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    Today's game - pub in london

    Anyone know if the old red lion will be streaming today''s game? Great venue for last years sky games
  2. Rotherhithe Canary

    Brentford Ticket Swap - Terrace to Seating

    My experience of terracing is that once you''re all packed in there isn''t really a lot of space to maneuver yourself into a better position.Also thinking it would nice for her to be able to have a seat for the game, will ask around the pubs later and outside the ground
  3. Rotherhithe Canary

    Brentford Ticket Swap - Terrace to Seating

    Hi allLooking to exchange 2 standing tickets for tomorrows game for 2 seated ones. Bringing my other half along to her first City game and don''t want the experience of having to stand behind one of you 6''4 lads tarnishing my chance of getting along to future games.PM me if interested, will be at the ground well ahead of time to make the exchange, both tickets are for AdultsCheers
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    Pubs in London

    Can anyone suggest a pub in the capital where those of us unlucky enough to not have a ticket can watch the game? Would be nice to be joined by a few fellow canaries.
  5. Rotherhithe Canary

    very good stream

    Could someone please pm me a link? Cheers folks
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    Norwich fans on autopilot

    [quote user="Mister Chops"]Did nobody in the Snake Pit have the necessary IQ to realise the "what''s it like to see a crowd?" chant was totally pointless?


    This chant is actually an on-going joke in the snake pit involving a ginger haired man, it would still be sung even if we played man utd.

  7. Rotherhithe Canary

    New Signing

    According to skysports anyway...


    Mark Birch? Can anyone shed light on the situation or is it just an error on Skys behalf?

  8. Rotherhithe Canary


         You can usually determine the current status of the teams performances by the amount of posts containing CAPITAL LETTERS and  [:@] in the titles on the front page on the message board...

        It''s not looking too good at the moment [:S]

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    why so pessimistic?

    [quote user="Mello Yello"]

    I recall the period very well. The crowds were around the 14,000 mark and sometimes less. All those attending knew we were skint and that we were still in a transition period from the doldrums of the late 90s - but the situation was that we were unlikely to be a success, and therefore, I feared and accepted the possibility in failure - resulting in relegation. Then, that turnaround with Blarneymeisters departure and Worthington''s appointment, that saw us climb the table and into safety.

    The following season or two, was where Nigel instilled unity and stability to our average squad.  Some say Nigel was lucky in achieving what he did with this club, I think he had a combination of good fortune and commitment from genuine and honest pros like Malky and Co, who were of average ability - but rose to the challenge and we squeezed past Burnley into the play-offs.......The Millennium adventure which attracted new followers and re-kindled the disillusioned old, to once again attend Carrow Road - now saw us on a roll.

    The feelgood factor had arrived, the foundations were set, and after an ''out of sorts'' following season - then came the Championship title and ''hello'' the Premiership. Sadly, I now feel we are in limbo at this moment in time. I have no faith in the current board (and the Chief Exec), and am unlikely to be swayed from my strong opinion. If folk think I''m a pessimist (or a mentalist).......then fine. I just stick by what I believe in, and will refrain from going with the flow, preferring instead, to support the squad and hope for success - and maybe a forthcoming shake-up within the hierarchy, coupled with ''outside the ring-road investment'' - which in my personal opinion, is necessary for us to further progress.

    "I also, always felt Rioch could have given us some success if funds were made available - but the money just wasn''t there."


    Wow, a sensible post from Mellow Yellow! Are you feeing ok? [;)]

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    Booing Doherty Today

    [quote user="Freddy H"]

    I could not hear the booing in the N&P.  Doc is always a bit in and out but does not deserve boos.

    I also do not understand why Safri got as much flak as he did today.  OK he allegedly has been a pain in the butt off the field, but can we really fault his commitment on the pitch, he was Moroccan all over the world for two seasons and we loved him.  Today he put in his usual hefty challenges, which we loved when he was playing for us, suddenly he was a winker according to the Barclay.

    Its time for the Barclay Boys to grow up a bit, raise the vocal levels a lot and inspire the rest of us moaning lot to sing with them in praise of our players.  Come on Barclay you were great today when we were playing well, keep singing all game and the rest of us will (eventually) follow.  Then Carra will be the cauldron of noise and intimidating for the other team and not our own players.



    You can never hear anything in the N&P [;)]

  11. Rotherhithe Canary

    Player Ratings - Norwich v Southampton

    Marshall - 7 - Made a few good close range blocks due to poor defending, flapped at a cross but blushes were saved.

    Otsemobor - 8 - Finally a right back! very solid defensively and worked well to win ball back, huge bonus when attacking to have another player down the right.

