJP.

    I agree with a lot of your criticisms but Shackell is a young player learning his trade at quite a high level. I think he has the potential to be an excellent central defender, but he needs time and during that time he will make a lot of mistakes.

    I really believe we should persevere with Doherty and Shackell. Hopefully a stronger and more confident goalkeeper behind them and a stronger midfielder in front of them will help build up their confidence. It would cost the club a lot of money to buy better than these two!




  25. [quote user="Brian Burrell"][quote user="John Boubepo"]I''m not sure how anyone can defend the decision to build a hotel in the corner of a football stadium, especially when there is a clear demand for more seats, the pitch-side of a football stadium should be for supporters only, personally I feel a hotel is as out of place at CR as a supermarket or a bus station, I would rather they had just left a gap, at least the potential would have still been there for a decent Stadium, now we have a  Mickey Mouse hotel for ever - a symbolisation and an constant reminder of the clubs ambition and lack of empathy with the fans.
    [/quote] Thanks John I didnt think I was standing alone on this one. FOOTBALL must come first[/quote]

    I am still struggling with this one. I would much much rather have a corner infill than a hotel, it is afterall a football stadium!

    However, reading the posts on here it seems to me that the hotel option is a better one, at least short term, for the football team??

    Trouble I have with this is that now there will never be a corner infill!

    Or am I still not understanding properly?