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  1. To some extent haven''t recent events already suggested that Delia is out, it''s just that she still owns the club and, I would surmise, she''s too proud/stubborn to actually admit that it''s gone and it will never be her show again.  
  2. That was really interesting reading, not about Beausant''s Patricia Hodge fetish, Purple''s Cullum update. Well done.
  3. Anything that I know about the NCISA is from this board and whilst I''m sure people are working really hard and putting loads of hours in on a voluntary basis, people do this for a million different causes all around these Isles for the same reason, because they want to. When they don''t want to or can''t do it any longer, they stop. Also like a million other organisations, the people who run it hold all elements of it dear because they are part of it, they thought of them in the first place, they want to hang on to the ''power'' they hold, etc. They also often resent others tampering with or mocking what they''ve got and often appear very open but are actually unofficial closed shops    Also if these people stopped caring it would probably all stop in many cases, and would it really matter to anyone other than the people who run them?What do associations like this actually achieve? I''m not a member by the way as I only wear a fleece when I go camping, and as everybody knows, volunteering doesn''t pay.   
  4. [quote user="canarytom"]a foul mixture of animal excrement[/quote]If you want to talk about our midfield start another thread.
  5. [quote user="jbghost"]Daughter hs just got into Leicester Uni and as a season ticket holder is desperate to get to as many games as possible. Are there any other canaries based around leicester who might be looking for a fare paying passenger? [/quote]I live in leamington which is 45 minutes from leicester, but if she wanted to get the train down to Leamington anytime I''d pick her up from the station and drive her the two and a half hours to the fine city. PM me if she''s interested and we''ll talk about it.
  6. I don''t think anyone''s said this yet, "the trouble with Chinese investment is that it''s great at first but after about half an hour you need some more", I thang yew. I''m here all week.
  7. I''d be happy to contribute to Smudger''s costs if he would like to go to Walsall and find out. 
  8. [quote user="Dion DublinLegend"][quote user="Bury Yellow"]Good post Beau. Hooly is a real problem. When he is allowed a free role (ala Blackpool) he is dangerous player. Other then in the friendlies he has been mainly patrolling the left wing. He is not a left winger, he has limited pace. As you say, whether Lambert can accommodate him at the moment remains to be seen. Thank goodness Lambert has witnessed the Col U and Brentford games. It doesn''t take a brain surgeon to see where immediate improvements can be made. I understand his team tactics for the Col U game included highlighting the slowness of Doc and Nelson and the defensive inadequacies of Semi. Need we say more!![/quote] It''s a very good point and one which the last two managers haven''t worked out. Where to play Hoolahan? Perhaps we should capitalise on our large number of central midfielders and lack of wide men that are really doing it and try the Christmas tree:                                        Holt                          Wes             WLY/Cody/Whaley                 Adeyemi     Hughes     OTJ       Lappin     Askou           Doc      Spillane                                Alnwick I think this could bring the best out of Wes who could roam, and you''d think that the midfield three could dominate possession. The major obvious weakness is at left full-back: I went for Lappin as Drury would lack the pace and stamina to provide width, but neither is an ideal candidate for this role. Just an idea and a fairly radical one at that but could it play to our strengths and make us a bit less predictable? [/quote]Whiggins must be fit soon.
  9. It''s bloody Wenger! Sh*t he''s too old and only plays foreigners! I suppose that he can work on a budget but isn''t that typical of this shower!
  10. [quote user="canarywales"]totally agree with all that was said gunny shoiuld have been given some games with the players he brought in and the board that sacked him werein place before most of the players were employed by the club , its bloody disgraceful way to treat gunny[/quote]Yeah, all that success and just 2 years pay. Poor sod.
  11. Empty Mirror, "It isn''t somebody already employed at a club" [:)]
  12. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"].... than the brutal way in which Bryan Gunn was treated. And just think how Butterworth, Crook, Deehan and the players - especially those he brought in must be feeling. This is not the Norwich way Miss Smith. You must go now. I was rather underwhelmed by the original appointment of Bryan Gunn. But once Team Gunn emerged with the addition of the other former Carrow Road stalwarts I thought why not give it a go and wish them good luck. The psychological mess and loan policy left by Roeder was always likely to lead to relegation, so when Gunn was confirmed as manager, allowed to do a little housecleaning, throw out the loans policy, bring in 12 new players etc I thought Team Gunn would be given a few months to prove themselves. I suspect that stagefright, bad luck and panic fed on each other against Colchester and the the Yeovil result was more a true reflection of the quality of the team. Surely there were no clues in the pre-season build-up which would have predicted imminent catastrope, which supports this theory. No. Panic took over after Colchester, and McNally and Bowker saw their main chance - and Smith acquiesced in the vain hope that they would rescue her from the pending firestorm. Ken Brown is bemused. I am bemused, embarrassed and angry. No matter how hard or difficult things are this is just not the way to do things. Fire Gunn by all means if that is the considered solution. But not in this brutal and unfair manner. I mean, by what kind of judgement do you give a man (a team really) a new contract, allow him to restructure the squad, bring in 12 new players etc and then fire him (them? as they must be almost as culpable mustn''t they?) after a freak  1-7 followed by a good 4-0 against comparable opposition. And still the majority will not admit that their Empress has no clothes! All I will say in summary is that there are ways to do things - and brutality and public humiliation are NOT the way. And the buck stops at the top. And that''s the way I see it. Nuff said. One love. OTBC       [/quote] Haven''t you already written this on another thread or two? Stop it now, this Empress new clothes thing you''re obviously really pleased with is embarassingly boring. Take the advice and save yourself.
  13. [quote user="Norfolk Ned"]He will never play again. However, Theoklitos might.[/quote]I had Theokolitis once, I still have some of the ointment left.