    Shackell - 6 - Struggled against the very physical Rasiak, made the usual good defensive headers but not helped by his central partner

    Doherty - 5 - We need a replacement, granted he faced a very powerful striker in Jones, his reluctance to tackle in the penalty area and simply stand off is appalling

    Drury - 7 - Very important tackle in the penalty area, got forward better then usual to aid Lappin down the left

    Brellier - 6 - Not the best of debuts but looked promising, clearly not a terrific ball player but the midfield battler that we will need in this league possibly

    Russell - 6 - Same battling qualities as Brellier but a little more creative on the ball, got forward well and in my opinion won his battle with Safri

    Croft - 8 - One of his best displays at Carrow Road, looks a lot slimmer then last season and more dangerous when running with the ball, came deep and brought the ball forward very effectively, improved crossing also

    Lappin - 6 - Quiet game, had to help Drury with a tricky right winger, not as much going forward as in previous games

    Brown - 6 - Looked good pre-season but didn''t have the best of games today, won a few headers but to no avail, some good touches and link up play with cureton

    Cureton - 8 - MOM - Took his goals very well, good poacher, not as involved in link up play as i would like him to be, still settling in, will become a star this season


    Fotheringham - 8 - The catalyst for the second half comeback, fought well in the middle and very good distribution, real shame to see him go off injured, hopefully wont be too serious as looks like he could seriously challenge for starting role

    Chadwick - 6 - Not on the field too long but managed to slice a volley out for a throw in and miss an open goal within 2 minutes of coming on

    Strihavka - 6 - Not on field long enough to make an informed decision of his abilities but chased ball well in final minutes


    Grant - 7 - Inspired substitution bringing on Fotheringham, but still needs to realise our need for a new centre back

  12. Rotherhithe Canary

    Smith Goal clips and comments

    Wwho else feels we should use the song being sung at the end of the clip for him?
  13. Rotherhithe Canary

    Dud Czech?

    [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Um, your point being...?[/quote]

    Comedy is wasted on some...[;)]

  14. Rotherhithe Canary

    'Peter Grants Green n Yella Army.. (Sing up Carrow Road)

    I dont think its a question of loyalty or discontent against peter grant i think its just that singing ''peter grants green and yellow army'' is quite a mouth full Stick out tongue [:P]

  15. Rotherhithe Canary

    Biggest 'High' of the Season.

    For me, the superb 3-2 comeback victory against luton way back in august
  16. Rotherhithe Canary

    Derby Match Tickets

    no not impossible, I arrived at carrow road at 6:30 last season to stand in line for my tickets and managed to get 2 seats together with a friend in the snake pit
  17. Rotherhithe Canary

    premiership years 92/93

    could be worse, we could all be leeds fans, they have fallen further than us, or even oldham! once premiership...
  18. Rotherhithe Canary

    Grant thinks we still have a chance of going up!!

    when you look at who we have faced in those games it doesn''t look as bad as made out previously

  19. Rotherhithe Canary

    Play the Proclaimers?

    I quite enjoy listening to it after a win at the end of match, good to have a sing along then, and rub it in the faces of those away fans stuck behind for the buses Stick out tongue [:P]
  20. Rotherhithe Canary


    Can''t believe i forgot the 4-4 with boro, great game, alsonotice little mention of big FA cup upsets, i think it would have been fantastic to be a part of a david/goliath game, especially a big pitch invasion at the end
  21. Rotherhithe Canary

    My Engalnd team would be:

    would still beat andorra, why no dublin centre back? and i didn''t know huckerby had a twin!
  22. Rotherhithe Canary

    anyone know anything about - bbc rumours page?

    he is 25, also wolves are reportedly interested
  23. Rotherhithe Canary


    This is an interesting debate I had with some friends recently and thought I would extend it to this forum due to the new sense of actual interesting discusson opposed the months of playground squabbling, if you could choose any football match in the history of the game to be at, which one would you choose? would you go for the most prestigious match, best atmosphere or most historic?, here are my choices:

    • England vs Germany, 5:1 victory in germany''s back garden would have been magnificient to be a part of.
    • Liverpool vs AC Milan, 3:3 the champions league final, great comeback, fantastic atmosphere amoung the travelling kop.
    • England vs Greece, 2:2, for the sheer eruption of old trafford at Beckhams free kick and the resulting qualification celebrations.
    • Man Utd vs Bayern Munich, 2:1, again for the pandamonium at the two late goals.
    • England vs Germany, 4:2, winnning the world cup, at wembley, against germany, need i say more.
    • Scotland vs France, 1:0, the scots really know how to celebrate a win.
    • Norwich vs Man Utd, 2:0, just for the look on gary nevilles face.
    • Norwich vs Bayern Munich, 2:1, possibly our greatest match in our history? also nice to beat the germans again, )a common theme me thinks...)
  24. Rotherhithe Canary

    Manager's commissions on player sales.

    Dario Gradi at Crewe is one of the best payed managers in the football league due to a high percentage fee he receives for youngsters sold on having been brought through the youth system
  25. Rotherhithe Canary

    Goals are not the same anymore

    all goals this season have had the song played after to my knowledge