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  1. If we can replace our better players with cheap Germans I am sure we can find one to replace the aging average Jerome .
  2. Pre season is irrelevant as is calling for patience, bottom line is we either go up this season or every last player with a bit of talent and value will be sold by our impoverished owners next summer .Promotion or be in a worse position financially than the binners next summer . The odds are hugely stacked against us and will continue to be so until we have new owners capable of running a football club .
  3. I very much doubt Delia or Hubby have a long haul left in them they could be gone any day at that age . You see things may pick up quicker than everyone expects. , then it''s only Tom to get rid of and the family killing the club will be just a bad memory
  4. Come on people we were even skint after 4 seasons in the land of milk and honey ,never ever underestimate how easily money vanishes at this club no surprise at all that all we will see from the Murphy sale is another couple of non league Germans .
  5. Better an investor who puts money in brings success and makes a little for himself than a family putting absolutely nothing in they seem capable of making millions vanish with ease . Only surprise is it''s taken people this long to wake up to the real problem at the club Smith her relatives and friends all need hounding out or City 1st will be stuck for material when we are below the bonnets next season ,as another poster said even Evans puts money in when was the last time Smith put a penny into Norwich .
  6. [quote user="Alfie54"]Still wouldn''t be surprised to hear after extensive searches etc etc, that Ricky Martin and Alan Irvine are the new team![/quote]I thought Goreham and Butler were going out of their way to tell us just what a good footballing man and nice guy Irvine is today , wouldnt be a bit surprised to see him get it .
  7. Report does not mention DOF it says he is thinking of dropping into the Championship to revive his managerial career , surely there is somebody better out there than a 70 year old .
  8. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]think we can rule Rowett out then?.....ex player and all that..[/quote]Rowett 1/5 for the Derby job
  9. Respected BBC journalist Pat Murphy tweeting hearing Norwich City will confirm Pardew in the next 48 hours .
  10. Got to be better than Rowett who''s claim to fame is getting Birmingham to 7th , you could say McCarthy got a much poorer squad into the play offs so he would be a better bet than Rowett . Pardew looks the stand out applicant amd he is 2/5 with Skybet , Rowett is drifting and now 11/2 .
  11. Age wise and with Pritchard and Maddison waiting in the wings wouldnt be the greatest surprise if he was one of the ones to go .
  12. [quote user="KiwiScot"]Since we have stated we need someone for the summer transfer window its unlikely we would wait for him to be maybe sacked in the hope he would come to us.[/quote]His contract is up so wont need sacking , was in the Mirror a week or so ago we were keeping our eye on the situation .
  13. [quote user="Herman"]What an idiot.[/quote]Poor old Herman , all lost without his bum boy Morty .
  14. Knowing the crowd are set to turn on him i expect to see Maddison start to try and appease some of them .No dirty trick is too low for this nasty little Scottish fraud.
  15. Woman and her family are not fit to run this club , shes run it into the ground once and will do again . Any protests Saturday should be directed at her Alex Neil wouldnt be here now if it was not for her .
  16.  I  hope Bristol put seven past them just maybe then it will dawn on the old farts running this club that they are wrong , Neil is not fit to manage hes so full of shit even he cannot believe what comes out of his mouth , he sums up Scottish football a treat along with all the other useless jocks at the club .
  17. Clearly after his interview yesterday Jerome has been ordered out to give the press the crap about the clowns hands being tied and he needs to stay untill the end of the season . Farcical club run by people who should be put out to rest , lucky they have so many Norfolk dumplings who swallow every lie they feed them .
  18. Was washed up 3 seasons ago and a joke he is still here , but he speaks bull well and is a nice young man so will be around for a few years yet. Russell Martin sums up nicely just what is wrong with this club .
  19. Happy clappers are dragging this club down just as much as Smith , really could do with the whole lot of them fucking off .
  20. I must admit while reading that article that if Jerome had posted that on this messageboard , Nutty, Morty , Herman and one or two others would have been screaming Binner just like they do to every poster who has a different opinion to them .
  21. [quote user="Jamie Witherspoon"]Does your mum also have millions of pounds she is willing to sink into a business with no profit opportunities and thousands of ungrateful little sh*ts who blame her for everything? No, thought not.[/quote]I expect Delia has had all her money back she invested and probably a fair bit extra too , she should find herself a nice retirement home and never be seen again .
  22. [quote user="Darth Canary1"]Keith Scott will be happy[/quote]Doubt hes happy but he says what he sees unlike most on here who pretend we are a top side , truth is apart from the firdt few weeks of the season we have been abysmal . We should have signed Rhodes a top striker in this divison instead of letting this clown throw millions upon millions down the drain , Wildschit being the latest in a very long line .
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