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  1. On 09/11/2019 at 13:44, Peanuts said:

    There was definitely a bit of a boo at the final whistle although it wasn't particularly loud from where we were. I don't think the crowd had 'turned' though. Main feeling around us was grim resignation and a feeling that the players were trying but just not good enough.

    That's how I saw it.

    A bit of a half-hearted boo at the end but more groans of frustration really.

    I think it's dawned on most of us that without major surgery in January we're unlikely to survive. I think like many I thought last season's momentum would carry us through but it now looks as though that won't be the case.

    Sad really but we probably should have pushed the boat out a bit more pre-season.


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  2. 1 minute ago, Pockthorpe said:

    Bloody hell . Thanks for all the likes everyone. I’m pretty new to this . Only just cottoned on what OP is ! 
    Nice to know so many of us are on the same wavelength . Pretty handy as we’re all in this together , up to our necks ! 

    Yes, nice post.

    I suppose OP could mean Old Person........there's plenty on here 😉

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  3. Not really surprising.

    Just one away goal and four comprehensive defeats - Bournemouth the exception - is unlikely to have people clamouring for tickets for the long old slog all the way to Everton.

    Might pick up a bit if we beat Watford but there’s no way it’ll sell out.

  4. Talking of VAR there was another mystery at the Brighton game yesterday.

    The screen flashed up for possible red card after an almighty first half goalmouth scramble in front of us and we thought it was a possible handball on the line by one of our players. Turns out it was for a possible ankle stamp by Maupay on I think Aarons during the melee.

    No one in the ground had a clue what was going on. Perhaps they should show the alleged offence at the same time ?

  5. 1 hour ago, PAUL said:

    Yes that's why I'll come in at 7.45 then queue then come to seat

    Sounds like this could turn into a tight timetable so why not pretend the clocks didn't go back last Sunday then when you look at your watch you'll think the time is 7.45 when it's really only 6.45.

    That way you'll have time for at least two hot dogs and a nice long wazz after the ten pints you've had on the way to the ground 😉


  6. 28 minutes ago, ricardo said:

    Anything less than 6 points leaves us under a point a game at a third of the way through the season mark. Relegation would then be more likely than not.

    That means we’ll need to win one or the two away games. Big ask as we’ve been well beaten in all our away games so far. 

    Had we managed to get one more win we’d be on a point a game and most of us would’ve been happy with that.

    Relegation was always more likely than not but if we can manage four points we still won’t be too far off the pace.

  7. 1 hour ago, PAUL said:

    Well there is a minutes silence before kick off. I'll be in my seat eating a hot dog!

    You could always stand for the minutes silence and let your hot dog have your seat

  8. On 10/10/2019 at 15:50, Lord Horn (again) said:

    Well, I was very keen to go to this one - new ground for me (the previous times we've played there didn't fit in with dates I could make), a weekend by the sea and Brighton is a great cosmopolitan city.  Can't wait!!!

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As you say Brighton is a great city with masses of good pubs and a real vibe about the place.

    I’ve been both times we’ve played there and it’s a nice ground, much better than those identikit new places. The away end bar staff were dressed in City shirts with yellow and green colours around the bars and they sold East Anglian ales too. No other ground makes away fans feel so welcome.

    Don’t forget they also include free train travel to Falmer station right by the ground.

  9. 23 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Did Todd have a bit of elastic that joined the gloves together and went up his shirtsleeves, across his shoulders and down the other sleeve so that he didn't lose them?


    That explains why he gave away the penalty....he couldn’t get his elbow down fast enough :classic_sad:

    And another thing.......WTF are goalies wearing thick padded gloves at the height of summer ? Right snowflakes. Makes Cantwell look well ‘ard if you ask me 😉