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  1. [quote user="buddhaboy"]then where has colin lewin gone? coming here???? [/quote] Gary Lewin''s not going anywhere and if you read the post, I''ve not suggested otherwise. As for Colin Lewin, not sure...
  2. Glenn is truly wielding the axe free style - Neal Reynolds has been shown the door too. More suprisingly, he''s been appointed Arsenal''s no.2 physio second to Gary Lewin [*-)]
  3.  What evidence do you have to say PG has no intention of signing any loan players? I agree the club may have a problem with regards to financing potential loan deals but I believe the intention is there.
  4. Appreciate what you''re saying Mook but Grant has obviously worked with Hayter before and obviously rates him as a player. Whether he rates him enough to bring him here is yet to be seen. Worthington had the same situation with Jason Jarrett, a player that had previously played under him at Blackpool and rated enough to bring him here. Yet he didn''t give him the time of day when he was here and ended up making himself look the fool (& Jarrett unfortunately - to Plymouth and Preston''s advantage), which resulted in the vast majority of fans questioning his targets, in particular those from the lower leagues... It''s one thing ''rating'' a player in public and another to actually buy that player. I think we should wait before commenting on Grant''s judgement of player by the players he buys and not those he choses praise in public. 
  5. [quote user="......and Smith must score."] Disco wrote, " Jezz YF... you are as thick as 2 short planks. Steady on Disco.......that''s a bit unfair on the short planks. [/quote] LOL... apologies short planks!
  6. I shall be there with bells on CA and singing my heart out for the lads! Fancy meeting up at half-time for a matchday pie?! [;)]
  7. [quote user="Yellow fever"] we might of got grant cos he was about to be sacked by west ham cos they are rubbish again and it was his fault if he was going we could get him cheep [/quote] Jeez YF... you are as thick as 2 short planks!
  8. Mr Wiz, Firstly, may I ask who you actually would like to see appointed? No garbled nonsense please, just one name... Secondly, why such a hunch with Grant? You mention you want a ''winner'' appointed but what actually constitutes a ''winner''? I agree that Tilson would have been a decent appointment, someone who knows the lower leagues and has had success on a shoe-string budget. Newell again has done well in his 3 year career as a manager at Luton, achieving more than his past employees, but what ''winning'' has he actually achieved? My advice to you would be to give Grant an opportunity, don''t expect miracles but at least give him an oppotunity to make his mark. Grant has had a good football education in terms of the clubs he has played/worked for, let''s hope most of which translates to the fortunes of NCFC. The term ''winner'' I believe wouldn''t be wide of the mark when referring to Grant as a footballer (league titles with Celtic, etc in addition to the way he plays the game - if you ever did watch him play for us [^o)]). Let''s give the bloke an opportunity shall we? (as opposed to thinking up which people we can ''stir up'' with ridiculous and antagonising posts which keep you entertained most evenings). Stop talking out of your rear and at least make some constructive comments when things don''t go all your way. Call yourself a wizard... hocus pocus my A***!  
  9. VOTTA Re Ashton... THIS IS ABSOLUTE B*LL*CKS!! Dean Ashton is one of the best players to have played for us in the past 10 years. The fact we didn''t play to his strengths cannot undermine his ability as a footballer. If you would have asked Chris Sutton to have chase long hopeful balls into the channels for 90 minutes, would you be of the same opinion of Sutton? Ashton is an intelligent player who actually plays football and wants the ball played to his feet - the fact he played with (whilst at NCFC) players that were below his ability, both mentally and physically should not be held against him (look at his form since playing for West-Ham). People on this board harp on about the ''Sutton factor'' and how he should have been signed whilst a free agent. Yes, I agree, but do not criticise the players that have graced the yellow and green jersey when in fact we were lucky to have ever acquired such a player. Dean Ashton will be prove to be a better player, both domestically and internationally, than Chris Sutton has ever been............ that''s not talking nonsense, it''s fact! Rant over... [:O]
  10. At the end of the day we need a manager that either: Knows the lower leagues and has had success at this level working with minimal resources - i.e. Tilson or Penney. Both these managers have worked on shoe-string budgets and had success. Working with the players we have at the moment, I expect an immediate improvement in both results and performances. Is determined to prove themselves as a manager and is, as an infamous Irishman once said "hungry for success" - i.e. Bowen, Crook, Grant. All have worked as assistants/coaches in their time and IMO would be suitable for the job. Obviously Bowen and Crook have more personal connections with the club and would probably appeal to the majority. However, Grant''s current employers are very similar in their set-up to Norwich in addition to playing football in the correct way. I would be happy with any of these 3. The most important thing is that we get a new man with new ideas, tactics and opinions. A fresh approach is required, not only on the playing field but also with the backroom staff and anything but an "outsider" will not fit the bill. I sincerely hope mssrs Smith & Co are of the same opinion. Fingers crossed...[:|]
  11. I hope it starts as soon as possible and continues for as long as possible! In all seriousness, I sincerely hope that the new manager gets rid of Doherty at the earliest opportunity. His positional sense is poor and often ends up making ''last ditch'' tackles as a result of his own error... and then people praise him for it! He installs me with no confidence and IMO is not good enough. Is it coincidence we have underachieved and performed poorly for all of last season and this term whilst Doherty has been (what I consider) our first choice central defender? I appreciate that our downfall is not all because of Doherty, but I do feel he has been a contributing factor.  In terms of other options, we obviously have Shackell but also Spillane and Rossi Jarvis, who I feel deserve an opportunity in the first team. I mean they couldn''t do any worse than our current centre-half pairing!
