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  1. magoo l havnt said that they will buy the club, this is a football management matter
  2. john deehan is a fair shout, is he one of the 4 legends that l posted? hmm l wonder!!
  3. dont think so butler this is genuine info not guesswork!
  4. sorry cant answer, lm sure you understand. lve also heard about new owners coming in soon
  5. 4 Legends are going to form the new management team at ncfc! cant say who, but this is fantastic news. 1 of whom wont surprise you, 1 may surprise you, the other 2 will definately. l just hope this comes off then we can really build for the future.
  6. not a cat in hells chance of gunny being manager wizard! maybe on coaching staff though
  7. sorry jonesy lve got to be quiet on this one, lm sure you understand. You wont be disapointed though. Not an investment thing though.
  8. obviously the info l posted 2 weeks ago didnt happen because of the roeder situation, but l can promise you good times are just around the corner. Cant give any info on this for obvious reasons but lm sure there will be at least 2 pieces of great news for ncfc!!
  9. just got a feeling alex will turn up angel, as for steve just an old friend
  10. oh well lve got some more info again for you. As regular posters know lm usually right more often than not, re lverson info, huckerby etc, but have heard that Croft on his way, Marshall aswell, heard 3m. Steve Bruce is a friend of mine he asked me if his son Alex would get stick from the fans, being a part time scummer, he wants to come to us, keep you posted on that one. Lita a done deal also.
  11. Have heard a whisper that Roeder has one more game to save his job, anybody else heard this?
  12. We left in a group after game didnt see any forest ''gangs '' at all got police escort to railway station no problems, think you might be exagerating it a bit vendy, bad luck tho
  13. Simon Lappin was superb last night, deserves a recall on the left
  14. See theyve taken my post off about Hucks willing to play for free, hmmm funny that !!
  15. 3-1 down, l thought come on lets stick an ''Oh Huckerby'' right in there at Roeder, but after ringing home and asking mum if they would be allowed to sing, nothing! A great chance wasted.
  16. hello paul you ok mate? na not happy, love winding the locals up tho! you up for forest game?
  17. Glen Roeder god where do we start! From day1 the man had a sense of arrogance about him, he thinks hes bigger than the club. He starts by getting rid of all the backroom staff so he can bring in who he wants, most managers bring in an assistant or 2 but he changes the lot inc the kit man, why? He knows Hucks is ''bigger'' than him so out he goes against the wishes of most fans, he dosnt want hucks upstaging him. He promises to bring in quality from the premier league to carrow rd, promises great times ahead, ok one or two decent players but those loan players are not going to win you promotion, they think twice about 50/50 challenges coz they dont want to get injured, they dont give a shit whether we win or lose, fact! The football most of the time is no better than when we had worthy, we have had to sit through rubbish for 70% of the time. Tacticly l dont think hes got much of an idea, he thought he could build a promotion team from scratch, well lm afraid Glen youre way short of that. Take tuesday night for instance, 2-0 down at half time playing same old crap, he must bring on Curo, the only prolific striker on the books, ok hes forms not great but hes one of the deadliest strikers in england, check the stats, his confidence is low but hes not gona get that back by being ignored on the bench, but he put Russell up front, a fu..in joke! you cant win matches without scoring goals! Half time the derby players have cones out doing sprinting etc, our subs get a visit from the ''fitness guru'' for 2 minutes then continue to pass the ball to one another cracking jokes! The fitness guru what a fu..kin laugh, that fat ba..tard must say give all the pies to me lads! ha. For me ld ditch Roeder, get lan Crook in, play more of the kids, Spillane etc and lets watch some decent football again, someone who wants to play for Norwich City, gives 100% and wears the shirt with pride, we will probably be ok this season but you wouldnt want to bet your house on it would you1
  18. its just a pity our fans dont know the words at end of it! Slow it down lads!
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