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......and Smith must score.

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  1. ......and Smith must score.


    How odd... Find it hard to believe that Liverpool are as high as 1/3. If I was a neutral I’d think that was a licence to print money. Man City were 1/12
  2. ......and Smith must score.


    We were 25/1 to beat Man City so we.must KO this one at at least 20’s ?
  3. ......and Smith must score.


    Makes pretty depressing reading..... According to 11v 11.com we’ve managed just two draws in our last 13 meetings. Both of those at Anfield. Last home wine was way back in May ‘93 when a David Philips penalty decided it. Last away win was on the last day of the Kop terrace the following season when a Jeremy Goss special earned us a 1-0 success and a Liverpool chant of, “ You’re supposed to let us win “
  4. ......and Smith must score.

    Turning on Farke

    I think any club that hasn't tasted top division football since 1947 might have a similar target Jim
  5. ......and Smith must score.

    Not good enough

    Which is exactly what you didn’t do
  6. ......and Smith must score.

    Make Sure You Take Your Debit/Credit Card.

    That's a thin bag you've got there Kathy
  7. ......and Smith must score.

    Couldn't Hit a Car Window with a Brick!

    The AA must be too scared to venture into bandit territory
  8. ......and Smith must score.


    Good luck with that. I reckon your only hope is two corporates
  9. ......and Smith must score.

    Anyone know why it's a 19:30 kickoff?

    No good for me but a heads up if anyone doesn’t already know.....Greater Anglia are promoting ‘ Hare Fares ‘. £20 off peak return from Norwich to London. Book by 9th Feb and can be used between 21st Jan and 5th April so can be used for the Spurs game tomorrow and Arsenal on 4th April ( assuming it doesn’t get shifted for TV )
  10. ......and Smith must score.

    Somebody thinks we can do it!

    As least we don't have to worry about that even if it was only on goal difference
  11. ......and Smith must score.

    Somebody thinks we can do it!

    Those three points at Burnley on Saturday could make all the difference...
  12. ......and Smith must score.

    AWAy membership.

    But best not to ring them if they think you've done less than they say and they've put you in a higher position
  13. ......and Smith must score.

    Team for Tottenham

    I'm never normally that keen either but he's probably been better than Zimmermann recently
  14. ......and Smith must score.

    Anyone know why it's a 19:30 kickoff?

    The Srurs website says it's been moved to 7.30 " in order to move it into line with other matches elsewhere which have been selected for live television coverage in the UK ". Whatever that means as I don't remember it happening with midweek matches before ...
  15. ......and Smith must score.

    Anyone know why it's a 19:30 kickoff?

    Yes if anyone wants to go just sign up and print your ticket at home. Tried it as far as ticket in the basket and it seemed to work. To be fair Spurs are just treading water and the visitors are hardly ' must sees ' so if you can sit on your hands for the 90 mins now's your chance to see their new stadium. There's no telling when we'll be back. You can always say you're just ' doing the 92 '
  16. ......and Smith must score.

    Yet another basement battle

    Never mind all that........just win the ****ing thing.
  17. ......and Smith must score.

    Kyle Lafferty

    Too gruesome This is a family message board
  18. ......and Smith must score.

    Jordan Rhodes

    You’ve answered your own question
  19. ......and Smith must score.

    Newcastle Tickets

    If you have any purchase history at Carrow Rd you’ll be OK if the tickets go to general sale. Want to go enough and you’ll get in. I had to sit with the Millwall knuckleheads last season
  20. ......and Smith must score.

    Newcastle Tickets

    One of the best places to go.......ground, station and good beers all on top of each other. If you DLTFSYD ( Don’t Let The Football Spoil Your Day ) what’s not to like ?
  21. ......and Smith must score.

    Kyle Lafferty

    Must have been taken before before she drank that bucket of full fat Coke. She looks like Mrs Creosote now.....
  22. ......and Smith must score.

    Newcastle Tickets

    Why can’t you get a ticket ?
  23. ......and Smith must score.

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    It probably should have been the 2017/18 season when we were playing c*ap. That’s real loyalty.
  24. ......and Smith must score.

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    My purchase history goes back to the beginning of the century so it ought to be on there somewhere
  25. ......and Smith must score.

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Interesting that the video ' Memberships Explained " optimistically says that casual home tickets will cost £30 in the Premier League. I wonder if that means they'll be looking to charge £40 + when teams like Leeds roll up next year ?