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  1. derby1-2city  i think we will go behind in the 32nd minute then earnie will score one then croft will score one 10 minutes from time.
  2. great jimmy. youve thought about that one havent you!! thats a great idea!!! also if we did sell mckenzie you could get another decent player couldnt you? good one!!!
  3. tell you something, they just sound like chavs if you see them again in your car shout out chav!!!!!!!! if they come at you just kick them where it hurts!!!!!!!!!
  4. most people hv got them pics on side of email.how do u get them i duno how 2 plz reply asap any1
  5. we r all over reactin. every 1 is sayin "were gna win the league if we carry on playin like this." and im like "yeah but weve only played 3 games anyway" people are sayin how the scum r at the bottom of the league but they will get sharper. however i do think well win the league this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <:o)
  6. yeah but get this iv also heard theyre not gna let "jim magilton" in to they ground when they come here coz hell be 2 embarressed to c r ground. weve got proper flood lights on r ground!!!!!!!!!!!!! youv gta admit their ground iz made of tin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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