  14. [quote user="Norwich"]Interesting...[/quote]Just waiting for empty mirror to write, "Our Man is Not in Place".
  15. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="Norfolk Dumpling"]Well put Nutty. Some fans seem to think that running around like headless chickens will improve the present situation. It is a new Board with a different approach. We should support our team and club on Saturday.[/quote]   yeah cause sitting back has helped! [/quote]Well whatever you want to complain about, you can''t say that the board has been sitting back. I think you have to see who McNally and Bowkett and probably Foulger decide to appoint before any kind of protest takes place. For me McN has so far made one strong decision as soon as he could and everything else I have heard doesn''t suggest no plan and weak leadership.Also I walked past the protest after the Colchester humiliation where some total a/hole was shouting at the top of his voice "7 f***ing 1, is that what you lot want"? repeatedly. A guy walking in front holding the hand of his 7 year old, turned to me and said, " I''m so glad that I have more to my life than this, so that I don''t feel the need to behave like that" I tend to agree with him, and frankly, like others no longer really understand the alternative agenda.   
  16. He used to be in a double act with some other bloke, got chucked by Amanda Holden and cried on Big Brother, oh, and he used to do a great Mavis Riley impersonation. I think that''s him.
  17. Swindon 1967 or 68 I think, stood in River End with my dad, we won 1-0 can''t remember who scored, Don Rodgers played for them, Alan Black played for us. Didn''t go again with my dad until a young Chris Sutton scored twice against QPR, he preferred drinking and gambling! 
  18. [quote user="shortfatb"] [quote user="Chris Martin"]If he does end up staying he will make the difference for us this season![/quote]       Who? Wes or Chris Lakey?! [/quote]   Sorry, slower than Lappin.
  19. [quote user="Chris Martin"]If he does end up staying he will make the difference for us this season![/quote]   Who? Wes or Chris Lakey?!
  20. [quote user="......and Smith must score."] [quote user="First Wizard"]No apologies if this has aready been mentioned but has the PU paper been scrapped? A highlight (and tradition ) in my Sundays is a hot cup of tea and toast in bed and reading the old Pinky.............well?[/quote] Sadly ''tis true Wiz. You''ll just have to have your cup of hot tea and toast in bed and stare down at another old Pink ''Un !! ( just be careful if you spill your tea ) [/quote] Perhaps adding a new meaning to the term ''bed ridden''  
  21.   Barcaly Boy wrote: thanks for this info Tim, very interesting and at least it would appear that we have one competent person in the Boardroom. LQ can you see the concerns that a lot of us have? Ok Crafty''s post is more hostile but some of the reveletions coming out of the meeting are alarming. The Chairman can''t make it, hostile responses from Delia/WWJ, not knowing what was going on under Roeder etc. I think as Tim says, the sale of the club or even the intention to sell, is miles away, because there doesn''t appear to be the desire to sell. And in order to really move forward that has to happen, because Delia and MWJ don''t have the cash or ability to get us back to where we should be.   I think that you''re probably right in terms of where Delia/MWJ think they are at, it appears that they have chosen to take a much less hands on role and leave it to the ''experts'' and hope that they will be able to bask in the reflected glory if there is success, whilst retaining their own perceived roles of munificent supporters. At the same time, they know that they have overseen a motorway pile up in terms of the last few years and are finally releasing the reins of power albeit not ownership. I don''t think McN and Bowkett are puppets, I firmly believe that they will say it as they see it and will rapidly leave if the Smiths refuse to back them. I''ve been in businesses long enough to see that those at the top can often be undermined by those at a more operating level particularly during times of change following failure. I''m happy that we''ve put a squad together for now, and I watch with interest what happens next in the boardroom, but overall I''m reasonably optimistic,and while everyone is now looking to the future, I can imagine whenever the Smiths show obdurance they will be beaten with a stick marked ''the recent past'' by McN to get his way.      
  22. [quote user="Ren"]One thing I cant help thinking before we all get carried away is that we ARE in Divsion THREE, a place where we have not been fot FIFTY years.  If we do win it or even get promoted will it be such a great achievement?  I am not so sure as I dont even think we should have allowed ourselves to get here in the first place!   [/quote]We are we''re we are, time to move on with enthusiasm and then not let it happen again.
  23. Mine is to drive 2 and a half hours eating wine gums there and back, sometimes happy, last season, usually not. Fingers crossed for this year.
  24. "Cluck (The Special One)... wrote "Delia Smith''s green and yellow army" will be ringing  in the ears before a ball has even been kicked....... That''s embarrassment enough and says it all about our feeble attitude in recent years........... I swear you''re on some kind of loop.
  25. [quote user="Freebie City F.C."][quote user="Branston Pickle"]Sorry Freebie, but that is now almost 1700 posts that you have made, every single one slating anything and everything to do with the club. Are you ever even remotely positive about the club you supposedly support? I think pretty-much everyone recognises that friendlies mean jack, and that the real stuff starts next week - but that is not to say we shouldn''t be able to venture into the new season with a degree of optimism. And I equally have no doubt you would be singing from a completely different songbook about the significance of pre-season had we had a poor one. IMO if any City supporter can''t take even the remotest positive from the goings on this summer, there is very little hope for them.[/quote] Oh what a surprise a post supporting everything the club does from Mr Branston , just like all the others over the past few seasons that turned out to be oh so wrong .Winning a few pre season friendlis means nothing lets wait untill the action starts and see just how good Gunn turns out to be shall we , all he has done so far is offer a contract to every freebie going , hardly managerial genius is it . [/quote]Do you and Barclay Boy ever meet up socially? Next time you do let me know and I''ll come and cut you both down from whatever beam you''re hanging from!
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