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  1. There isn''t going to be a demonstration so their campaign has failed for now and they are presumably off trying to upset another apple cart. Hopefully this board will return to what it once was - spirited debate without one trick ponies spouting agendas. They were worse than politicians and their stump speeches; you always knew what they were going to say before you read the post.
  2. because your dream is to play professional football - oh let''s see Norwich youth or Colchester youth..... come on evrey team outside the premiership has the same problems - if you are a smart lad you join the biggest club possible even if they''re in  rough patch - by the time you are ready to play who knows where any team will be.
  3. well I always wanted to work in  waste management so I''ll take the thirty thousand a week !!!!!!!!!!! Well put Ulf - there aren''t many of us who would take the lower option.
  4. The point of this post wasn''t meant to be a criticism of Huckerby but rather to say that in our current predicament and with the point that he has reached in his career that this might not be the best match any longer. No one denies that Huckerby is a very talented footballer whose legend will live long in the annals of Norwich City..............but Even Tamworth figured out thate best way to attack us was done the left flank......... yes he scored two goals in that game but the point is that the whole division has figured him and us out - stop Huckerby in defence and attack Huckerby going forward. For himself he needs to play on a better more balanced team where he isn''t the only option. It doesn''t matter how good he is if they put 2/3 men on him and his final ball doesn''t make it we are in trouble. For us - we need grinders - we are in a mess that flair and skill may not get us out of. Right now the ghosts of Gary Holt/Duncan Forbes etc. would look very good in the yellow and green. We are in a fight right now and I don''t believe that this will be good for Huckerby or City. PS This is not a defence of other members of the squad - Mcveigh, Docherty,Gallagher, Robinson, Ethuhu (likely to force me to write another post on why useless sods never change their stripes) and possibly Drury, Shackell and a few others should be sent packing.............. There really is a lot of work that needs to be done - and barring  a miracle it won''t happen quickly.  
  5. Before everyone finds the shotgun in the closet let me just say this - there is no arguement that the signing of Huckerby was the single most important point in our promotion season. Also I do not disagree that he has also been our most talented player over the past three years - and that he has pledged his loyalty to NCFC in perpertuity. So what''s my problem ? Well Darren is probably our biggest earner and has stated on many occasions recently that he is basically on a one and done contract depending on how he feels he is playing - very laudable an attitude too. However unfortunately City are in what one can be most charitably be called the beginning of a rebuilding period - it''s difficult for even the most optimistic of us to believe that we will be truly sorted and ready to make another push for promotion until 2009/10 at the earliest. That''s two years away - Darren in all likelihood won"t be the player he is today so why would he want to spend the last year(s) of his career playing for an at best an average Championship outfit ? and why would we want to pay his wages when the money might better be invested elsewhere ? So what''s the point ? Replies without gunfire please !
  6. I''m pretty sure that a number of people on this site were calling for the appointment of Parkinson over the summer - seems like we dodged that bullet.
  7. Unbelieveably even though we have been rubbish for much of this season, sacked a manager etc. etc. if we had just not shipped last minute goals against Southend, Palace, QPR and now Hull that have cost us 7 points we would be 5th !!!!! and 4 points off the top !!!! Just goes to show that this division is there for the taking - not saying we are going to take it - but anyone who can get any kind of run going can go up this year. All of which makes our disjointed and uninspired efforts this season all the more disappointing -with 50 million quid at stake you would hope that all involved at the club would make every effort to sort this out .  
  8. You are right about that. Ever since the Fulham debacle it''s been apparent that a number of our players had quit on the manager and by extension us the fans. I can''t think of another team that held its fate in its own hands and went to the slaughter in quite the manner that we did that day. Last season was just a continuation of the process for wahtever reason a sizeable number of playesr had just stopped listening and it really never seemed that there were any new ideas except for ''we need to work harder''. This year our fast start with our new formation has proven to be a false dawn - the players (not all of them) have voted with their performances. The manager has to go - and if the board had any affection left for the man they would put him out of his misery today. Tough times demand tough decisions - there are no miracles left at Carrow Road under the current regime.    
  9. I remember the Man Utd game. I think Nationwide was doing a piece on their supporters and they didn''t disappoint. I was sitting in the old Main Stand that day - I believe the barclay end was all Man Utd supporters except for the pen nearest the Main stand. I could clearly see one of my mates talking to another bloke there (the Norwich pen was not full !!) when the teams came on the pitch this bloke whipped out a red and white scarf followed by a brick which he put in my mate''s face!! Things got worse after that. The Man Utd fan who fell from the roof was put on a stretcher and wheeled in front of the Main Stand toward the first aid station down at the River End - when he passed almost in front of where I was sitting some large fiftyish lady with bright red hair went six rows down, climbed over the hoarding and knocked him off the stretcher !! Glory days - I think !!  
  10. substitute Earnshaw for Ashton and we have substantially the same squad, with a few more youngsters, as this time last year, when many of us thought that we were certs for immediate promotion If the attitude is right (and it wasn''t last year) and one or two judicious signings are made we ought to to challenge for the top six. No doubt Birmingham and West Brom are favorites but they can have the same hangover that we had last year and there is no one else whose squad should terrify us
  11. agreed the Svensson/Thorne swap was the most disastrous of all. Imagine if Svensson were here today to play with Earnshaw how much better we would feel. On another note how is it that Jonson can still do a job for a pretty good side like Sweden in the World Cup no less, but be turfed out of of Norwich even though he wanted to stay ??? Who do/did we have who was so much better?
  12. Interesting comments from Reading''s Madjeski who basically says that because of player costs, agents fees and transfer fees that there is no hope of Reading balancing their books in the Premiership. Not only that, but because of this he wants to sell out. Maybe this helps explain why we ended up even more in debt after the Premiership than we were before it. None of the 3 promoted clubs this year are really spending and you have to think that they are all odds on to come straight back down. The trouble for them is if they do push the boat out and spend alot of money and it doesn''t work and they are still relegated they could be screwed for the next ten years. The best plan seems to be to spend modestly hope you survive/thrive like West Ham and Wigan and then really start spending after the first season or in January if your position is secure enough. Sad to think that but for our abject surrender at Craven Cottage (appropriately named for us that day) we would have had a chance at establishing ourselves as a Premier League side. With the increased TV money every year that passes will make it that much harder to make the transition.
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