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  1. I remember being in the barclay in the late 60s and a thin blue line segregated the fans. Not so thin when Tilly was there....
  2. nutty nigel

    I actually want us to sell a player

    Yes we're going to hell in a handcart. Just like when Lewis was the last one worth selling and we couldn't compete with the binners...
  3. He certainly is. And I'm entitled to mine. I don't really get what you're saying buddy?
  4. Welcome to Rays Funds, supported by Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. You PUPs have been on top form for a few weeks now and we’ve had the results to prove it. It could so easily have been four consecutive wins last week where Mandie was so unlucky to have just that Paderborn equaliser scuppering her six. But I think we have every chance of a getting straight back to winning ways this weekend with DJ11 in the final six hot seat. DJ is a great supporter of all we do on these threads and was extremely unlucky last year when Sarajevo managed to turn a home banker into a 0-0 draw! So let’s help him to go one better this year with some more great selections from the games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this weekend that are listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 web site. We are honoured to have a VIP on this week’s thread with Jamie Abbott making the final selections for our beloved Canaries game at home to Liverpool. Jamie’s won twice before when guesting here for us and who could ever forget him correctly picking Ivo Pinto as a goal scorer when he’d never scored a first class goal before. Jamie has a tenner to spend split between the PUPs picks and his own. And of course we also have PUPanon’s insurance of £2 Norwich lose and £1 draw as well. As always a massive thank-you to our benefactor PUPanon for making the Norwich match picks possible. Also to all the Pink Un posters who send me pledges and donations. And to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. Their money all goes straight into the presentation pot. The CSF and our DS boys and girls really appreciate this support. For more information on our sponsors take a look at their websites below:- http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ In the previous two seasons we’ve played the binners at home around this time and that’s been the fixture where we honour our special memories of Michelle Dack (Chellecity). I’ve spoken to Ian and we’ve decided this year to do this for the Southampton game on 14th March. So we have a few weeks to think about it. PUPs who want to take part can send a fiver to me in one of the usual ways and make a selection for the game on that week’s thread. With any returns from these £5 bets split 50/50 between SarcomaUK and our presentation pot and recorded on Chelle’s part of Ray’s signature. Ian (Hissing Sid) makes the Norwich picks annually for this game with any wins going to our presentation pot and recorded on Chelle’s part of Ray’s signature. If any would rather just make a donation then that’s ok too and it will be split 50/50 between SarcomaUK and our pot. Thanks to those who have already sent a fiver. So now I’ll hand the thread over to DJ11 and Jamie Abbott. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away David and the Jamie, the thread is yours............. Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/
  5. Nothing went for us this week but thanks to PUPanon's insurance we still added to the pot... It was a difficult week. 17/34 winning PUPs (4 void) 57% 14/24 winning picks (2 void) 63% Here are the latest PUPs league tables... PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability Kathy 27 28 96% 6.07 PurpleCanary 26 28 93% 4.83 Parma 26 28 93% 0.01 Kiwiscot 24 28 86% 3.46 Cosmic Twin 24 28 86% 2.08 Til1010 23 28 82% -0.04 Molly Windley 22 28 79% 1.46 Lincsy 21 27 78% 5.38 Graham Humphrey 15 20 75% 0.48 Mandie Moo 11 15 73% 0.51 Diane 20 28 71% -1.28 Lessingham 17 24 71% 1.23 MMMK 11 16 69% 1.1 Diesel Doris 19 28 68% -0.5 Hammond1612 19 28 68% -3.92 Greg 17 26 65% -4.12 Lake District Canary 15 23 65% -1.13 First Wazzock 15 23 65% -1.9 nutty nigel 18 28 64% -2.23 Lappinitup 17 27 63% 5.06 Mr Apples 17 27 63% -3.23 LeedsCanary 10 16 63% 8.38 SwindonCanary 10 16 63% 1.02 GMF 13 21 62% 0.79 DJ11 16 26 62% -4.22 Hector Brockelbank 17 28 61% 2.95 Jellytot 12 20 60% -4.36 Hansterbubble 9 15 60% -1.48 ZLF 15 26 58% 0.47 Feedthewolf 12 21 57% -5.33 WWIAFTM 15 28 54% -3.35 Hissing Sid 15 28 54% -8.01 Crabbycanary 13 25 52% -0.63 Twidio 8 16 50% -5.13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability LeedsCanary 10 16 63% 8.38 Kathy 27 28 96% 6.07 Wooster 7 19 37% 5.79 Lincsy 21 27 78% 5.38 Lappinitup 17 27 63% 5.06 PurpleCanary 26 28 93% 4.83 Kiwiscot 24 28 86% 3.46 Hector Brockelbank 17 28 61% 2.95 Cosmic Twin 24 28 86% 2.08 Molly Windley 22 28 79% 1.46 Lessingham 17 24 71% 1.23 MMMK 11 16 69% 1.1 SwindonCanary 10 16 63% 1.02 GMF 13 21 62% 0.79 Mandie Moo 11 15 73% 0.51 Graham Humphrey 15 20 75% 0.48 ZLF 15 26 58% 0.47 Fenway Frank 9 19 47% 0.27 Parma 26 28 93% 0.01
  6. The more you post the more confident I am that we'll stay up. You've never been right yet Hardhouse!
  7. Not necessarily. If a car is driven the wrong way up a one-way-street, but isn't noticed because it somehow gives the appearance of going the other way, nobody would know the difference. Mind you that would be some feat! Far easier to be an away fan in a home seat....
  8. If you've seen the PUPS thread that appears every week in the season and wondered whether it was open to everyone then the answer is YES! It is not some exclusive club, and new participants are always welcome, to boost the numbers and help a really worthwhile charity. Just to explain the history, RAYS FUNDS, otherwise known as the PUPS, was started by my good friend Ray Ducker (Arrdee) to benefit the Norwich City Academy. From August 2013 the money raised each year has gone to the COMMUNITY SPORTS FOUNDATION and specifically the NORWICH CITY DOWNS SYNDROME TEAM. And this fund-raising is helped by the very generous support of our sponsors, TURNER EUROPEAN CONSULTING and KARE PLUS. How It Works · Every Wednesday during the season we start the new thread. · The 'Pink Un Pickers' (PUPs) then each choose one match from the weekend's fixtures and post that as their suggestion for a specific result. It is normally a home win but it can be an away win or a draw. · On the Friday evening the nominated picker from our PUPs rota selects six results from the week's suggestions and these half dozen selections become our £10 accumulator bet for the weekend. · The PUPs rota is made up of the previous season’s top 40 in our PUPs League. The league is determined by order of correct picks and is a fun competition for the message board. · There is no requirement to pay to play but obviously we need £400 per season which is met by PUPs each sending a tenner at the start of the season. But those who can’t pay or want to try it out for a week or so before committing themselves are still very welcome and are usually covered by those who can. · We also have a £10 NCFC MATCH BET funded by an anonymous benefactor, in which PUPs suggest specific bets on that weekend's game, and the nominated picker uses them and their own ideas to as to how to wager the tenner. How much have we raised? So far the total is more than £14,000! This has come not just from the two bets outlined above but from pledges, competitions and other donations thanks to the wonderful posters on the Pink Un message board. Here are the latest totals:-
  9. nutty nigel

