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  1. Just been on Skysports.com and the new premiership table is up. We are 16th due to alpabetical order, but I dont think we will finish too far off that at the end of the season. I have a few bets we will finish 15th or higher. Its great to see the name up on the table. I think its finally starting to sink in, although its wierd to see crystal palace up there too.
  2. Congrats mate. Hope the new family are all very happy together.
  3. My self and a few others from the pinkun were sitting in with the preston fans and I must say they were fantastic. I would say that there were about 100 city fans in total. Just after the first whistle 6 or 7 city fans were took from the preston end and put in the city end, but the preston fans were willing for them to stay. The banter which I heard was good and there was no trouble at all. The syewards I must say were very accommodating. None of us showed our colours, obviously, but they did accept a few requests from city fans at half time to move over the cordon and into the home section. After the final whistle about 50 preston fans stayed and again they watched with good humour and understanding. Well done to everyone involved and it was great to see some of the other posters on here before the game. Thanks for arranging that everyone.
  4. Thanks very much people. I tried to reply earlier in the day but the comps at uni weren''t working and I had to rush of to a lecture. Dont worry if Pompey doesnt reply, Im meeting him at the hotel Im staying at and going on from there. We will se you at one! Im also taking my missus to her first game!
  5. Although I think the players you have mentioned bring a considerable mixture of experience and youth, it is interesting that out of the chapionship winning team, you have kept only 2.5 players. Green, Huckerby and Crouch! I realise that we have to strengthen, but surley its a kick in the teeth for all the players of 2003/04. What would you do with Flemming, Mcveigh, Drury? etc etc. There has to be a nucleas, and we know the current team has an understanding and a friendship is will be invaluable next year.
  6. Now we are definately up, I want the title, however this means that we will have to go and get a draw at least with sunderland away. West Brom have, Bradford, stoke, Notts Forest and Reading left, all beatable, as are our games, except Sunderland, Our goal difference should mean that we get away with the title by gaining a point. Although this is a funny old league and either team can slip up, I feel the Sunderland game will decide the title.
  7. Getting them from preston sounds a good idea, not sure how quiet I can be kept. How will we make sure we all sit together? As I say Im up there with my missus for my birthday so Im not sure how we can be so cheeky and get her one too! My email ad is A.J.Large@Herts.ac.uk give me a bell and we can sort pub tickets etc out from there.
  8. Hello mate, I was in exactly the same position, I had all my housemates, mum dad, girlfriend all on the phone at the 15 second intervals and couldn''t get a ticket. Its my 22nd birthday on the 30th and am going up to norwich as my present! Does anyone know if the match will be screened anywhere? If so those who havent got a ticket could meet up and form the Pink''un supporters group in one of the pubs!! Let me know and we can exchange details.
  9. I Know there are a few supporters from Herts, are any of you going down to CP on Sat? I was thinking we could all get the train down and make our own little group up!
  10. Good to see skysports know their football outside of the premiership. This is the future England number one they are taking about. ''Ipswich midfielder Ian Westlake rattled the post with Ryan Green well beaten in the Canaries goal''
  11. I think Zema offeres a very viable and real threat upfront. Everytime he comes back he scores a few goals, if Roberts declines anymore two big powerful front men Svensson and Abbey offer a real fight for a place up alongside Hux.
  12. I would''t say that we have got a bad away form in division 1. Only West Ham have lost fewer games away from home. Equally if you take Bradford away in the opening game and alike when we had chances to win it and eventually threw it away, our away form has improved massively from our form of last year. Equally because when we go away teams dont pack the midfield as much as they do when they are at Carrow Road, we have more opportunity to play, and touch wood win just as many games as we do at home.
  13. My Story is like yours, I used to support a whole hutch of clubs under peer pressure! when i was a little boy, but when my dad took me to a city game, Norwich Vs Southampton 1993 1:0 Robins 88, I was hooked! I was born in Norwich and my Uncle who still lives there supported them as well, hence us going to see a match. Im almost 22 now and as im at uni dont get to see them often but the best must have been away at Gillingham when we went 4:0 down and battled back to 4:3, although we lost we through everything at them in the final 10 mins, Robbo had a shot cleared off the line.
  14. Sorry forgot Sheff united, i think it is a case of forgetting what you dont want to know about! 1:West Brom 2: Sheff Utd 3: Sunderland 4: Norwich 5: West Ham 6: Ipswich I think I have changed my mind through the fighting spirit shown by the boys in Yellow! Sheff Utd next week will MAKE or BREAK our season. A win there and it will all change around again.
  15. 1: West Brom 2: Sunderland 3: West Ham 4: Ipswich 5: Norwich 6: Cardiff
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