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  1. I like Adams, he did well as u18s manager and deserves his shot at the big time. Despite the results in our last 5 games the performances were much improved, plus it gave him the chance to see who really wanted it and who didnt.

    Which leads on nicely to Pilkington and the reasons as to why he was sold. Get the boy firing on all cylinders and youve got a very good player. But if he loses his head youll end up with a bit of a deadweight. That said change sometimes does the wonder of good. Hope so cause ''Pilks'' is a player I liked.

    Watch out for Josh Murphy, he is a very real prospect, moves with a scary amount of pace naturally. If he can polish his delivery and composure I reckon he will play for england.

    Sold players yes but we have also bought well, I think!! Lafferty looks a decent addition, Grabban has impressed me and im looking forward to seeing this belgian lad in action.

    You are in for quite a match if we turn up with our A game. And personally I think if we are not in the top 2 come next may then we will havd wasted the best opportunity we could havd ever hoped for. Its a good time to be a Norwich Fan.

    Cardiff, I like Marshall and the winger Noone. Plus I will always have a soft spot for Bellamy. But I really despise your Chairman, an embarrassment to the game in my opinion, sorry.

    Wishing you good luck for the match, you''ll definately need it.

  2. Loan ''til Christmas, get himself nicely in the shop window for January. And with respect to Birmingham, we must be a decent proposition.

    I agree the boy is good enough to play in the champs league. But he needs to prove he''s still got both the ability and the desire. No one has seen that for 2 years.

  3. According to SSN serious loan offers from Championship clubs being considered.

    This is one player I would love to have. If he can show anything like the form he did before his bad injury then he would be a monster in the championship. If this is a doable deal it makes letting Redmond go look a little more appealing.

  4. I don''t think we need a cb or rb. Our back 4 was under relentless attack last year and every mistake the defence made was massively highlighted. I think Bassong will be massive in the champ.

    Let''s not forget that Ruddy was poor last season also, it cost him a World Cup place!! And we''ve all got high hopes he can be as good as he was, Bassong was also excellent that year so hopefully he will also replicate that.

    I reckon RVW was the biggest burden, also got a feeling Fers wages might be an issue.

  5. Bolton chairman Gartside said in an interview that parachute payments are best described as help while you try to release yourself of the burden of large contracts handed out whilst in the top flight. And realistically can we afford to keep RVW and Hooper.

    Adams is making the right noises in case this deal falls through. I really wanted the boy to be a massive success. But it hasn''t worked out, let''s minimise the loss as much as we can and move on. Grabban looks a good signing so I''m pretty pleased.

  6. I really don''t believe we need Rhodes, whether Hooper stays or not. We''ve got a couple of really promising young strikers in Morris and Loza, Lafferty looks a bit Holt like. I think we need a strong defender, new RB, and a CM who can spray it about.

    Strikers and Wingers we are ok. It''s elsewhere we need strength.

    It''s going to be good fun this year. We are everyone''s target scalp, we are really going to have to play very well to bounce straight back. Dish out a couple of early hidings I reckon, get the fear factor in.

  7. Eddie Howe for me, very promising young manager. Also, Bournemouth are in a financial pickle!!! We are not, could be a good option.

    I have seen no other names that I would want. Sherwood is pointless, might as well stick with Adams if you were to go down that road.

    And I love Malky, really don''t want him to come and fail.

  8. Playing one up front did not relegate us. There are many teams who use that system.

    What relegated us is bad luck, poor management and under-performing players. Pretty much what relegated the other two teams, and also those just outside the zone.

    Its not what you do when you go down, its how you respond when you get up again.

  9. [quote user="Phil Boyers Admiral top"]Yes, let''s reward failure. Is that the real world?

    Let''s see what they have to say over the next week. An apology would be a start. That''s probably asking for too much.[/quote]

    Who''s rewarding failure?? The board, former manager (Hughton) and players have failed yes. We pick ourselves up, learn from the mistakes and come back stronger. We learn more about ourselves through failure than we do success.

    And what sort of apology do you want, what do you want it for and who from.

    Absolutely detest people who like to start a witch hunt when it all goes wrong, desperately trying to find someone to point the finger at or hang from the rafters!!!!

  10. [quote user="CanaryOne"]If you think those youth lads are going to get us out of the Championship you have a surprise coming next season . Look at the sides up there this season big powerful teams boys just wont cut it . [/quote]

    Did I say that?? I said they would be valuable assets. Plus they have to be ready at some point. Are you saying that these boys have no talent??

  11. John Ruddy - sellable asset, should command a decent fee, Bunn and Rudd both very capable options for the championship.

    Bassong, bye bye and should get some decent money for him.

    Snodgrass - One of the few I would hate to lose and possibly the only one who can hold his head up cause he looked like he really tried. But will definitely be wanted and will command a decent fee. We have options in his position.

    Hooper - would score for fun in the championship I reckon, back to Celtic for what we paid I reckon.

    Howson - decent fee for this lad

    Fer - back to holland or elsewhere on the continent, possibly on loan to boost his fee back up, RVW to get same treatment.

    Players like Johnson, Tettey, the Bennetts, Becchio, Olson, Whitaker, Martin. All these boys will be useful in the tier below. Throw in the Murphy boys, Morris, Loza plus a couple of others from the youth team and it''s not quite so gloomy. And with Bournemouth in financial trouble Eddie Howe could be a decent option to lead the transformation.

    We will be an attractive proposition for many next season. And let''s be honest, if we are as competitive as we think we might be then next season could be a lot more fun than the last 2, if that''s the case who cares what league we are in.
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