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  1. Interesting post. I never liked football until my dad made me go to a game against forest in 88 (I think) and from that moment on was hooked. There''s nothing like carrow road on match days, truly magical. Even led to me playing amateur footy enjoying the highs of that along with the lows. For all of this I thank my Norwich supporting dad. OTBC
  2. Just a quick note for those in and around the battersea, clapham area. The Victoria Pub on Queenstown Road will be showing the game.
  3. I think a draw would be a good result so I''m going for 1-1, Earnie for us, McSheffrey for them.
  4. I think he''d be a good appointment, so I agree with you Wiz. My Everton mate rates him very highly from his time at Goodison as well. Yes he managed Ipswich but everyone makes mistakes......
  5. Howard Wilkinson won the last year of the ''old'' division one with Leeds Utd. Ferguson won the first premiership in the year we finished 3rd!
  6. Favourites: 1. Manchester Utd, I thought it was awesome and we drew 2-2 which helped. 2. San Siro, fantastic day out and will never forgot it. 3. Highbury, unspectactular really but we were 2-0 down and won 4-2 in the second half so it forever has a place in my heart. Worst: 1. Ipswich, it''s a tin shed that should be condemned. 2. Prenton Park, Tranmere. When Polston scored the stand felt like it was moving convincing me it was about to fall down which made me sick. 3. Selhurst Park for much the same reasons stated by other posters, I''ve been six times and never seen us win, I think a 1-1 draw is about the best I''ve seen there.
  7. I doubt Gallachers confidence is low, more likely that he''s terrified of his own defenders, mind you keeps him busy.  I didn''t think he was at fault for any of the goals on Sunday as it goes.
  8. I''d welcome him, certainly fits the bill as a target man.
  9. Premier league midtable to top 6 in the Championship. We should certainly be on a par with clubs like Charlton.
  10. Interestingly the Kings Arms Reepham has replaced the Old Brewery House Reepham as my local when I''m actually home visiting my parents who live in nearby.
  11. No problem with Palace but as I have quite a few mates who support them so I hope we give them a good stuffing this weekend.
  12. Delia talking frankly in the Telegraph today for those that are interested http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2006/09/15/soworl15.xml
  13. Booing our own players is totally out of order, it will do nothing for the lads confidence. The morons that do it obviously don''t play football. Even at the level I personally play at if you make a mistake you''re well aware of it and having someone on your back particularly a home supporter or worse still a team mate tends to lead to more mistakes. If he was given some support he may actually do a lot better. 
  14. We''re due a win over Palace, can''t see us losing so going to go for a 2-1 win, goals coming from Croft and Earnie
  15. Totally agree. He''s always defended them in the past and it''s about time he gave them what for. Lets hope they respond in the correct manner and deliver 3 points against Palace.
  16. Most goals are scored after a mistake, it can be argued that as we were the home team that we forced the opposition into making mistakes. Away from home though you''ve got a good point, we aren''t necessarily taking the game to the opposition enough and it''s them forcing us into mistakes and we''re getting punished for it.
  17. I think it''ll be a draw, probably 0-0 but ever the optimist I''ll go for a 1-1 so we can at least say we''ve scored an away goal!
  18.  For me the competition lost it''s appeal years ago so I wouldn''t be bothered if we went out. An away win would be extremely welcome however, purely from a confidence point of view.
  19. 1. Never had a season ticket, always used to buy individual tickets when I lived in Norfolk 2. First game would of been home to Nottingham Forest in ''88 I think (could of been ''89). It was 0-0.
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