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  1. What''s with all the relegation rivals talk? I don''t think either of us are likely to be relegated.
  2. Thank you for the loanee. Most of our own fans are happy with the signing from what i''ve read. Him and Macken up front shouts goals.
  3. 1,000,000 people who hate Doncaster Rovers............. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=13554988194 I think there''s a good chance we could at least get thousands in this group. The chairman is extremely arrogant and they are like the Man Urd of the lower leagues, thinking they have a God given right to be in the championship. So please find the time to join and then add discussion topics. Also please send out requests to all your friends to join and post the link wherever possible. I hope it becomes popular enough to add more admins down the line. Cheers
  4. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]respect to barnsley for their good start - however, 2 games a week is tiring and i see 9 of the team who played against soton also played the full game or a decent part of it midweek against blackpool.[/quote] We made nine changes mid week from the team that played against Southampton so how you work that out ?
  5. Well we have sold out our initial 750 tickets and it''s not pay on the day. So they should be over 1000 away fans 2moro.
  6. Our reserves beat Blackpool so we are through. A good cup run breeds confidence so i am looking forward to another crap away match in the next round so i don''t have to do haha.
  7. To answer the questions asked so far directed to me..... 1. I will not be going because getting to away matches with cash and other commitments is hard. I am a season ticket holder for home matches though. 2. My expectations for the season are mid table nothing more or less. We played too good football for league one so more at home now. Brian Howard and Paul Hayes need a good game to make up for last saturday. Marc Richards might be the top scorer in the league, but he''s not too good at shooting. Infact the team usually need 10 chances to score one. He does however work extremely hard on the ball and tries for the full match and well liked. 3. I would think with our 7,000 or so season ticket holders that we should take two thousand on saturday. Your away trip is one of the most glamorous in the league but it''s a long day out.
  8. I am a Barnsley fan and looking forward to a good footballing contest this saturday. I hope you aren''t cocky and arogant like the Southampton fans were expecting to beat "Teams like Barnsley". When you was in the premiership i was wanting you to stay up. I expect playing you will be the hardest match of the season so far.
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