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  1. In the watford fans defence i would point out that they are as good as much relegated already whilst it went right to the wire in our season.
  2. same here jas. i was at his last game at carrow road which was a friendly at home to internazionale and was digusted at the lack of support shown to him. damo never got a chant from the fans even though his goals kept us in the running in our prem season, if it wasnt for him i dont know how many points we would have eneded up with, i dread to think. in his last game he was roundly booed by all sides, i was especially disapointed in the barclay and snake pit as i thought at least they would try and chant for him but no. as you can probably tell im still annoyed about the whole incident as at the time i thought his future was still in the balance and maybe we could have won him over. maybe i am wrong, we shall never know.
  3. i would care about being 3-0 down to burnley but i dont. a 16 year old up front? what do we expect. im not complaining at all, im happy that the youngsters are finally being given a go. we have nothing to play for so why not give the kids a run out. we only have one real game this season and that is on sunday. i think with all the injuries we should start recalling some of our loan players.
  4. his dribbling his like watching a man trying and win endless 50-50''s.  still i rate him, and he is one of my favourite players. i think he should shoot more as when he does they arent that far wide and are bloody powerful.
  5. i think some of you are being a tad harsh and abit negative. i thought the defence did well today in passing the ball rather than just hoofing it everyime. although some of that did still happen it was much improved from games earlier on this season. the midfield two were excellent, etuhu was big and made an impact so much so i thought some of thier players were abit scared of him (see all the time he had when he sent a powerful shot just wide in the second half). Safri played really well, always seemed to be there mopping up and was always hassling the opposition and coming away with the ball. croft i thought played alright, maybe he didnt do too much going forward but his tracking back was very good unlike performances earlier this season. he seemed to really care and helped the defence out alot. huckerby played how he always does and caused the opposition problems all day long. martin showed some good touches on the ball, i thought their centre backs were abit too strong for him and so he couldnt really take people on but still he played well. special mention again to our defence''s new found passing skills. the game left my highley optimistic for the future. i would also like to add the way city switched play was first class and stoke found that hard to cope with.
  6. my life. ooops time to stop listening to cold play.
  7. enough of this talk about which team shows up. CITY will beat them dirty blue noses 2-0 EASY EASY EASY. and thats the end of that chapter. (p.s can everyone please show some optimism and not be depressing, thank you)
  8. I wanted to hear what the orient fans thought of him, this is what i found: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A20213236 http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A20079047 http://www.leytonorient2.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=137460 http://www.leytonorient2.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=137477 sounds like hes a bit of a messiah.
  9. forgive me as im obviously deluded. maybe im thinking of Southend. still though should be good.
  10. im going, mainly becasue they dont have seating. Love the terraces, good chanting there last time even though we got battered.
  11. im 17 so did not see terracing at carrow road but have experienced it at places such as Fulham, Gillingham, Southend, Reading (elm park). i prefer it although i do not know whether the better atmosphere was due to that or to the fact that the games were all away.
  12. we will have to keep an eye on kamara, he has been on fire recently. 1-2 to the mighty yellows is my prediction.
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