    The PUPS - all you were afraid to ask!

    Here are the latest totals...
  10. Fair enough. I doubt they'll go though. As you can see on another thread plenty wanted to get him out last season and a few are climbing back on that this season. Just imagine if they'd had their way..... Where's your seat JF? I'm in "the blankets" BTW.
  11. Oh right..... So does a Leeds fan. Where else would they sit?
  12. The OP wanted him gone last season too. It's a yearly rant. Many others agreed with him. Amazing that we won the league and were apparently "One City Strong"....
  13. Is that why you totally avoid anything about football?
  14. But they sit in the away directors seats....
  15. There's a lot more injustice in the world than the segregation of fans. It's all caused by human failings. Aggression, greed, intolerance of others. Football has all those and more. The rules are to protect others. Ideally they wouldn't need protecting.
  16. There was a kerfuffle in eblock because there were Liverpool fans in corporate area behind the glass. People got hurt through others trying to climb over them. To do what?? When my seat was there I remember a derby fan celebrating behind the glass and a short fused city fan trying to jump up and punch the glass. Trouble is whatever goes up must come down and every time he came back down he scraped his legs on the seat. He kept this up for quite some time...
  17. I guess they have to have clearly defined areas because that's what the police and local authorities tell them to do. We can't just ignore these things if we think they're wrong. Maybe take it up with your mp or councillor. Or start a petition
  18. Where was it hidden? In the Handbag? Or the purse? Who found it again or did it remain lost forever? Perhaps this time they could hide some in Todwell's gloves?
  19. 2-2! Unlucky DJ - the cruelest of blows. So close in everything! Did you get to see the cricket?
  20. We need to send PUPpower 2-2 88 mins
  21. Real Madrid went behind but now lead 2-1 70 mins
  22. Still looking good.. Panathinaikos won 3-1 Ajax won 3-0 Juventus won 2-0 Barcelona w won 7-0 Rapid Vienna won 2-0 Real Madrid kick off 8pm
  23. nutty nigel

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    I'd play McLean and a combination of Tettey or Vrancic. (prob start with Tettey for most games) then Buendia Duda Cantwell