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  1. Looking at the odds in England this week, and Burnley to beat Brighton at home is 5/4 which seems like really good value, so Burnley win for me.

    And Norwich bet Wes is going to score isn’t he? It’s just going to happen, him to do that anytime and Norwich to win is 13/5 on bet365!

    Good luck :)
  2. I always used to love picking Almeria, well this week I think they’re going to lose away to Real Zaragoza!!

    And Norwich bet, just to frustrate Alex Neil I think Preston HT/Draw FT at 14/1 on bet365 looks like a decent bet.

    Good luck :)
  3. Sutton was just before my time, didn’t even know he had played CB! But Dion definitely did a decent job there for us didn’t he
  4. Gingerpele

    World Cup Sweepstake

    If that place is still left I’d love to join in, can send the money over tomorrow?
  5. Gutted I couldn’t add to the pot, wasn’t even close with a couple others I seriously considered. Probably should have been pessimistic since we haven’t done all that well at home most of the season! And unlucky as well Crabby, no one would have seen that result coming especially based on the games stats
  6. So here are my picks;

    Srbeny to score anytime 2-0 win

    Srbeny to score anytime 3-2 win

    Vranic to score first

    Murphy to score anytime

    2-2 draw

    Maddison to score 2 or more

    All £1 bets, then two £2 bets

    Norwich win & BTTS

    Norwich win

    Hope that all makes sense, quite optimistic but why not!!

    Good luck Crabby!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity this week NN hopefully with the PuPs help I can add something to the pot! I’ll post my selections when I finish work tomorrow night.

    For my pick this week, I’ll go to League Two and a Luton win against Crewe.

    Good luck :)
  8. Forgot to pick this week :(

    But well done on the Norwich bet win and fingers crossed for tomorrow
  9. Spanish second division this week for me, Lorca who sit in 21st (out of 22) host 5th place Granada and its 10/11 for the away side to win, Lorca haven''t won in their last five and look almost certain for relegation whereas Granada picking up three points could take them closer to automatic promotion.

    Lorca vs Granada- Away win

    For the Fulham game was having a look at the bet builder on 365 and at 11/2 you can have Madders to score anytime, BTTS and over 3.5 goals, would even be tempted to add Mitrovic to score anytime to make it 11/1 as i''m sure there will be plenty of goals in this one, and the QPR game I think just Norwich to win at 13/8 isn''t a bad bet!

    Good luck :)
  10. Gingerpele

    This Season's PUP Pledges

    Wasn''t on here earlier in the season, so would like to make a late pledge, a double header as well. 8 games left so I pledge £2 for every point we pick up in those games and £2 for every goal Maddison scores. Lets see if he can get to 20 goals before the end!!
  11. Think this week it’ll have to be League Two, Coventry home win vs Grimsby!

    Good luck :)
  12. Just saw your reply in the other thread NN, the 14th for Norwich picks sounds great, thank you for fitting me in!!
  13. Gingerpele

    Alex Neil's Preston

    A big part of me believes if Alex hadn’t gotten us promoted his first season, say we lost in play offs or finished 7/8th position and he’d had another full season in the Championship he would have gotten us up that time and possibly kept us up. He went from player/manager in Scotland to a PL manager in less than a year at such a young age for a manager. Must have been such a steep learning curve and just a little too much.

    We did play some good football under him and could have been so much more. I hope he does well in his career and in the future certainly wouldn’t be against him coming back with more experience under his belt.
  14. Slightly risky pick this week, but one that I think could quite easily happen. In Italy Sampdoria vs Inter Milan- Draw (5/2)

    Quite close in the table, Inter drawing quite a few recently and up against a decent side away seems like them failing to win is somewhat likely.

    And Norwich how about Wes to score first? Its 13/2, feel like he might start after increasing noise from the supporters to have him on the pitch more with all these draws lately.