  12. Paul Mcveigh, along with several others (Doherty, Shackell, Safri, Robinson...) this season has been poor. However, in my opinion Mcveigh is one of the very few players (along with Huckerby and possibly Croft) we have at the club who can entertain and play football in a way we all want to see. Yes, I agree he has been poor this season but I think with a new manager we will all see the best of Paul Mcveigh again. Worthington''s preferences will always lie with work-rate and enthusiasism over skill, technical ability and flamboyance... and yes, I agree all players should work hard but on the flip side I want to see skillful entertaining football and Mcveigh is one of the very few players we have that can provide us with it. Rant over. *********************************************************************************************************** WLY [;)] 
  13. After 2 years of under achievement, it''s now finally looking likely that Worthington will get the boot or walk - either way I don''t care. But, who would people want to see take over the reigns if he does go? I personally would love to see Alan Curbishley here, provided he doesn''t get snapped up by either Leeds or WBA. Others I wouldn''t mind seeing arrive would be Newell, Tilson or Crook... Thoughts? [^o)]
  14. [quote user="lucky green trainers"] a pumped in cross akin from the ''gary neville'' school of crossing is never going to be threatening.  [/quote] Whilst I''m not one of Gary Neville''s biggest fans I have to disagree with this comment about his crossing ability. If we had full-backs that could cross half as well as Neville, the world would be a much better place... [;)]
  15. Getting back to the initial question, not alot. Livermore is nicknamed the BBC man by the players - balls, bibs and cones. I cannot understand why he is still here or what he offers to the development and progression of the football club - obviously Worthington knows something we don''t?! If Livermore had any quality as an assistant or coach, surely he would still be employed by Spurs or Liverpool? ********************************************************************************************************* If we don''t sign anyone, is it really that bad? We could always give the youngsters a chance... [;)]
  16. Being a relatively new member, I expect a similar thread has been done on this topic before but couldn''t find anything on the search. Your greatest NCFC starting XI - can only consist of players you have watched live. I''m certain that mine would challenge for a european place in the Premiership today! B.Gunn I.Culverhouse M.Bowen A.Linighan J.Newsome A.Townsend (c) D.Gordon I.Crook C.Bellamy C.Sutton D.Eadie _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ So Worthington thinks we need a target man - I wonder what Iwan Roberts is up to these days?! [;)]  
  17. Anyone sense a "Souness/Bellamy" saga coming on? It is sure to end in tears!.... 
  18. I don''t feel we should sell for anything less than 1 million. Having said that, if McSheffery is worth 4 million then Mckenzie should command a similar figure?!! I think Steve Bruce must have been on the sherry before making that offer. Mckenzie is a proven player at Championship level and would warrant a first team place in most of the teams in this league. Personally, I''d like to see him stay and fight for a first team slot. If we do sell and are unable to bring another striker in,  I''d like to see both Jarvis and Henderson given an opportunity up-front as opposed to the ineffective Thorne. Both have had limited opportunities in the first team, mostly spent in the right sided midfield role. I feel both are at a critical point in their career and must now start to deliver on a regular basis when first team opportunities arise. Worthington must give both a fair run in the first team and make a decision as to whether they actually make the grade or not. We don''t want another example of letting youngsters leave without giving them a fair crack of the whip (Danny Crow, Paul Hayes to name a couple). 
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