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  1. No it''s just we only have one average striker and he''s injured and if its goals u want Jerome ,Murphy and Watkins just don''t come close to the standard needed .
  2. Weakest strikers we have had at the club for years ,Olivera is nothing special and Jerome is well past his very average best . People say there''s plenty of firepower in this squad but who regularly puts the ball in the net ? Oh for a Assombalonga or even a Hooper .
  3. Cannot see anyway this team can stay up , they look league one the results so far point to relegation and I don''t buy this give them time bollocks . Truth is we have not faced any of the better teams yet and when we do they are going to tear us a new one .
  4. Striking options at the club are non existent ,but without doubt this is the poorest Norwich squad for years and years anybody thinking they will challenge at the top end of the table are frankly deluded.
  5. Well it''s a long relegation battle ahead now ,anybody thinking the shambles seen so far can be put right with the signing of one average centre back are clearly deluded .
  6. People leaving the match Saturday were saying it''s the worst Norwich team they have seen in 40 years ,time to wake up Indy Bones and stop posting absolute twaddle . Farke has not got a clue and whoever it was who signed all this non league rubbish should not be allowed anywhere near a professional football club .
  7. How about the owners getting behind the team and buying us some players slightly above the standard of the cheap crap they have now lumbered us with . Hate to think what''s going to happen when we go to Portaloo Road st the moment you can only see us getting one almighty hiding.
  8. Quite funny how the clappers thought we were signing players that were going to get top six when it was as clear as day it was the Board doing it on the cheap yet again . You get what you pay for and that''s a whole load of non league standard players .
  9. He sounded like a man lost tonight without a clue what to do next , only we could replace Alex Neil with somebody far far worse .
  10. It''s a relegation battle we won''t win ,soft touch of a team , how we have ended up this bad with parachute payments and millions from sales ...Smith and co need to go and go now .
  11. Complete farce now no better than a league one squad ,and going into a season with one striker is suicidal sorry but Jerome is no striker more a headless chicken . If we end up Relegated nobody can say we didn''t deserve it parachute payments and a whole load of worthless signings . As for people who keep saying Martin is good enough for this level , please he isn''t he''s here because he''s a nice bloke who says all the things people want him too , he would be hard pushed a league lower .
  12. Well Leeds want Olivera so I''m sure a deal can be done where Delia pockets a few more million .
  13. If the finances are sound why have we not made one decent summer signing ? even the manager said he would have liked to sign better players but he knew the situation before he came , in other words he was told there was nothing of note to spend before he joined . We must be the only club with owners who contribute sod all to the club even him down the road coughs up more than Delia and co could raise between them , if you can''t piss get off the pot .
  14. Do none of you ignorants not understand that if we do not go up this season the last couple of decent players we have will be gone , this is not a long term rebuild it''s bloody Smith going back to the Roeder days nothing but frees and loans and a trip back to league one . For Christs sake wake the fuck up .
  15. We have owners who just cannot compete we will hit league one again within 3 years and banking all the millions from sales and parachute money then buying in shed loads of players who would be better off at Lowestoft won''t help . Have said it for years until Delia and family do one this club is only going one way and that''s down .
  16. Some people understand football about 90% on this board haven''t a clue , should be 3 already .
  17. Game over by half time Villa could well get 4 or 5 today .
  18. What''s that 3 for Waghorn and 2 for Garner yet a goalless Jerome offers so much more , some people just have not got a clue all you need from a striker is goals a striker who cannot hit a barn door is a waste of a starting place .
  19. People who class Jerome as a striker dear oh dear unless it''s a tie poke over the goal line he is worse than useless . We are going into the season with one striker and he does not get to start , same old Norwich if your face fits you are first name on the team sheet even if u are dog5hit
  20. If the players just are not good enough no amount of time will help , we won''t finish above Ipswich this season and it will be a struggle to stay up . Unfortunately it was all to easy to see this happening all summer after unknown after unknown was signed and most of the deadwood already here were kept on .
  21. Afraid these low cost lower level players are not looking so good now they are up against proper opposition . going to be a long hard season and for Christ''s sake buy a couple of strikers Jerome is as good up front as Martin is at the back .
  22. Yes shouldn''t even be at the club his departure is long overdue . Tidy midfield , crap defence and a powderpuff strkeforce .
  23. Same place all the premiership money went keeping Delia and family in a life of luxury . If only she was like other owners and put something into the club .
  24. Would be nice to spend some of the millions we have raised on player sales on a few players who may help us push for promotion . How they laughed on here when the binners sold the likes of Mings and Murphy and didn''t get a penny to spend but it''s a different story when Delia does exactly the same but on a greater level .
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