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  1. im not getting into a debt i never said leeds or luton . i know nothing of clubs finances & dont pretend to . its just things ive read & heard . ok maybe smaller clubs but nobody knows whats happening behind the scene at city unless your an employee working on finance. ive had my say & if all you know all want to argue with each other please do but as yhe said everyone has a opinion be it be right or wrong its still their opinion.
  2. its happened to other clubs for round about that much or even less
  3. mark robins done good job at rotherham with problems they have had roder has to goe yes he has some good players but its not working 4 him plus his management record isnt great . just my thoughts but i dont like him as a manager or the way he acts towards the fans
  4. mark robins has done a good job with rotherham, with whats gone on there. i reckon he would be good. if it did happen but then still would have no money to strenthen
  5. i think they should never play 4 their country again. they dont deserve to look at jamie carragher in his book he wrote he never got pleasure in pulling on an england shirt he could never get up 4 the games. any player who dont want to play 4 their country should never play 4 them again footballer do what every football fan wishes 4 to play football it every  boys or girls dream.most footballers are over paid that all they seam focused on the money not playing 4 their country or their club. they jump ship as soon as more money is shaken in their face . ok i know your all going to say so would we but no man in the street would earn that sort of money they r on . i know they have a short time playing football & they could get injured but so could we & what sort of pay would we get .all footballer go on to do other stuff either managment coaching media so & so they all just a bunch of over paid up myself nancys . well that me just having a rant i feel better now thanks
  6. so what your saying is this is just a light hearted no of this hucks debate that just going on to much. well heres 15 who i can remember have played for us i dont think many were very good in my opinion poss about 6 rest didnt really fit in i think segura, nedergaard , fuglestad, deblasiis, safri , molby were worth their time here the rest well . pape diop derveld de waard anselin giallanza mortensen ottosson libbra nielsen i will now leave it up to your debate if interessed
  7. got to be eadie top player in my opinion hucks is a good player but eadie better left winger
  8. i rekcon knowing u well like i do i think it should be u shaunieboy77 u could show them a thing or 2 out there
  9. would be nice but i think its wishful thinking or maybe someone could be smiling down on us or maybe their just smiling at as. Norwich need change so we can push forward the board has took us as far as the can if they love this club as they reckon they do then do the honourable as peter grant he knew he couldnt do no more. It takes a true person to do that, grant had the clubs best interest at heart when he left so why cant deila & co .
  10. i agree grant should go as he is to much out of his depth but all i ever read  on this site is you lot bitching at each other we need to stand united as we are all city fans arent we
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