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  1. found this video on youtube and got me thinking of norwich players or ex players that look alike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GavsurchtGM do you know any?
  2. and 3 players caught my eye 1. Liam Dickenson: he is countys top scorer solid centre forward similer type of player to dion but younger and fitter and would be quite cheap 2. Garry Jones: Rochdale''s captain and was the best player on the park this guy reminds me of garry holt he never stops running 3. Garreth Owen: Stockports captain and was solid throughout the game would be good signing and would fit in well at centre back with taylor if we can get him
  3. haha   "tell me if he is cute cus im drunk"     "no" lol
  4. I have removed all players on loan and highligted the players that are most likely to leave.  Roeder has a lot of spending to do in the summer thats if he is given any money from the board??? otherwise we are fuck** for next season even if we are league one!   so what do you think of next seasons potential squad???                  M Glenn Roeder                          1 David Marshall 2 Jon Otsemobor 3 Adam Drury 4 Jason Shackell 6 Darren Huckerby 7 Lee Croft 8 simon lappin 9 Dion Dublin 10 Jamie Cureton 11 Luke Chadwick 12 Matthew Gilks 13 damon lathorpe 14 Juan Velasco 16 Mark Fotheringham 17 18 20 Darel Russell 21 24 Matty Pattison 25 Rossi Jarvis 26 Robert Eagle 27 Gary Doherty 28 Michael Spillane 29 Matthew Halliday 31 Andrew Cave-Brown 32 33 Kris Renton 34 Steven Arnold 35 Chris Martin 36 Bally Smart 37 Patrick Bexfield 39 Luke Daley    
  5. ched by far!  james henry needs to be given a chance he played poor against leicster but gibbs did against hull and then he played well against barnsley on sat. bertrand has also been very good and camara has be good but looks a bit dodgey at times id prefer drury when fit for next season and get in a good young left back for cover i havnt seen pearce yet but from what ive heard before and after the barnsley game he sounds good.
  6. just wanted to know from a fans point of veiw how you thought they all did today?
  7. i agree, i was going to post somthing simular.  i think we should do somthing to try and get hucks to change his mind and to get roeder to change is view of hucks.  hucks should be starting week in week out for us hes a far better player than bertrand although i do like him,  and although he had a tough start to the season due to injury from what i seen of him recently he looked alot better.  when he came on against Barnsley he looked a little injured to be honest but he still dominated the right wing and created many chances.
  8. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]evans has been playing too much, he cant keep on playing, i said he will get 45 mins, i would rather he played 90 mins in every game, its not possible for someone who runs around as much as he does, like man.u dont play rooney every game, because he puts too much effort in, Evans cant keep play 90 minuites [/quote]   any professional football player should be able to play 90 mins every week especially at the age of 19.  maybe players who are older like dublin might not be able to last the full 90 but any young professional that can''t, shouldn''t be a professional football player atall
  9. i think that evans could become a perminant player for norwich next year, with citys millions i dont think he will become a first team player although you never know!   i have a mate who went to the same school as me he is 16-17 now and he used to play for bolton and he has signed for arsenal recently for half a million he is called kyle bartley you might see him on footie manager and he said that ched is the best player he has ever played agaisnt and there ares some class oung players around. so you never know he could be the next big thing.   i hope we can keep for aslong as possible
  10. ill be happy with 4 points out of the next two games we are on fire. cumon norwich u can do it push for the playoffs!
  11. grant messed this club and signed poncy players and had them playing poncy football.  Ian Murrays recent comments proved this.
  12. gr8 we have signed a few premiership players on loan but why the hell are none of them strikers ? i hope roeder can get seomeone in who is a striker before midnight and i hope its on a perminant aswell.   i dont understand why roeder has left it so late?!?!?!?
  13. http://uglyfootballers.com/Squad2006C.asp nigel worthington lee croft luke chadwick and john hartson are all in this strange website of ugly footballers
  14. sounds like that manny richardson could be good for the future scoring a couple and getting man of the match on his debut
  15.  pepe the centre back who plays for real madrid his full name is  ........kepler laveran de lima ferreira... how do you get pepe from that?
  16. lua lua''s brother who plays for newcastle..... cant spell it but its along the lines of   kazaga Lua Lua
  17. pattisson when hucks isnt injured or unfit but 1st choice would be hucks but only when he is fully fit
  18. [quote user="Greg Sayer"]i thought collins john wnet to watford as part of the marlon king deal?[/quote]   i think it failed due to marlon king failing a medical
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