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  1. I would agree that the lockdown has contributed to our downfall but perhaps not as much as people seem to think. As someone on here said 5 wins from 29 games is relegation form and I don't buy this idea that a settled defence would have saved the day. We shipped goals for fun last season so why did the club think those same defenders would be good enough at a much higher level. ? Getting an injury-prone Byram was never gouing to be the answer. One thing is likely and that's a big turn round in playing staff for next season
  2. The extenuating circumstances arising from the stress of being a Norwich supporter can be accepted by His Honour. The accused is acquitted and free to go.....
  3. You don’t have to be certified to join the Mad Hatters Tea Party but it probably helps.....
  4. I’d be quite relaxed with that but be tense watching proceedings at the Etihad.....
  5. Yes it was early on in the match. That said it’s a meaningless comment for if it was under wraps how would they know ? All clubs potentially have “ a couple of deals “ lined up
  6. They would have been the same had there been a crowd there. Just massively disappointed that's all
  7. I think this has been done to death already
  8. I've nothing particular against Brighton although was a bit peed off when you beat us in the 1983 FA Cup QF at the Goldstone. Football goes round in cycles. Who'd have thought it would take Liverpool 30 years to win the title and before that Man Utd 25 years ? Brighton had a horrendous number of years before they ended up at the Amex and I wouldn't wish that on many clubs. If I remember rightly you've been in a relegation fight most years in the premier League and that'll continue most years as you're like us. Not a big club. Enjoy it while it lasts but don't be too superior about other clubs as it may come back to bite you on the bum quicker than you think
  9. I know he's not a million miles away from the truth but he's like the Grim Reaper only making appearances when things are bad for City. As miserable as the weather in the place in his name.
  10. In Lakeyland we could still stay up ten points behind and three to play
  11. As we’ve won only five this season it’s hardly an earth shattering statement
  12. Was I imaging it but did we actually test the goalie with that free kick from the left ?
  13. Commentator summed up Hernandez to a tee. Headless chicken sums it up in two words
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