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  1. My son lives in Ireland and flies over from Cork to Stansted then on to Carrow Road for most home games. Gets to a few away matches as well. Has a season ticket in the new Jarrold Stand.  
  2. I went to Stoke yesterday in the hope that the improved results would continue. With Huckerby, Earnshaw and Safri all injured the task became a bit harder. Stoke have some good players, but Norwich are much better.... When I realised that City had taken to the pitch with three central defenders I assumed that Doherty was playing alongside Dion in a sensible 4 4 2 formation. When we lined up it was clear that a good thumping was on the cards. There a several really good posts on who is to blame - well NO ONE person is to blame. Ashdown is struggling for match fitness and confidence. Colin seems to think that the half way line is the end of the world, and if crossed he will fall off. Fleming, sorry but just not up to it anymore. Drury and Shackell looked weak and confused. Doherty playing in front of the back four was dreadful. Croft must get fit. Hughess performance lacked conviction and effort. Dion did well, as did Thorne when he came on. Etuhu did compete, Robinson did not. Peter Grant is to blame for being tactically naive, we do not need three centre backs, let the two centre backs have a battle against anyone.And Peter ease up on the pre-match warm up, I was exhausted just watching it. Nigel Worthington is to blame for leaving an already squad absolutely threadbare, and your decision to let young Russell leave was dire! Finally Mr Grant, please shut up with all the quotes in the press. You can wax lyrical when we have won something. If you spend wisely in January then a play off place is possible. If you need a few suggestions how about Carlton Cole, Hayden Mullins and Collins from West Ham. A decent bid will get you Hendrie from Villa and Freddie Eastwood from Sarfend. There are still enough games left for this season not to become a total disaster.           
  3. Huckerby Outstanding at QPR, in fact he has been exceptional all season. He ran Rangers ragged in the second half absolutely no doubt about the penalty, Steve Lomas was kicking lumps out of him all match. Good perfomances all round, Craig Fleming is a worry and I have serious concerns about Paul Gallacher..not up to it sadly.   Plays offs can still happen, draw at Brum then a spanking for the Welsh pretenders next Saturday. And a big welcome for Granty from the East End (is he related to the Granty in Porridge?)  
  4. I was at QPR this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed a cracking match. I am sorry that you were subject to such behaviour and foul language. Unfortunately every team attracts drunken pond life that are hell bent on spoiling the pleasure for everyone,Norwich Ciy are not excluded and we have several that crawl out of the woodwork at away matches. You must report these incidents to Stewards or if you can make a note of the seat number occupied by these morons (not real City fans) and complain directly to the club.   Norfolk Police at always present at away games and would be pleased to speak to you. 
  5. Excellent choice from a very limited number of quality applicants. Mr M Mackay would make an excellent player coach, hopefully Iasn Crook has a job there somewhere. Where does that leave Hunter, Webb and Livermore???? I am sure that many will question the appointment, but he must be given time to prove himself.       
  6. That is not Mark Bowen in the photo-it is Eddie Negwiskkiiii or something like that --he used to play in goal for Chelsea, now GK coach for Whales  
  7. Ladbrokes tonight quotes Mark Bowen as 2/1 for next Norwich manager- an outstanding player in his time here and much sought after as a coach. He would be my choice ahead of everyone else, I suspect that Curbs is watching events unfold at Man City and West Ham, and will be in post by January . Hopefully the appointment can be confirmed quickly, with his own team, and we can get out of this diabolicall division.
  8. Go now, go now, go now was a hit for the Moody Blues once- and now it applies to Worthy. Please go enough is enough, we can not take anymore of this rubbish. Please take Hughes and Dublin with you. Today was an absolute disgrace enough said!        
  9. We could do a lot better.   Kevin Bond was an awful footballer full stop end of story!! His integrity is questionable-one of the few real points raised by the BBC Panorama was that he was open to sweeteners! His old man was the Del boy of his day, and he lacked judgemet-just ask Ken Brown.  
  10. I have always supported Nigel for what he has achieved for the Club. Reaching the Premiership was wonderful, relegation was a disappointment. We had the players to remain there but not the drive or determination from the coach and manager. Last season was awful and should have been better by far-at least a play off place with the quality at the club. This season started so well, but all the signs are back. I am really sorry Nigel but the time has come for you to step down with dignity now, before another season passes us by and what is left of a promotion chasing squad is destroyed.  Players who have left must be replaced. Eastwood or someone similar must be signed.Shackell is not good enough, replace. Sign a prem class keeper as an absolute priority. Finally give the kids a chance or it will be nine more years of Coca Cola rubbish.   
  11. Alex If your post was concentrated on football issues then you do have some vaild points. However taking the moral high ground on subjects that you clearly have no knowledge and probably personal experience is foolish.It is unwise to comment or more importantly judge other people''s private lives and best left to the gutter press.  Bottom line...McKenzie all effort little skill or guile was never good enough for Norwich and will struggle at Coventry. Would certainly have been moved out on our return to the Prem.  
  12. Bit harsh after the excellent start to the season
  13. Many of the messages on this board last season were simply vitriolic towards Nigel Worthington and his players.I suspect that many were based on unfounded rumours and a real lack of support and resolve when the whole season disappointed everyone. It is time that NW was congratulated for the early season performances and results that justify some optimism for the rest of the campaign.However succesful City are this season I have a few concerns for the future; firstly Earnshaw is an excellent goalscorer who is capable of playing reguarly in the Premiership. If he has scored 20-25 goals by January will City be able to keep him from relegation threatened underachievers in the prem.(I hope that he stays because I have a tenner on him being the leading scorer in the league) Everyone  wants a tall striker! Fine but we can only play with 11 men. The 4-5-1 that can develop in to 4-3-3 is designed to assist Darren Huckerbys contribution. I have followed Norwich since 1968 and he is without doubt one of the best players/entertainers ever to pulled on the yellow shirt.Sadly he can not really tackle or head the ball, hence the three man midfield to support him.  Well done Norwich you have silenced the critics.
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