    Good luck :)
  15. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Thanks 93v

    1-1 at HT[/quote]

    What was the final score? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online
  16. Gingerpele

    Consecutive drawn games

    Nice to see this sort of stuff still goes on! Been years since I was involved, feel left out now.

    I don’t see any problem with the answers Swindon has provided? You never clarified you meant draws in all comps... Because most of the time you don’t include other comps, like Arsenal’s ‘invincibiles’ season, they lost games in cups. Man City this season were being called unbeaten till they lost to Liverpool, even though they’d lost a CL game. So I feel like looking for a record of consecutive draws automatically calls for you to look at league records unless you clarify you mean in all comps...
  17. I think I missed last week didn’t I after returning the week before, got to get used to posting every week again!

    Anyway this week in Wales I think Llandudno will beat Prestatyn Town!

    And for the Norwich bet, 0-0 seems a good bet at 8/1!

    Good luck :)
  18. Hello everyone!!

    Haven’t done this in a while so will go fairly simple in frances with a home win for 5th place Nates against 18th place Amiens!

    For the Norwich match, if I was going to have a bet myself I’d go for one of WillHills stats treble bets at 8/1 under 2.5 goals/under 10 corners/under 4 cards!

    Good luck :)
  19. Wow fantastic work everyone! Brilliant to see this still going so strong. Was also very sad to hear about Chellecity, my deepest condolences, I’m sure that last minute equaliser was for her!
  20. Gingerpele

    Ricardo's report v 1p5wich

    Have missed reading your reports Ricardo! Great to see they are still as good a read as ever. And good point for the team in the end, what a way to win that point!
  21. Gingerpele

    A Reality check

    I’m probably not in the best position to comment really as I haven’t seen us play half as much as I would have liked this season, but based on what I have seen and what’s happened with the club over the past couple (or more even) years leads me to believe we aren’t underachieving at all.

    Slow build up can work, ive seen a few goals over the years that get so much praise from all corners because there were 30/40 passes in the build up, usually with a relativly simple finish. Relying on Maddison isn’t a bad tactic because it works quite often, but it isn’t a long term plan or ideal. Not having seen to much football I don’t want to say Olivera isn’t up to it, but his lack of goals seems to be partially his own doing as well as a ‘lack of service’ but Grant Holt, for example, despite frequently having Hoolahan feeding him amongst others created so many of his own chances.

    I think what’s happening, and this is by no means an original thought is that the club as a whole is changing. And that means this season was probably always going to be a write off. If we had (I mean it’s still technically possible) gone up this season what do you think would happen next season? Probably exactly the same as what happened under Alex Neil. Which for me personally wasn’t all that enjoyable most of the time. Webber and Farke between them could create a team and club capable of winning promotion in the next couple of seasons that then has the foundations to establish themselves in the PL rather than just go up and come back down having wasted a load of money.

    I think the team is adapting, some of these players are getting better and better and developing to play the way the manager wants, but to get that working week in week out is taking some time, but I think it will work. The biggest challenge is making sure it works when Maddison leaves.
  22. Gingerpele

    What y'all listening to?

    Did anyone on here go see Stone Roses in June? I went to the first night they did, from what I can remember it was pretty special. Interesting night following the gig, but seeing them live was unreal!
  23. Slightly improved last week, my pick drawing rather than losing, so let''s hope this week Rangers beat Motherwell!!

    And I reckon Wes will open the scoring against Ipswich on Sunday!

    Good luck :)
  24. Hello again everyone, managed to sort out logging in on my phone this week.

    And for this weeks pick, hopefully more successful than the last I''ll go for a Sheffield United to beat Rochdale.

    And for Norwich bet, I reckon us to win with BTTS which is 17/5 on coral.

    Looking forward to seeing you and some of the other pubs after the match tomorrow NN.

    Good luck everyone :)
  25. Hey NN it''s been a while! Hope you''re doing well. I will be back for this season, and will send you a tenner on Friday