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  1. I just did one of the girliest giggles a man could ever make. thankyou! i love it how light humour is making a return on this once recently miserable message board. Horay for passing football!
  2. I am such an optimistic fool but did this scoreline make anyone else slightly more excited about our chances this season? I know this might sound slightly, as the kooks say, naive and perhaps i am reaching an optimism level that even i thought i could never make but i honestly feel we have a really good chance of promotion. Anyone else finally proud of our defence keeping Preston (especially Nugent) so quite where Wolves have so miserably failed? p.s. Tomorrow i will find out whether drunken posts are regrettable.
  3. I believe the rule is if you sign someone on a free transfer then you can''t sell them for a fee for a year. I dont believe if you buy someone there is a time period of not being allowed to be sold
  4. I am a worthy outer but i know what they will say and i do feel it too. The problem is they are not fair results, only people that want him out will be going to view this website. Its like having a poll saying who do you want to win the next election on a conservative website and then saying the conservatives came out on top so the nation must think it. It is not a fair petition, on here however, would be. Keep up the good work though
  5. Is everyone forgetting that Delia is not infact the chairman of this football club. She has previously admitted that she does not know how to run a football team and so keeps out of most of it. I think it is fantastic to have a fan like Delia on the board but to say its her standing still is stupid, look at who the chairman is and you will realise you are aiming your angst at the wrong person. I am not a worthy suporter but after what he had done he deserved a season to turn it round, at the start of next season i am positive that things will be different. Delia is correct in her praise, i dont know many clubs in the championship who could have such a bad season and then still sell a huge amount of season tickets for the following season.  
  6. I think you have all forgotten how much Delia has done for our club. Without Delia you would have never seen players like Huckerby/Ashton at this club. Delia does not control everything at the club, she is nto even the Chairman. Just because the realisation has kicked in that you do not have the power to overthrow the manager goes not mean you should look for a scape goat in someone that has done everything in her power to bring back this club from financial turmiol to one, if not the richest club in the league. I am a Worthy outer but do not turn on people that have doen more for this club than anyone else has done in our history. 
  7. i feel that we do need to get in a new face but not get rid of Worthy. Watching norwich attack is always good but watchign them defend is something that needs to be rectified. I feel we need to bring in an experienced defensive coach that can bring solidaty to our defence and team. anyone agree?
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