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  1. I like the Idea of Velasco playing at right back as semmy is clearly not good enough defensively and doesn''t have the confidence to do what he is best at and thats create that extra man on the overlap. Hucks is injured for certain, Marshall Velasco Doc Shacks Camara Croft Fozzy Matty Bertrand Dublin Evans Subs - Gilks, Pearce, Semmy, Cureton, Martin I think Pearce has a bright future ahead of him but i would rather see our own player who will be playing for the next year in defence and is as equally as good.  
  2. Do you all honestly think that Ostemobor is a quality player, Roeder can''t see it, I can''t see it, how can u see it! Can''t defend. Doesn''t understand how to defend. For how quick he is hes lazy, very rarely do you see him use his pace defensively and if anyone says he used his pace to produce a goal line clearence, whos mistake was it in the first place to set the player free and not be offside? In a world of his own! Next game I would give Velasco a go, hes obviously got quality which we lack at that position. Otherwise not a bad performance. Marshall - 7 - Kept us in the game early on                                                                                            Ostemobor - 6 - More effort required, provides good attacking support but need more oftern                       Pearce - 8- Exceptional for a debut, plays like a 30 year old, Cool Head                                                            Doc - 7- Solid                                                                                                                                       Bertrand - 8- A real class act, has great potential. Strong for his size.                                                          Croft -6- Not the best game, but will have a stormer against Blackpool.                                                      Pattison -6- Effort and tackling was exceptional, if he can sort his passing out would be a class act              Gibbs - 7- Improved as the game went on, more games under his belt and he can be a useful asset               Hucks - 7- A good first half, im sure hes not fit but a run of games will help and then we can see if Hucks still has the quality to earn a contract next year                                                                                                Evans-7- A lot of effort, never wastes a ball when at his feet, however could of passed it a couple of time in the final 3rd rather than running himself.                                                                                                      Cureton -7- Purely for the goal, excellent finsh otherwise really non-existent        
  3. Young very talented left back. Played 1 reserve game and a few for the u18 before injury only now turning 16. Captain of under 16''s at aged 14. This man has potential I hope we don''t waste him or screw him up like all the other youth products. A big name in the future keep an eye on him!!!!.  
  4. We think that GARY HOLT HOLT HOLT! should get the job, hes passionate, and wears his heart on his sleeve. IWAN should be his assistant!    
  5.  i like that team, except i would play cave-brown instead of ostemebor, i thought he should little passion, commitment, drive, the basics a player needs to suceed, i understand that nobody showed an ounce of this but if our right back who has blinding pace won''t get out of our half when we have the ball making that extra man with attacking abilities, then lets face it hes no good playing there because defensively i think chris brown could do a better job. Finally please who ever votes for this man of the match business i wish they vote for someone who contributed
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