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  1. djc

    Lambert’s a binner

    Since Culverhouse and Karsa left the "dream team" at Villa Lambert has simply been a busted flush. I wish him well, his work here at Norwich was legendary. He''ll not repeat that success. Good luck to him, gone but not forgotten.

    Mind you, i do wonder if Russell Martin will be reunited with him
  2. Good news if so, if we are looking to re-sign Harrison Reed next season. Looks more likely if Southampton avoid the drop.
  3. djc

    Why did we get rid of these

    Defeats to the binners?

    (younger readers may need to ask someone old)
  4. djc

    Alan Pardew

    Now sacked from West Brom.

    Surprised at the timing, W.B. looking doomed for weeks now. Who would take this challenge on? Almost certain relegation

    Not surprised by his sacking, Pardew has been stealing a career as manager for years now. Results have been poor for him, i think worse than Pullis who he replaced.
  5. Maddison deserves better than huddersfield
  6. Another new record.

    Wow, first longest serving championship club, now 5 consecutive home games without scoring. Must be worth another gold star on their shirt.
  7. Kyle Walker! england''s finest rightback........ 1-0 Wigan!
  8. opinions - a worthy Red card?
  9. djc


    with all the fury being aimed at MM today by the 6 fingered keyboard warriers from Ipswich, there''s a whole load of suffolk sisters being neglected right now....
  10. you''d think 6 fingered knuckle-draggers would be able to hold onto a lead......

  11. djc

    How on earth can we only have 1 senior striker

    Watkins hasnt lived up to his potential from last season. Farke has gone public on him this week, perhaps to name and shame him into better output.

    Cam Jam wages are now of the books ,for a decent fee.

    Must have someone line up as replacement this week, Nelson simply cant do it alone until the end of season.
  12. Now on BBC sports website with twitter feed showing his arrival at Hearts.

    I must place on record my thanks for all of his efforts...... the debut and goal against Liverpool, and the move to Hearts.

  13. djc


    Its only two defeats after 8 excellent unbeaten games. Lets not panic just yet.
  14. The rule says An additional substitution can be made in extra time. This is known now as the fourth substitute.

    The rule does not state when subs 1, 2 or 3 may be introduced. Arsenal made their 3rd change in extra time, and could then introduce sub 4 (in extra time) as the rule permits.

  15. djc

    Deluded Binners

    Alan Brazil''s waistline casts the largest shadow.
  16. Good! Wind them up. It all started during their premier league stint with their stupidity spending.
  17. Since they last beat us they havent been out of the same division. And their history has become even further in the past.
  18. djc

    Russell Martin

    Based on the last couple of months of team selection and results i think its safe to say "come in number 5. Your time is up". But thanks for the memories.
  19. But the police had the last laugh. Two break-ins at Portaloo Road in a week.
  20. djc

    Daniel Farke's parka

  21. djc


    Raheem Stirling runs around like Rocky the Rooster from chicken run. Absolute sh*t performance from all of them. Reputation before current form.
  22. Edition 3, book launch from Mick Dennis at Carrow Road last night - was a very enjoyable evening with tales and much merriment from host Chris Goreham and four of the 11 chapter writing authors, (either former players or manager) Terry Allcock, Ken Brown, Simon Lappin and Dale Gordon.

  23. djc

    Big Cam

    Absolutely majestic header from Cam for his well deserved goal. The power through the neck muscles was immense. He works tirelessly for us, running and working the opposition. His effort which hit the post deserved a goal if only for the skill and power he put in to work the ball into the space to shoot.