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  1. As Mr Phil Smith is on the top of all NCFC xmas cards lists this year I thought you might be interested in his email address and website. These are in the public domain so there is nothing wrong with dropping him a line and passing on your best wishes...yeah right ! admin@firstartist.com www.first-artist.co.uk I agree with the guy on another note - Worthy is a genius, he will come here.
  2. The guy has said all along that wages were not this issue, he loved it here and ''would be back tomorrow''...i believe him, after all he cant be hard up after 5 plus years at the top. WBA got Hulse, we will end up getting Hucks believe you me - Just goes to show that the best things come to those who wait. ps im in for the flowers to his missus. pps hats off to worthington, hes got what it takes.
  3. Was at yesterdays game and am not ashamed to say i cried my eyes out at the end, even the McVeigh and Roberts substitutions and the hugs that followed started me off. Cardiff was a great experience but I have never felt so gutted as I did yesterday. Having received the share invite a couple of weeks ago I was up for £100 even though I cant really afford it [the missus may never have found out]. I would have gone for it if it meant there was a real chance of taking Hucks on. I now feel somewhat perplexed, it appears the man has gone and no matter how much money flies into the coffers the case is over, therefore is the incentive still there for me ? This leads me to my point .... why the hell didnt this offer get off the ground sooner, ensuring there was some money ON THE TABLE when it was needed, eg now. I know of several other season holders who were up for it but are now thinking whats the point ?? Also, one final point .. I appreciate the waiting game, secrecy, negotiating and all that but surely someone within the club could be more up front about how far off the mark we are, if it turns out to be the £2m in outstanding wages etc then we can all see thats a non starter for a club like Norwich. Give and take i say - the club wants our money, well be up front 1st !!
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