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  1. I could not care about this what so ever! Though I do hope we get dicked!!! 5-0 would be so funny!
  2. I will be there but as my friend is a Villa fan I made a drunken promise I would sit in the Villa fans! But on the return leg he will be seating with the Norwich fans
  3.     [quote user="andyc24_uk"]Brighton, as I used to live there and went to see them a couple of times at the Withdean. Very much looking forward to taking in a game at their new stadium at some point in the future, which really looks the part. I also keep an eye out for Ross County - Not really sure why, I think as a kid I decided I should follow a Scottish team as well and randomly picked them...[/quote]   The new stadium looks amazing, a few friends worked on it. And I know the stadium manager so can get free tickets I''ve put my name down for the Brighton Ipswich game might sneek in a yellow and green scarf hehehe!
  4. After moving to brighton over 2 years they have now become my 2nd team. Was so proud of them against Liverpool thought they did really well.
  5. Emmanuel Adebayor last season for Real Madrid was wearing number 6.
  6. Alright calm down. I thought he was number 5 durning the world cup. Asamoah Gyan wears number 3 for Ghana. FACT!!!
  7. [quote user="LeJuge"][quote user="Gene Tierney"]Lambert may feel that squad numbers are at the bottom of the list of importance.  You get what you get, that''s it? [/quote] Yes your right, it isn''t important, but I bet you still can''t show me another striker wearing number 5 and I bet you can''t show me a goalkeeper wearing number 11. In addition, I bet you wouldn''t go and stand in front of Grant Holt after his 50 goals in two seasons and tell him that your taking his number 9 shirt from him! Squad numbers are an important aspect of marketing when you get onto this stage mate! [/quote]   Diego Forlan wears number 5 for Uruguay
  8. Cheers! I will be checking this out, and will let you know it''s performance.
  9. Travelling from Brighton to the match today?
  10. Gutted, this is only time I wish I wasn''t living in Brighton! Seems a little unfair for people who can''t go to the game or don''t live in Norfolk!   Well hope everyone going, or watching it at Carrow Road enjoys the game.
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