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  1. dont get me wrong but didnt crystal palace have them selves in a similar scinario the season they got premoted??
  2. cant agree more with grant, the amount of times i come on here and i see people calling them selfs "fans" and bringing down the team and moaning and growning makes me quite frankly sick, "fans" definistion: an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc. how can some of you call your selfs fans when you dont even show anyof the above to the team, stop being so small minded and pathetic, get behind the team and for christ skae show some pastion,   and yes before you all get on, i no my spelling is awful westinho
  3. if you went to the game you would of seen he was nakered. best ffotball iv seen from norwich in second half. And a masive well done to the fans we were awesome   westinho
  4. Dont think you was watching  last season in that case mate when the doc won player of the season and performed well every game, he has improved loads since the premiership. We also have shackle who is a bright, young prospect who is also doing very well in center of defence. However i do think that primus would me good cover but shorly his wages would be to high to use only as cover? we should look at bringing a youngster in, also another reason for not wanting him. Why waiste money on a player in his thirtys when you can get a good looking young prospect for the same pice. Westinho
  5. think youl find youv got your partys muddeled up baldyboy, i was the one sticking up for mcenzie
  6. "Might of stayed up", might is a strong word in these curcunstances, you cant begin to blame religation on just one player
  7. its very unrealistic, but i would love to see zamora at this club
  8. "his goal record last year and for the prem season to be honest was quite frankly poor." if i remember rightly he was injured for the mojority of last season wasnt he?? yes, his goal scoring record wasnt the best but in the past he has stuck it out worked hard and probly got more assists than he has goals. i really rate the bloke and wish him all the best.
  9. i thought this was a football forum, not and english one! who cares if its text slag or proper english as long as people can voice there opinion which they should be able to do with out all this nonsense it doesnt really matter does it!
  10. Leons probly my favorite city player, and i really wouldn''t like to see him leave but i really dont see the point of keeping a player who does not want to be at the club. I now that he isn''t a great player technically but his work rate was phenominal and he put so much effort in. I will be really sorry to see the back of him. All the best leon (if he does go)
  11. I thought dixon showed great potential last year. I think the reason he was not performing as well as this season was becuase of confidence and the hole teams confidence and sttyle of play. I''v always rated him very highly and his perfomances this season have backed up my judgement.
  12. Isn''t anthoney grant spose to be a fine young player aswell??  
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