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  1. [quote user="Norfolk Canary"]This is totally irrelevant to Norwich City Football Club......... If you want to have a w ank over Pochettino please visit a Spurs or Southampton forum...............[/quote] Oh no, quick everyone, it''s the forum police, telling us what we can and can''t discuss...and in the process not understanding that it is relevant to NCFC.... I''d echo the point that this is about building the club rather than a reliance on one manager, although I wonder if when they have the premier ''B'' league promising managers (Adams?) could be poached to manage Chelsea ''B'' before graduating to the first team..
  2. [quote user="YellowBlood"]We won''t be promoted. Sorry.[/quote] No need to apologise. But as you can predict the future with such certainty can I have tonight''s lottery numbers please?
  3. Not sure what the fixation is with foreign bargains? Is it some hangover from playing football manager where a young Icelandic international bought for peanuts becomes a global superstar? On the day Bebe moves out on loan from Manchester United picking a bargain appears harder than it looks. Better to chose known quantities to build your squad, and that is reflected in the price.
  4. Good point, you can only reduce risk I guess. Was it David Unsworth who lasted one month at Villa?
  5. Whilst your list of good imports is impressive there is an equally lengthy one of poor investments...last year''s signings of Boselli, Riveros, Poulsen and Jovanovic suggest it is not easy to adapt for even highly regarded players at big clubs.  Buying British-based players we don''t risk unsettling payers who don''t know the leagues and stay within the ''homegrown'' parameters for the future...
  6. OK money where mouth is time.  If you thing we''ll win 4.5% of our remaining games (I''ll be kind and round it up to make that 2 games) then I''ll take a bet.  If you don''t fancy it shut up and try to put as much passion behind the team as you do into running it down.
  7. Last season Earnshaw was the 12th highest scorer in the Premier League (despite not starting most of the games) ahead of Baros, Keane, Drogba etc averaging a goal every  167 minutes (quicker than Defoe, Yakubu and Ashton) and has 9 goals in 23 internationals.  The guy has yet to kick a ball and has the pace and finishing giving him potential to be a great buy, so wind it in Ronbol. It''s where the chances will come from I''m concerned about, not Earnie. 
  8. BBC say deal will be tied up Monday.  Plus 15% selling on clause.  That''s the green light for any clubs to up their prices for us.  News of the World suggests we want Andy Gray (the Sunderland player not Sky Sports pundit...although come to think of it...)
  9. At what point do we say goodbye?  Dear oh dear. The improvement between Saturday and last night was big.  I hope it will continue to go the same way.  If we got to 10 or 20 games and were mid table should that be it? You''re having a laugh. Dowie proved you can be bottom few at Xmas and still go up when they were last in the Championship.  Roll on Saturday and Palace....(bet there''s no ''how long do we give Dowie?'' on their site and they''re bottom!)
  10. I agree Deano, In this league there will always be dodgy results (witness Palace yesterday).  Given we played with a defender and 2 new boys in midfield the result is not entirely unexpected.  Now I know there should be arguments to cover this (more midfielders, earlier signings etc etc) this is bad luck.  Arguably our first choice central pair were injured and another potential candidate was sold a couple of days ago.  We will improve and adapt and be up there...(insert cheesy "one swallow doesn''t make a summer" type line as desired) 
  11. I note with interest that after refusing to sign a new contract Ellington at Wigan is being tempted by West Brom...a bit ungrateful I thought until I saw the name of his agent.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/wigan_athletic/4748433.stm
  12. Agreed let''s keep it quiet for a bit.  Also anyone worried? Well rated keeper and England under 21 striker go for £750,000 and £2.5m (rising to £3m).  Market isn''t exactly buoyant at the moment...if our well rated keeper and England under 21 striker wanted to go I hope we''d get a lot more!!! 
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