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......and Smith must score.

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  1. ......and Smith must score.

    Leitner's shorts

    Must be a fan of Freddie & the Dreamers
  2. I noticed today that Standard Home and Away memberships are still on sale. How can the club be still offering these when the Premier memberships were hopelessly oversubscribed and closed ? Anyone parting with up to £70 may as well throw their money down the drain....
  3. ......and Smith must score.

    David Powell

    I didn't know him other than to say hello at social functions and matches from time to time. Anything NCFC related and David would be close by. Such a tragic accident and my condolences go out to all his friends and family.
  4. ......and Smith must score.

    Would RVW score in the current squad?

    His medical diagnosis would be horrible for anyone but quite possibly career ending for a professional sportsperson. I wish him well
  5. ......and Smith must score.

    That Idiot Streaker.

    Back on topic the club have said that anyone encroaching on the pitch at a game involving Norwich City will be banned for life. Sounds a bit harsh. Wasn’t it three years or just indefinitely back in the day ?
  6. ......and Smith must score.

    Standard Home and Away memberships still on sale

    A centre block ST at £560 saves a princely 53p per match over 19 casual tickets bought at £30. True a ST ticket saves all the hassle of trying to buy one each week and this year it does cost £50 to be in with a shout for one ( the £35 memberships give you no chance ). Another point is that the club gets an early hold of all your cash from those who pay for ST's upfront and even those who pay by DD have paid around half of that by the time the season starts. I was told by someone at the club that these new membership schemes would have been brought in regardless had we failed to gain promotion but old cynic that I am take that with a huge pinch of salt.
  7. ......and Smith must score.

    A very optimistic plea for help

    I wasn't at the game but my trusty ' Canary Citizens ' reference book says : Team : Keelan, Payne, Black ( C ), Howard, Govier, Anderson, Livermore, Silvester, Bennett,( sub Briggs ), Paddon, Foggo. HT : 1-1 FT : 2-2 Scorers : Foggo, Livermore Attendance : 9842 Unusually Alan Black was captain as Forbes was injured having missed the previous week's match at Swindon. Forbes was captain for every other game that season bar those two. I'm sure there must be someone on here who was there and can explain why Eamonn Dunphy called us 'animals' but most games at the Old Den were pretty tasty affairs so it was probably par for the course.
  8. ......and Smith must score.

    Standard Home and Away memberships still on sale

    Out of the four clubs our home standard home membership does look poor value. Even poorer if the other three give their fans more than zero chance of a ticket.
  9. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    What use are they if they are returned ? Look destined for landfill I'd say
  10. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    Only 17 days more sleeps until the big day......good job they’ve upped their game down in NR1
  11. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    What's going on with the F & F ? I've got six on mine and I'm sure I bought four tickets together last season. Someone on here said you could buy a maximum of ten tickets this season so how come the system won't let you add another F & F if you've got three on there already ?
  12. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    Dragging religion into the argument won't end well......
  13. ......and Smith must score.

    New venue for away fans

    ' On the Ball City ' on continuous loop. Won't be an away venue for long......
  14. ......and Smith must score.

    Opposition fans in our away seats

    Would be a tad harsh on the season ticket holder I know who used the buy back scheme only to find out at the next home match that an away fan sat there
  15. ......and Smith must score.

    Get excited!

    Two for £184 ?
  16. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    Bet they daren’t put Izal greaseproof in there.....
  17. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    To be fair Waveney does go to almost every game home and away so deserves to be at the front of the queue. He doesn't do himself any favours by immediately telling us he's got his ticket without a jot of sympathy for those left in the scrum who are almost as deserving as he is.
  18. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    Too late for West ham but as far as I know the successful caller can purchase as many tickets as they like providing all Friends & Family qualify. I bought three yesterday and I know someone who got five today.
  19. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    I’m sure we’d take more if we could but under Premier League rules we’re only allowed what we’re given. It’ll be the same at Old Trafford and their capacity is 75,000
  20. ......and Smith must score.

    Next four games

    Giving a good account of ourselves as we did on Friday is what we all want but that doesn’t necessarily translate itself into points...
  21. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    I think we’re getting 2800 so leaves just 2050 after close of play today. No wonder people who managed 8 or 9 aways last year are peed off.
  22. ......and Smith must score.

    West Ham tickets

    Yes, apart from my usual glitch in not remembering my password all went well. Good luck to all in the queue tomorrow. If you get the option from what I've been told Lower Tier tickets have a better view.
  23. ......and Smith must score.

    Michael Bailey

    Thanks for putting that up MW. I shall certainly miss MB's post match videos on the Pink Un site. Dave Freezer has big shoes to fill.
  24. ......and Smith must score.

    Next four games

    Well I suspect the target IS 12 points. OK then I'll be happy drawing with Chelsea and beating Man City. As I said four points is a reasonable return.....
  25. ......and Smith must score.

    Next four games

    Four points would be a good return. There are home games when we would hope to get points and there's home games where ' nul points ' without a hammering will be the best we will get. Does anyone - apart from LDC - seriously think Man City won't at least match Liverpool's + 3 GD ?