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  1. its relegation, how can it not hurt. we have lost millions and I mean millions. while they swan off on their hols with their massive pay I bet they are not hurting like real fans. God sake stop putting them on a pedestal.
  2. brill.......... so very proud. that''s what it is all about. good money every week, clap them off the pitch. what a load of crap. I was def not clapping
  3. ok we have now joined the premiership cheating society. We are now part of the elite club. So lets not moan and complain when other players dive, over react, etc and are awarded penalties or get our players sent off. Its a sad reflection of the times but we will have to live with it. By the way MT - well done
  4. what doesnt help is the away prices for WBA fans. WBA at sunderland price adult £28. U16s only £10. WBA have taken their full allocation of 3000 for that away game. Compare that with our ticket prices. No comparison. £20 for U16s - ridiculous
  5. its amazing isnt it, all of a sudden a cup match doesnt matter. oh i forgot we are in the premiership now.MMMMMM me thinks it did when we were in the 1st div or championship. it really did matter then, winning anytime breeds confidence.
  6. please be serious, i am an avid norwich fan but vidic, yes i admit if he is fit, he has no concerns about holt. we are trying to make holt a cult figure. Vidic is too experienced, and he did play an international game recvently against a far bigger player than holt and won hands down. i am just being realistic.
  7. typical premiership primo donna supporters. All we say is we dont care about the carling cup.Never said that when we were in the 1st div, did we. yes we do care, and we should. We should have beaten mk tonight, just goes to show we do not have the depth of experience. Its a cup competition, we want to win.Lamberts comments didnt help, saying he would sacrifice the league cup. well why didnt he just play the kids!!!!!!!!!!oh he did
  8. i agree we could do well, but you said look at a side like stoke. Well just look how much they spent, Pennant, Millions on kenwyne-jones and the rest. We just dont spend, ok its good to spend wisely but they have been a lot of quality players available but too much money for us.
  9. bit difficult to see how they(stoke) have not taken their full allocation, they dont go on general sale to stoke fans until 9 aug, so how do they know they are not going to sell them
  10. sorry but go on the sunderland website whilst u cannot buy the tickets over the net the prices r published. So i am not quoting low prices but true ones
  11. ok, understand where u r coming from. No one expects us to jump in and play teams that might test us straight away. But what about the BIG teams they do not adopt the same attitude. Yes i do know what they are doing in germany, playing two different teams in ONE day. Do not need to apply for a job by the way, sorry if not everyone agrees with your views. just a good argument and rudeness is not required. Real Madrid, just have a look who they were playing pre season!!!
  12. sorry for your attitude but i have good reason for not posting only qualified recently,and yes i have been away didnt reailse there were rules but i am still entitled to opinion and if my opinion is wrong tell me so in an objective way
  13. sorry but answer my question, why should we charge so so so much for so called grade a tickets when sunderland v newcastle is only £30 for home supporters. There is no comparison, that match is a AA grade match
  14. re write that do not know what happened. tell that to arsenal, man u, chelsea, sunderland spurs and the rest. Fitness my backside, they would have had a harder run out against the reserves. i am a sports therapist they should be testing themselves now regardless wether they get beat or not. what did gorleston prove.
  15. tell that to arsenal, man u, cther they get beat or nohelsea, sunderland, spurs and the rest. Fitness my backside, i am sports therapist they should be testing themselves now regardless wether they get beat or not. what did gorleston prove
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