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  1. so what do you think? the football is rubbish? give Roder until crimbo, l dont think hes got the dressing room, give job to Lee Clark and as l say'' bring chippy back'' (and hucks!!)
  2. steffen lverson please save our season, as the song goes'' we''re shit an we know we are'' Give Roeder till xmas!
  3. hoolahan better than hucks, your avin a fu..in giraffe, he not fit to lace hucks'' boots, and anybody who knows football will agree!
  4. ah shit poor old phil, top man, remember he always thought my mate don painton was an away fan, don used to give him a wide birth!! Remember a couple of instances with paddy. We went to middlesbro away in 2 vans and stopped off in yorkshire somewhere on way home, while drinking and being a bit koud, paddy spotted this big lad at the bar with a leeds scarf, well we were playing leeds the next week so he said to this lad ''are you coming to norwich next week?'' he replied yes, so paddy said '' why do you wanna come all that way to get filled in when l can do it now for you'' well you can guess what happened after that!! Also at cambridge l think it was a pre season game, we ''met'' cambridge at this bridge, it all started to go off, next thing you hear Grrrr! and paddy come tearing past everyone and piles straight into them arms going like fu..in windmills. That game l hired a large coach and we''d been drinking since 9oc, well as you come into cambridge there was this pub by a roundabout, we saw their mob come outside so we tell driver to pull over and we all got of coach, grandad masks and all,(remember those) and there was a big free for all in the middle of the road, great times them, this is great going over old times again, perhaps we should write a book ha! Remember Bernie standing in the middle of scum at portacabin rd, it all opens up and theres bernie, top man.
  5. troy, ha ha thats chris ok! whats he doin now? wasnt too good so l heard? by the way ''jas hard-nut barclayboy'' dont think you would have said that to him face to face!!
  6. joe, cant remember, only names l remember are, chris dawson, paddy beevers, phil hall, irish paddy and bernie, real harcase legends!!
  7. yeah l was there, remember it well, it was my 21st birthday,me and my mate got nicked. We chased these brighton fans, got to them gave them a right good slapping in someones front garden!, unfortunately had our collars felt. Great times those.
  8. 3 more great songs, wish we sing em now when we play scum coz it pis..s me off when they sing hark now hear... Over there, over there, and do they smell, do do do do do do, like fu..kin hell, do do do do do do _______________________ Ipswich run, ipswich run, when they run they do a ton na na nana na nana na na _________________________ Ipswich boys make more noise, when theyre playin with their toys, na na ....................na
  9. Lupoli: tune of wemb..erly, wemb..erly   Lupoli. Lupoli. Arturo Lupoli he comes from Italy, Lupoli, Lupoli. _____________________________________   Antoine Sibieski ooh ahh, I wanna knowwww how you scored that goal.
  10. what a crap song, sort of rubbish we normally think of!!!!
  11. ok but a lot of posters are guessing on this, as you know it was me who told you all about lverson in the lst place(info!) This is genuine. Also bell might be on bench sat
  12. Heard today that lverson is still roeders no.1 target, but as we know his club wont let him go yet, at least until they are out of europe or get a replacement. So roeder is in the process of drawing up a shortlist to get someone in on maybe a short term loan until transfer happens. Also not gona be signing ameobi, unless he takes a huge paycut. One other thing l am gona say is whats the problem in singing huckerbys name? we all agree he is and always will be a legend at this club, Man. Utd sing cantona and ole songs all the time, cant hear their fans complaining tho eh?
  13. Im gona love this when my info comes true you doubting doughnuts,
  14. Lupoli to sign, aswell as Stepen Iverson ex spurs, ding dong plus maybe young centre half, no gorkss though. On another matter, Im more than happy to have people like delia looking after our great club, coz they have the best interests of the club at heart. Cullum is not fit to lace delias boots, l heard the only offer he made was he wanted to put 5million into club last season for players, but wanted it back if we went down! thats the only offer the club have had, dosnt seem like a true fan with the clubs best interests at heart does he! We should all get behind the club as a whole coz we have a great manager and staff and a fantastic board who all want the best for this club, aswell as a great team shaping up, hope you agree, cant wait for season to start
  15. As you know l only post proper inside info, heard today Hoolahan has definately signed, Gorkks 95% certain to sign. Comes down  to the money with Ameobi, 4-5 signings within next 2 weeks. Gona be bosmans and loans aswell.
  16. Heard from a very good source today that Glen Roeder has been given the funds hes asked for, by the board. Also that the Turners have re-confirmed their commitment again next season, whatever that means. Dont know what budget is though sorry.
  17. l think the problem Roeder had was that Hucks was a bigger name and personality  than him, lve heard that Roeder acts as though hes bigger than the club and thinks we should all be very greatfull hes here, maybe a big time charlie whos been there and got the tee shirt. Pressure on him next season,
  18. To the tune,'' my old mans a dustman''   Huckerbys a legend, Hes city through and through, He went back to man.city but we knew hed be back soon, He nearly signed for west brom, But theyre not very good, Should we have tried to keep him, OF COURSE WE   FU......IN   SHOULD!!!!   How about that ringing in roeders ears next season!!?
  19. l will never forgive you for this Roeder!! Why didnt you or someone say that Hucks would be leaving, all the hype was about Dions last game sunday, Dions done great for us but we should of been able to thank Hucks properly as he is a true legend at this club. When he came to the fans on sunday we wernt sure what would be happening so apart from clapping no fitting chourus of ''Huckerby'' was given. He stood there for a while awaiting acclaim from his loyal following but nothing came so he wandered off, to be honest l felt for him, also felt like running on the pitch, putting him on my shoulders and bringing him back for the send off he fully deserves!!!! To make matters worse Dion came back out and thanked the fans, and there was the usual ''Dion'' chant. I think lm not alone on this one, how can we thank and pay tribute to hucks? l hope for everybodys sake that we can. No other player in my opinion excited the fans as much as Hucks, who else in our team except Ched could have scored that goal sunday? Without Hucks would we have won the league and got to the premier league? l doubt it. Ok so hes 32, after the way he played sunday lm sure hes got another great season in him. Roeder youd better get it right next season otherwise this decision will come back to haunt you, you might turn out to be an ncfc legend yourself but Hucks is one now and should have been treated accordingly!!      From. Mr Angry.        
  20. Otsemebor is simply not good enough as a defender, great going forward but has a brain freeze when hes got to pick up at the back post. Was to blame yesterday for both goals, although Marshall should have done better aswell. Hope Glen looks at Greg Halford of Charlton, good player.
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