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  1. great shout about lan Crook, but l spoke to him today and norwich have not been in contact, he seems to think they might go for martin allen or paul lnce, wants the job though with maybe pierre lipbarski
  2. You lot who slag our best players when things go wrong are a bunch of merchant bankers, you dont deserve quality players, if you met hucks face to face youd say, '' hello mate we think youre great'' ha
  3. great post, he is indeed a very honourable man, he will succeed in football somewhere. Now lets get behind the club coz we all need to pull together and quickly!
  4. Steve Bruce, Ian Crook, Iwan, Mark Bowen are all friends of mine, if I get any info I will post it.
  5. Hucks shows passion for the club, something a lot of the other players havnt got! Hes the main man, with Dion ,why shouldnt he speak out , hes just thinking what weve known for a long while that this club is in freefall. We need Hucks back playing at his best, he clearly dosnt like grants style of football, ok hes arrogant but thats the man, get off his back!! You all think hes a legend at this club dont deny it, we lose him we re in sh*t street. I think Duffy will take over with Dion.
  6. No, he was the cheap option, he was about to be sacked by west ham so no compensation, l know! Mark Bowen and Ian Crook were the lst choice
  7. we are norwich, a big club, a great club. Teams like charlton should be worrying about us, negative tactics are a joke, we should be going at teams instead of sitting back. Get back to playing flowing football winning games 4-3, bring in lan Crook and lets see some real football !
  8. Radio Broadland song for city, vote for the proclaimers, so we can sing........to be the man who walked a thousand miles to see us beat the scum! la la la la
  9. why do we sing ''on the ball city'' so much during the game? l know its traditional, and l like to hear it, but not 6 or so times a game! Why not do same as england fans, at the start and start of 2nd half. Also can we try and finish the song, learning all the words may help! Time for some new inventive songs, instead of the same old same old
  10. went to game yesterday, thought the back four played very well and were very solid. Very dissapointed with the midfield though, didnt get forward at all, seemed to drop off too much aswell. Brellier, what id seen against vitesse, looked a great buy, but done nothing, Russell didnt look happy, Chadwick worked hard but didnt create anything, Lappins too lightweight. Nothing going forward, fullbacks didnt bomb on either. thought Chris Brown played very well, held the ball up and looked sharp. Hope we see a big improvement, get hucks back asap. Marshall could be the buy of the season. Fans there in force, but singing the same old same old. On the ball city sung too much plus half of em dont know the words! Men of match, Doc, Drury and Brown
  11. If hucks is pissed off that means trouble! If grant thinks he can rebuild a team at short notice, especially with second raters from scotland, hes in for a big shock! I dont rate him, He blames everyone bar himself, didnt want him to have the job anyway, wanted Ian Crook and Mark Bowen, then we would see some genuine good football! Give him till october.
  12. you are spot on there mate, sack him now we are starting to be a laughing stock. Foley was regarded as a great coach by previous players, the thing was he was not a yes man, he wanted to play good football, worthy bullies all the staff including the board, he always gets what he wants! he didnt sign sutton because  sutty was a bigger name someone he coudnt handle. The new coach is a yes man, he started to get results worthy then says hold on here lm the manager you sit back and let me take the plaudits, since then look whats happened! The club should now have the balls to do what they should done 2 years ago and sack him no questions asked. who to take over? Mark Bowen and Ian crook
  13. whos that then , the 18,000 fans who want him out?! get lan crook and mark Bowen in and lets see some real passing football., just bought a winger or provider eh, thats right worthy get the high balls banged in there for our 5''6" striker! good one
  14. to be honest with you l cant remember a new season that im least looking forward to than this one. Im city through and through but lm annoyed that we still have that boring man in charge. lve got tickets for leeds next week but only because my son wants to go, l hate to say this but l dont care if we get beat!
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