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......and Smith must score.

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  1. ......and Smith must score.

    Women commentators on men’s football.

    Hoddle isn’t a commentator, he’s a summariser which is just as well perhaps. He does make some good observations but you get the feeling he doesn’t understand why most footballers aren’t as good as he was back in the day.
  2. ......and Smith must score.

    Man Utd meltdown

    Agree 100% with this. They have a world class goalie, some top forwards and are playing against a newly promoted defensively patched up team. I'd be delighted with a point.
  3. ......and Smith must score.

    Premier Watch

    B*gger !! Ipswich monkey off their back
  4. ......and Smith must score.

    Premier Watch

    PENALTY !!
  5. ......and Smith must score.

    Premier Watch

    As Ricardo says Ipswich will be massive Leicester fans tonight
  6. ......and Smith must score.

    Duncan Forbes

    RIP Duncan. Many on here will know of him by name only but he was a fantastic professional. Hard as nails and opposition managers used to joke that the club fed him on raw meat. I think I’m right in saying that he played at all bar one of the then 92 Football League clubs before he retired.
  7. ......and Smith must score.

    News from the farmyard

    Wondered when City 1st would stir from his slumbers but I guess the agenda is a bit meaningless when the subject is top of the League and unbeaten.
  8. ......and Smith must score.

    Last nights consultation on membership

    This is definitely what Ben said. It was a good move by the club but I’m curious why the owners of the land sold it cheaply. They must have known that the club would only have made an offer if they were looking to expand the stadium. Who owned the land ? Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the city council in which case the dear old ratepayers have been shafted.
  9. ......and Smith must score.

    Last nights consultation on membership

    I went last night and well b back sums it up well. It was sometimes hard to hear what was being offered from the floor as the use of microhones was a bit haphazard but there was a lot of debate with many sensible suggestions including how to rejig the current membership scheme regarding loyalty and cost. It was confirmed that the club would have introduced a membership scheme had the club failed to gain promotion but how it would have varied from the present one was not revealed. There was some discussion about reducing the length of time you have to book a ticket online. The current setting is 30 mins and some felt this was too long. The top table of three made the point that the online system is run by an external company which services some other Premier League clubs so a lot of things are out of the club's control. It seems that those who physically queue outside the ticket office are at some disadvantage especially when online sales are not completed and the tickets are suspended in the basket too long. Ben Kensell admitted that having gained promotion the club's agenda this season had been to maximise revenue, particularly from advertisers, as the club's stay in the Premier League may be brief. A sensible stategy but you couldn't help thinking maximising revenue was precisely why the membership scheme was set up too. As someone else has said on here this season's purchasing history will be null and void and will count for nothing next season but it was confirmed that last season's purchasing history, ie, the promotion season will be taken into account when a new membership scheme emerges. I must say I was impressed with Ben and have some sympathy for all the grief he's taken over this. He couldn't apologise enough for the crazy way the club introduced the membership scheme. Dealing with fall-out of this kind is probably part of his job description but the membership scheme must have been a Board decision from which they're mostly all keeping a low profile while he's been hung out to dry to deal with the flak. Apart from one or two early sharp exchanges it was a fairly amicable sharing of views and Ben was happy to let the meeting run on. It eventually wound up after three hours, far longer than most meetings I've attended at Carrow Rd. Finally I musn't forget to thank the catering staff who laid on some very tasty snacks to keep us going through our marathon session.
  10. ......and Smith must score.

    How to listen live on bbc radio?

    No idea how old you are WWIAFTM but there are many elderly people who would be very lonely without one.
  11. ......and Smith must score.

    Ratings v Bournemouth

    Yes, he certainly livened up our play. Makes you wonder if he'd been brought on a bit earlier we might have nicked it. That said we'd all have settled for this point at KO.
  12. ......and Smith must score.

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    A very useful point today and of course with hindsight slightly disappointed it wasn't three. Most of us must have thought we were goners when Godfrey limped off but for some reason we played better after he was subbed. Hernandez looked as though he'll skin a few players this season. Let's hope he doesn't make too much of a habit of falling down stairs.
  13. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Delighted with a point after Godfrey had to go off. Fingers crossed he's back soon
  14. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Could've been off there
  15. ......and Smith must score.

    *****Official match thread v Bournemouth*****

    Can't believe this injury curse Bite your hand off for a point now
  16. ......and Smith must score.

    Still waiting for Dec/Jan fixture dates to be confirmed

    The away game at Spurs is not live just KO's 15 mins earlier. My bad
  17. ......and Smith must score.

    Still waiting for Dec/Jan fixture dates to be confirmed

    Why was the Sheff Utd fixture pushed back to the Sunday ? All festive fixtures will now be on TV and both Spurs matches will now be live
  18. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournemouth Tickets

    Yes, I've been to the Vitality before and it's a very modern ground. I'm pretty sure there are no pillars in the away stand
  19. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournemouth Tickets

    I think the tickets now available are restricted view which might be a good idea if our current away form is anything to go by A friend of mine got an unrestricted view seat this week so I guess it must have been a return
  20. ......and Smith must score.

    What Joy

    This is really good news especially after that Villa clobbering. Can only increase confidence in the whole team.
  21. ......and Smith must score.

    Brighton Tickets

    Still on sale now. A little surprised but I suppose a long trip to see a side decimated by injuries and with four consecutive away defeats and only one consolation goal under it’s belt does take it’s toll. It will sell out. Brighton is a great away day.
  22. ......and Smith must score.


    If you include our injury situation in pre-season predictions surely the sensible money would be on relegation. We've seen teams survive when in far worse early positions so I think we've got a chance providing we can get some of our injured players back and we can hang on the coat tails of the team in 16th spot until the long-termers are back. We'll be doing really well if we can get out of this one though and the odds must be heavily against it. It's unrealistic to assume that we won't have at least one or two injuries to contend with at any one time but this season it's been unbelievably bad.
  23. ......and Smith must score.

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    Doubt they'd go for the Donald Trump-type goon entourage more the Hackney hipster look I'd say. Wonder if he had a weapon hidden in his bush ?
  24. ......and Smith must score.

    ZZ Top at Carrow Road

    Didn't fancy getting maimed by their security detail Nutty. Besides they were in the posh seats way behind lording it over us forelock-tugging serfs in the cheap seats.
  25. ......and Smith must score.

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    Put an ' e ' in there..... The team ? Need to see who's still standing after the international break.